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There it is, this amazing moment when someone take a photo from me and get a tattoo portrait with my face forever under the skin.

Before I saw sometimes some people who had a tattoo with some portrait inspirations from some „stars“ and I ask myself will be there the moment that someone is so inspired from me that this person take a picture from my photography art ?
How can it be for me when someone tattoo something from me ?
How does it look like ?
In what quality it will be ?
Yesterday I saw it on my Instagram account.
There was this photo the answer of my imagination of honor.
Thank you @anrijsstraume who tattooed this high quality portrait.
Thank you @meyerwins who give me such a push to looking forward, who give me a bodypart and wear me there all the time as inspiration and pice of art !
Thank you @sanel_adzikic_photography for this amazing photoshooting.
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