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Anulot  Moderator for the cross-platform MMO Growtopia, and all around video game lover.


A huge thank you to everyone who participated in Jenulot's Discord Splash Art contest! Picking only 3 winners was really difficult, you all did a fantastic job and @jenuinegt and I are super proud of everyone who participated. The winners are posted at @jenuinegt
Due to Instagram posts being capped at 10 images, I wasn't able to picture all of them. I encourage you too check out and follow all of them!
Congratulations to our honorable mentions: @yohana.ephifanny, @derhaka_gt, @vikey_id, @xitedgt, (Not pictured), @catdj_gt, @scopyz_0518, @okky_56, @thanctoon (Not pictured), @lacusmagnus (Not pictured), @anthonnoying, @dmzbagus, @cootydrawz. DM me with your username and world name to have your board signed! We love you guys, thanks so much for your support! #jenulot #jenulotsplashart

Roughly one week left in the #jenulotsplashart contest! To enter, create a piece of artwork depicting both @jenuinegt and myself. (resolution is 1920x1080) This will be used for our Discord channel entry screen. Be creative, use your imagination!
Prize is a wand and your art prominently displayed. Honorable mentions will all receive board signings.

Good luck!

Big news! We have been accepted into the Discord Partner program! Thank you to all of our members, we couldn't have done it without you.

To thank you, we are going to be hosting a design-the-splash art contest! The winner will recieve their choice of wand/tape, and get their art prominently displayed! All honorable mentions will receive board signings.

The art must depict both @jenuinegt and myself. Be creative, have fun! There is no *content* requirement besides featuring both of us together! (Splash art is the background displayed when you load in using our official link discord.gg/jenulot)

Must be 1920x1080 16:9 digital art
Must have a somewhat open space in the middle (Not 100% required, but reccomended)
We will overlay the text onto the art, don't worry about that.
Post your art under #jenulotsplashart so we can see it! Please don't DM us submissions unless absolutely necessary.
This contest lasts for TWO WEEKS from now.
We recommend signing your art to avoid plagarism

Good luck!
-@Anulot_gt and @jenuinegt

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and this is definitely an example #gtx1070

Tune in on Monday, 10/9 at 8PM EST! More info in the world JENULOTBUILDOFF. twitch.tv/jenulot

Theme for tonight's build off is announced... school! Make sure you tune in tonight at twitch.tv/jenulot :)

One year old! Here is an updated picture of my desk and pc, a lot of people have been asking to see it! #computers #battlestation #pcmasterrace #corsair #rgb

Slots available in #clashtopia ! Just purged the clan of inactives, hoping to wake it back up. #clashroyale

I know a lot of you guys were sad that you aren't able to watch our broadcasts live, so I went ahead and uploaded some highlights from last Tuesday's stream on YouTube! The video link is in my bio, or you can check us out at YouTube.com/c/jenulot! #youtube #twitch #jenulot

I'm back on Twitter follow me thanks (@Anulot_GT)

Look what I just picked up! #splatoon2

GUYS I DID IT I FINALLY GOT ONE #clashroyale #thelog @jenuinegt ain't got nothin on me now

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