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Anuja Gupta  Footloose in the Himalaya Trip leader Certified Wilderness First-aid Responder @nols_india Contributor @everydayindia

That's a takeaway for me from the humans who became legends Tom Frost and Jeff Lowe. For those of you who don't know their achievements, well googling their names will astound you with what these two have contributed to the world of mountaineering. We today are taking the benefits of their vision.
Today is a day to be inspired and stay hopeful about what your can possibly achieve and contribute.
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Welcome back to my posts again. Yes, after 45 days of my absence from this paltform, I feel very much in the mood to share my side of life.
After 4 months of recovery from ACL reconstruction, I made a journey to my home; into the mountains.
I completely focused on my recovery from PT sessions to Strength training.
Before I commenced my journey, I wrote a letter to the Mountains. In there I spoke about my insecurities, my misfortune of spending 16 months(since I suffered 2 ACL tears) on rest and recovery and my skepticism about my intention to begin again to what I had to pause for.

Here were some of my daunting worries. "What will I do, if i come to back, will I be safe this time and not injury myself again. Will I not be protected by you(Mountain God)? Do you have plans on sending me back so that i'll never come again?
I am scared to walk alone now. i am scared being alone." In mid May I began my journey through Western Uttarakhand mostly in Uttarkashi district and Himachal(kullu shimal kinnaur and spiti regions) it took my 5 weeks to do so.
For first 15 days I was pretty much village tripping and tried to hike as much as my knees could permit. I even braved enough to carry my camping gears and hiked for about 12 km. I had to break the hike due to horrible blisters and tired muscles.
This journey has been very special for me, since I was accompanied by a very dear person, who was truly like a gaurdian for me, looking out for me on every ascent and descent.
I guess the Mountain Gods smoothed my worries. Mountains are the beginning and the end to all that I am and everything I have. I am back again fueled with optimism.
Do let me know if you as millennials are faced with dark and negating thoughts about your lives and how do you over come them?
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One evening I was hanging out from the balcony a typical kathguni home in Jakhol. I along with my little brother Dev @dev3789 and his newly wedded wife Rita, travelled to drop her off to her parents place for a month.
Jakhol is quite a big village with a 700 families. It's nestled in the deep narrow valley of Supin.
While we were sipping chai and munching on the gossips from their lives, Jakholites were preping for the night.
Here's a short hyperlapse of what I was.
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Refrigerator has become the necessity even at 7400ft. Sadhna pulls her fridge out on a Sunday morning, to give it a thorough wash. Summers are becoming hotter year after year in Himalaya. I was staying in Raithal for 4 days and felt a serious need for a ceiling fan even at night.
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It's been little over a week since the Garhwal and Kumaon Himalaya are wrapped in the wrath of extreme dry spell, which has lead to uncontrollable forest fire every where. I was village tripping in Supin valley enjoying the mighty range of Devkiyara, when suddenly the sky became hazy and since then, the mercury has been on a constant rise. This image has been shot while I was making my way through Uttarkashi-Dehradun highway, via Chinyalisaur and Mussoorie bypass. I spotted a dozen such blazing patches of forest which were smothered in smoke. #climatechange #himalaya #forestfire #fire #summer #dryspell #villagetripping #heat #moutainsarecalling #mountainburning #savethehimalayas #planetearth #weather #photooftheday #everydayindia #uttarakhand #reportage

Weekend Vibes:
The same boiling water that softens the potato hardens the egg.
It's about what YOU are made of,
not the circumstances.

Going strong 3 months post ACL reconstruction surgery.
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Hypertension is the best way to treat of your lower back!
Pushing yourself beyond your limit is dangerous!
Being weak and giving up on yourself is Dangerous!
What keeps me pushing myself... is my stubborn heart.
Go Hard Go Strong!

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A sound body has a sound mind and mind is the greatest trickster. In order to trick your mind you need to work on your body.
Through this journey of my recouping from second time ACL reconstruction of the right knee, I have dealt with many yo yoing emotions of all kinds. Sometimes they have lead me to the dingiest alleys, psyching me out.
Through such delirious and lonely times, I had my Mountains within me. If anything I have learnt being with them, is to trust in the right time and be patient.
I spent 63 days in physiotherapy. 126 hours of constant struggle towards betterment of my ligament. Every morning was a different story. On some days I was faced with extreme stiffness and other days I was struggling to get my range of motion.
I finally take a deep breath of relief, feeling immensely satisfied, with the progress that I have made this time.
I shall be completing 3 months post surgery in 3 days from now.
It's a long long road to recovery. 5 more months to go for complete healing.
Training with my ace trainer @talibkhan123 who helped me through my pervious ACL rehabilitation as well.
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I photographed Dilshad at Gangbal lake.
She along with two nieces were listening to Punjabi songs in their radio, while watching over the herd of sheep. Soon we broke into conversation. Dilshad asked me if I could take pictures of her dancing, which I did. But now and then she would crouch behind some boulders so that the men couldn't see her in the act.
Why is it expected for Women to behave?
Don't we keep hearing and over hearing similar things!! Liberation of Womankind is dependent of the liberation of Mankind, because they are the two sides of the same coin.
If females had been respected in the past, the world today wouldn't have been in such a mess. Half of the human race remained undignified, uneducated, deprived of freedom and movement.
Today the so called women liberation movement sometimes feels like a reaction towards the attitude of men. It has to be a real revolution, not a reaction.
Wishing all women, big and small across the globe my very best. Support each other first. Don't pull one another down. Stay United!
To all the Men, we Are different from you and that's the beauty. Cherish us.
We together sum up the Nature's work.
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To those sublime childhood days when you thrived in a bubble which assured you the warmth of parents and endless blithe in small things which kept us occupied and helped us discover the world around us.
Salim is a 7 yrs old softspoken shy boy has accompanied his mother, an elder brother and his newly wedded wife and a frail grand father into the meadows of Kashmir.
This has been his first ever trip into the alpine meadows. He certainly has lot of room to explore. The flowers, medicinal herbs, the marmots and the rocky mountains.
The season of grazing and the trekking go along side each other. This often gives the Gujjar children an opportunity to interact people from all over the globe, who often give away pens notebooks and sweetmeat of myriad flavours. Since these nomadic lifestyle leave very little window for schooling, such interactions are certainly beneficial.
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Nazneen... Such a charismatic looking lady.

I met her in Vishnasar. She was keenly observing me while I was speaking to my trekkers. I must have been keeping them engaged in some activity or into demonstrating something or there other. Once I was done, our eyes met. She gave a very warm smile, inviting me over for Noon Chai(salted tea) to her tent.
She had arrived in Vishnasar early in July along with her husband and 600 sheep and goats. She didn't speak much, but kept looking at my trekking outfit and mud laden shoes. Sort in an awe and wonder, how can a woman travel alone and work with only men around.
I asked, what's her typical day like when she comes to these magnificent grazing meadows? To which she said; tedious, monotonous and backbreaking at times. After finishing her cooking she mostly took care of the kids who are new born and can't be sent with their mothers for grazing. Other times she would busy weaving rugs for the tent, seldom does she get to wander with her heard. When she is back in her village, she also has to take care of her small farm.
After a long pause, she said, looking at the sky"I wish to travel too, perhaps the dreams will suit her better. In this life I am domesticated, hoping in the next, I become a Fakir, who is unattached and sets off where ever his will takes him." I met her twice after that meeting over Noon Chai. I helped her travel to places where I had been through my stories and pictures on mobile phone.
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Mohd. Firdos hails from the Gujjar community. His father and brothers have all been keeping hundreds sheep and goats, but his family is known for breeding horses and taking care of the ailing ones.
Firdos has favorite one named Raju, who is 6 years old. He travels with his master to far flung areas to tame the wild ones and give them a home.
Firdos told me that the many people abandon their ailing horses in the grazing pastures which are left to die in the winter. This used to sadden him alot.
Since his adolescence taking care of the ailing ones has become a part of his life. The more youthful ones are put to tougher work, like carrying load on the treks and the older ones are used in marriages as a grooms' vehicle.
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