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Anushka🖤Sukhman  — Proud Anushkian💕☀︎ “I’m sending her selfies to NASA because she’s a star✨🥀.” →She Follows&Likes♥️ →We ℓove Her and She ℓoves us❤︎

I’m literally posting so many of her pics as little.... Oh well i mean LOOK AT HER BRO😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️ @anushkasen0408 #anushkasen #cute

She can take any role and many it beautifully amazing❤️🌸👌😍 @anushkasen0408 #anushkasen #meher

I miss the old days♥️🔥 @anushkasen0408 #anushkasen

I’m freakin dead bro !!💗🔙😍😭 @anushkasen0408 #anushkasen

OOOO MYYYY GOSHHHHHH I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY👼🏼💗💞😍😭♥️💜🤗✨💕🔥❤️🌸 @anushkasen0408 #anushkasen #cute #love

A cartoon edit for @anushkasen0408 💗🌸 feedback in comments 😚💞 #anushkasen #edit

Throw🔙 @anushkasen0408 #anushkasen ❤️🌸

Hello Everyone♥️🌎
This is a really exciting target 🖤
Anu is about to reach 1.5m followers on insta!!🔥💗 that’s half way to 2 million followers 😭🔐💕 this fam is getting bigger day by day🔥😘
Do the following to make this fam the best fam♥️🌸 : -
• Tag 5 Friends Who DONT Follow Anushka yet! Below in the comments 😍💕 and tell them to “follow @anushkasen0408”💜
• Use #anu1halfmillion when posting your edits from now on💞
• Make Edits, Sketch, Videos and more to shower so much love on Anu💎♥️
• Give Shoutout to Anu on your account as insta story and post😚✨💗
- • Tag @anushkasen0408 in your pics and caption💞
• Repost this and spread the word☺️🖤
Let’s do this ANUSHKIANS!!💗💜
@anushkasen0408 #AnushkaSen #AnushkaFb

AWWW LOVE. UUUU @anushkasen0408 😍😍🔥🔥🔥 #anushkasen

She’s so pretty and she’s amazing 💕🌸🤗♥️ @anushkasen0408 #anushkasen

Heyyy❤️🔥 @anushkasen0408 #anushkasen

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