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Ant Rocchio  🗽LI|NY 🎓St. Joseph’s College 💪🏼@officialbetterbodies ambassador

Didn’t hold it for as long and as still as i wanted too butttttt progress 😁 i can’t wait to be able to hold diff positions longer 💪🏼

These rockaway tights though 🙌🏼😍 literally fit like a glove and squat proof so... ✅

@officialbetterbodies #betterbodieslifestyle #betterbodiesofficial
Click the Link in my bio to purchase 💕

Patiently waiting on these thick thighs to save a life.

Just tryna grow these arms and shrink this waist 🤷🏼‍♀️

All I have to say is IT TAKES TIME. Guys, progress isn’t going to happen over night. And nor will it happen if you aren’t consistent 🔑
For me, it’s not always about wanting to fit in with the rest of what society believes to be “attractive” it’s for me to feel beautiful in my OWN skin and confident in who you are. Everyone has there own journeys and their own goals.
Mine ... I just want to keep crushing my workouts and becoming stronger mentally and physically day after day by the grace of God. I am so thankful to have an able body to help me relieve my stresses and clear my mind in such a therapeutic way 🙏🏻 Moral of the story, don’t get discouraged when it’s been a month or so of you following the perfect regiment, keep at it for a year and i guarantee you WILL see change 💕

The Rocchio’s take Greenport 😜

Happiness comes in waves ☀️

Work for a cause not for applause, live life to express not to impress 🌼

Happy 4th 🇱🇷💪🏼

Make peace with the mirror and watch the reflection change 💪🏼

Life is about Balance. Trust but don’t be deceived, Be kind but don’t let people abuse you, Be content but never stop improving yourself. 🌸

Pretty please with salt on top🍹#happybirthdaytome

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