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Antonio Brown  CEO + Creative Director | @LVL_XIII Humanitarian | Spiritual Activist #Faith #Yahweh Twitter: AntonioIsMuted ✉️Inquiries:

Segregation equates to Separation, Separate the People through chaos and confusion, promoting a dilution and delusion of the truth, provides an accessible way to instill an inferior structure capable of destabilizing the people. We are at a brink of extinction and the only thing we care about is our materialistic possessions and superficial status! In the end these things will mean nothing when the very nature of your freedoms are non existent. WAKE UP! --------
Stop allowing this world to brainwash you into believing this fight is about race, color, gender, capitalism, or any other despairing notion created by the Elites to separate you from the truth, this fight is about the Kingdom of God. 📹@livekindlyco

Sometimes we think because we make great changes in our life that things will get easier, or because we finally put God first in our life through our actions and choices that the devil will stop trying, but the fact is Jesus was tempted till his last days on the Earth, the devil never stopped trying to win his soul. The devil will never stop fighting for your soul, there will always be struggles, always be internal demons, but the power of God is greater and you must maintain your faith in Gods word.

Had an amazing interview with @josephwilsonesq from Mogul Mentality Podcast, if you haven't listened to the interview, go now and click the link in my bio to listen! I hope that my story inspires you to have faith in the power of God and it reminds you never to lose sight of your dreams. God bless 🙏

I've made the lifestyle change to be vegetarian because it was important for me that as I evolve spiritually in my life that I evolve within my physical state as well. My spirit and body began to reject meat but my conscious mind was constantly craving it, so it took me reprogramming my subconscious in order for my mind to accept this lifestyle change within my physical consciousness. We can accomplish anything we want in our life if we understand the power that God has bestowed inside of us.

Everyone please check out my interview NOW (LINK IN BIO) with @josephwilsonesq on his podcast Mogul Mentality. ----
We took a week off, and now we are back with a bang and the best interview that I've done to date! 🔥Antonio Brown @antonioismuted, who is the CEO and Creative Director of @LVL_XIII, has been through more adversity in his young life than 10 men or women put together. But yet, he never let his struggles define him or deter him. From losing his parents to prison as a kid, to living in poverty, even to almost dying when he was a kid. Still, Antonio always knew he was destined to do great things in his life and to be a blessing to others, and he was willing to fight through his obstacles to get to where he wanted to be in life.

In this episode, we get to hear in depth, Antonio's story from poverty to now running a million dollar luxury shoe company that is sold nationwide in Bloomingdales. We tackle everything from entrepreneurship, how to raise capital for a startup, to why it's so important to have a thorough business plan for your dream company.

If you want to be inspired, and have your battery recharged to chase your dreams, then look no further than our episode with Antonio Brown. Enjoy.

Happy Birthday to these two amazing enlightened human beings that understood what it truly meant to put the needs of humanity before self or political agenda.
Medgar Wiley Evers was a true civil rights legend who served as field secretary for the @naacp in the 1950's and truly embodied the essence of someone willing to die for his beliefs, if it meant an opportunity for a better tomorrow. He fought for equal rights thru the Jim Crow era and was assassinated in 1963. @medgareverscollege was named after his great legacy. He believed everyone should be educated on their right to vote, and have an opportunity to have a seat at the table regardless of the color of your skin.
Princess Diana played a significant role in de stigmatising people’s perceptions about people who were HIV positive. She valued humanity and was the People's Princess. She represented light & hope for the people. "Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.” – Princess Diana

In life you should have people around you that not only believe in you but are also pushing you to be the greatest version of yourself possible. I call these folks my Gladiators, they will walk a mile to make sure that when I'm wrong instead of bringing me down, they lift me up reminding me of how to be better. If you want to be great, surround yourself with nothing less than greatness. I'm appreciative for these Gladiators never allowing me to accept anything less than the greatness God has aligned for my life. #TBT #TheLincolnEffect #gladiators @theatlautobroker @kristenryan21 📷 @ye_atlfoundation

People always ask me about my ethnicity and nationality, and how my look is racially ambiguous, and I, myself have always been curious of what my genealogy really consisted of so I took this DNA test through @23andme and boy was I surprised. My entire life I've been told I'm Puertorican because my dad speaks fluent Spanish and my grandmother is from Puerto Rico but I never knew my genes were rooted. Now I've gained a better knowledge and understanding of how my DNA reflects this history. I'm Iberian (Ancient Greek/Latin/European) from Southern & Northwestern Europe, and West African that extends back to 1780. My mom's maternal-line originated from the Haplogroup L2, which means her lineage extends to a woman who lived in Africa 90,000 years ago, and 4,000 years ago her descendants were a part of the major Bantu migration that carried them from Central Africa to the east and south. So my Latino decent is within my rooted Iberian and West African DNA. There is power in knowledge and understanding your heritage.

Let me tell you a story. Alone, in a city built on dreams. A silent battle is being fought. It's in all of us. There are moments that will define us. There are voices that will go unheard. The cycle will be broken. Take a look around you. Every 13 seconds a child is abused. Approximately 1 in 6 boys is sexually abused before the age of 16. How can we fight what we do not know or refuse to see hiding in plain sight in virtually every community, where the unspeakable and unimaginable happens to children? Sexual abuse is common under-reported, under-recognized and under-treated. Silence about this type of abuse is very common. My name is Antonio Brown and this is my story. 🎥 Giovanni Ferlito (2012)

Today was a magical day, I had plans to just have brunch and support my friend @theatlautobroker whose doing some amazing things, but God had some additional plans for my presence. I not only had the opportunity to be a part of my friends mission today but also inspire some amazing souls to realize the magic inside of them. Moral of the story: God will take you places you never expected to go, if you have faith and allow him to use you!! Thank you to @ye_atlfoundation @ye_atl for the blessing 🙏
📸: @visionsxjb

It takes amazingly strong people like @twanadbrown to assist in running a structured powerhouse like @neimanmarcus and I'm excited to have the opportunity to explore our potential partnership. @brianstark @brandequityshowroom @lvl_xiii

Become the architect of your life by understanding how to use the magic that is inside of you, the magic that gives life to everything that exist in your world. You are the designer and you are the creator of your world. You have the ability to manifest the life that you want to live. You give permission to everything that exist in your life. When you truly understand this, when you have realized how powerful you are - everything becomes possible and your life becomes the reflection of the possibilities within impossible moments. #TheLincolnEffect

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