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Anvil Bar & Refuge  Classic cocktails at 1424 Westheimer Road in Houston, TX. Beautiful photography by @a_negroni.

Hailing from the Sierra Mazateca Mountains, also called the "Cloud Forest". @paranubes is an undiluted 100% Oaxacan sugar cane distillate known as Aguardiente de Caña. Paranubes is fermented in pinewood vats with no water or cultivated yeasts added. Instead, a boiled mesquite bark mixture is used to kickstart the fermentation. Only half of the Tepache is drained at a time for distillation in a copper column still. This process creates a layering of funk, and complex flavor in the final product. Jose Luis Carrera has been making this from four different carefully varieties of sugar cane for 35 years. We're so excited to have it on #TheAnvilWall that we thought we would go ahead and make it Break Even Bottle No. 70. Available at a ridiculous $0.94 for an ounce, at cost. Come try this funky and delicious rum out for yourself. #drunkensocialism

Rumor has it that @anvilbitterbear might be behind the bar tonight @anvilhouston! Stop by and order the Mr. Farenheit from the man himself.
@krogstadaquavit, lime, blueberry, thyme, and an egg white.

The brisk Rosie Lea by @ace7979 - @puebloviejo_usa Reposado Tequila, Yellow @chartreuse_liq, Damiana, and Lime

One of our favorite cocktails with one of our favorite gins. The Modern English from our AGM @tommyho832. @tanquerayusa Bloomsbury London Dry Gin, @vermouthdolin Dry Vermouth, @tempus_fugit_spirits Kina L'Aero d'Or, Suze, Dill.

Break Even Bottle No. 69 has arrived. @johnniewalker John Walker & Sons King George V Blended Scotch Whisky was bottled to celebrate the first Royal Warrant bestowed upon the company by The Queen of England. Said to include extremely rare malt from Port Ellen and extremely old grain whisky, this is truly the definition of luxury whisky. So in the name of #drunkensocialism, we bring it to you, at cost, for $19.92 an ounce. Come taste for yourself! #theanvilwall

The Maximizing Loss by @tommyho832
El Dorado 3 Year White Rum, Giffard Creme de Pamplemousse, H&H Rainwater Madeira, Caperitif Grand Quinquina, and Pineapple Gomme

Come join us for #TheHappyHour, Monday-Friday from 4-5 PM. Half off the all the cocktails on #The100List including our Kobe-style Japanese Highball. A refreshing combination of ice cold @suntorytoki Blended Japanese Whisky and @mountainvalleywater Sparkling Water served in a frozen glass, no ice. #TheAnvilWall

Be sure to catch our sister bar @tonguecutsparrow's tiki event, Tongue-Cut Flamingo, which just kicked off at 4:00. Here's @pemoja standing next to his seven-foot tall flamingo, which he painted this week in addition to a ton off other work he and the crew put into transforming the space. Unlike TCS' standard formal service, there's no reservations tonight, so swing on by and grab a drink at the bar.

Today is the last day of Pimm's Week.

Stop by and grab the @bltomorrow Pimm's Cup.
The addition of peach makes this one delicious and unique. Hurry before its all over!

Two days left of Pimm's Week!

It's scorching outside and we have the perfect drink for you. Come by and try the Pimm's Spritz featured from @tonguecutsparrow. It's light and refreshing, once you fall in love with it you can always find it there.

Behold, a classic Pimm's Cup, not to be confused with our Anvil Pimm's Cup. This one contains Pimm's No.1, lemonade (which is actually a lemon soda), and a medley of fruit consisting of apples, strawberries, cucumbers, and mint.

James Pimms, the creator of Pimm's No.1, first introduced the concoction to the world in 1823. This liqueur is made by infusing gin with different herbs, spices, and liqueurs. In the beginning, you could only find this drink at his oyster bar located in London's financial district, but through the years Pimm's popularity has grown to expand the world over. It's currently the middle of Pimm's Week here at Anvil and hotter than ever, stop by and enjoy one of our refreshing Pimm's Cups before it's too late!

The brass is polished and we are ready to celebrate. We are open from 4-2 today. Are you as patriotic as our own @jesseyqi?

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