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Anweiti Upadhyay  moments and miracles

thank you @cillakhatry, @swastimars, Rakshya (please create a personal ig acc) and @reasmishra for yesterday❀

ps: i have backed up that 3 min footage of you guys dancing to 10 diff apps and will definitely use it sometime in the future

❀ πŸ“·: pinterest

i missed this human at the office today ❀
i hope you survive delhi ko heat
ani come back to work atleast aug samma

99% sure that amortentia will smell like coffee to me
πŸ“·: deli akuj

happy birthday @nottransient_
i hope you have a good year
i love you❀
'dubne' commentary by: @maxine_pragya
(instagram messed up the video qualityπŸ˜‘)

what i'm most grateful for right now πŸ’œ
a million 'thank you's to @nottransient_ for the introduction and all the explainations ❀

Smoothie cravings + lactose intolerant gut = regretting your decision making for atleast the next 48 hours
πŸ“·: @studio_rain_ πŸ’›

πŸ“·: @studio_rain_

thanks πŸ“·πŸ’š


🌟 celebration of womanhood by @erinatamrakar


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