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Анука  UCD

Thankful for him on this Valentine's Day (and everyday) ❤️ Plus, What a beautiful day today! I hope everyone enjoy your day today 😘

Unudur gegeen hairin udur.
Bid 2n hamgin ehni valentine day mash martagdashgvi saihan baisan. Odo bol nada ene udur neeh chuhal bish yagaad gevel bi tunige udur bur, tsag minut bolgon hairlaj ter mini nmg yag l ter hemjeeger mini hairladag bolohor udur bolgon bidni huvid hairiin udur. Ta buhen ch bas neg l udur saihan zuil avch ugud unguruh bish hairtai hunihe setgeliig udur bur inemseglulj, gerel tsatsruulj hairlarai.
For me everyday is Love day ❤

Love coming back to the Bay Area! 💙
Sunny & beautiful & great places to go, so much to see

Pic by my talented man

There's something romantic about the way the raindrops fall to the earth
They slowly cleanse it, make it new and nourish it to grew its beauty organically even it appears like the sky is crying ~Pinney

A grateful heart is beginning of greatness ✨ thankful for everything I have in life. One lil happy girl

Davis, CA 💛

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