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Cool little #ghostintheshell set up open today and tomorrow. Come for the cool props, stay for Clint Mansell's score #ghostintheshellsoho


#MOONLIGHT LIVE IN CONCERT - absolutely beautifully done. Experiencing with huge crowd like Surprised how many were first time watchers too. Electric atmosphere - the spontaneous laughs, the cheers...this is why live in concert screenings are the best. @bandrybarry @a24 @barbicancentre


As everyone else is doing it - a movie for each year I've been alive. Some favourites, some that have left very lasting impressions on me, some recent watches, some best of that year (of what I've seen of said year)....

Came in last Saturday but due to some odd complications only got my hands on this today. Pack 35/150 of these amazing photos by @wponx - such a nice #Logan memento from @20CenturyFoxUK. Thank you for everything! @thehughjackman

fyi: Snapseed is fantastic. Think @clayenos mentioned using it for his phone photos and it's absolutely killer, so thank you

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