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Antonio Brown  CEO + Creative Director | @LVL_XIII Entrepreneur | Vegetarian | Humanitarian #HarvardDebateCouncil Twitter: AntonioIsMuted 📧antonio@lvlxiii.com


You must make time to appreciate the great moments you are working so hard to create, what is the purpose of dreaming, putting actions behind your thoughts and manifesting your greatest desires into existence, if you aren't living and enjoying them with the people you love! I am thankful to be able to be blessed with the opportunity to inspire the people around me to follow their dreams. Be thankful not just for today but every day we get to project Gods love and energy into the world.

If you learn to surrender to the flow of life and your actions become a reflection of your hearts greatest desire, the universe will conspire in your favor bringing everything you need to fruition including meeting the folks that can help carry your dreams. Thank you @caro.on.tour | @rosa686868 | Dr. Frank van Wezel ❤️

The shoe making process in Italy with @lvl_xiii | The Future of Luxury™️ | @jenni_nyc

Happy Birthday to this amazing spirit, @xtraodinarysherry, my best friend in the whole world. You are someone who pushes me every day to pursue my dreams and refuses to allow me to give up no matter what it takes. I love you, you are the light in my darkest days, you are my strength when I am weak, you are the guiding force when I am lost - you are my life! I could go on forever but I just wanted to tell you that it's because of you that I still believe in love, and not just a love that anyone can tell you about but that real love, that unconditional love, that will love you trough the Good and bad moments, that love that will fight by your side till the end, right or wrong, that love that God instill in each of us. Thank you God for putting this amazing soul in my life and allowing her to give me birth. I love you more than these words can ever say. I'm sorry I'm in Italy and can't be there with you now but just know that I am there in spirit. Happy Birthday 🍰🎈🎁❤️❤️❤️

In Florence, Italy with my partner @jenni_nyc as we prepare @lvl_xiii launch into @luisaviaroma in January with @jasonderulo ✨ | Global moves 🌏 | Never give up on your dreams 🙏

These are the @lvl_xiii amigos! Which one is your favorite? Thank you to everyone whose been supporting the business. I appreciate everyone's love and support. Go shop the brand at @bloomingdales now✨

Stop giving your energy to what you don't understand or cannot see, trust in God's favor on your life and understand everything you are going through is preparing you for where God needs you to be. Look at every moment with positivity, see these experiences as opportunities to learn and grow. By surrendering to the flow of life, you allow Gods spirit and energy to move freely within your life, guiding you to a purpose filled destination.

I'm speechless at the love, light and energy I experienced tonight at @ronclarkacademy celebrating their 10 year anniversary hosted by @Oprah | This School is changing lives and creating a revolution within education. I wil never forget tonight and a special thank you to my amazing date, fellow @hdcdiversity board member @slmashelbayah and my dear friend @bpfleming for being such an amazing example of a human being. Wow. Tonight was so incredible, I can't even begin to explain how it lifted my spirit and moved my soul. Thank you @mrronclark 🙏 | Blazer provided by @octaviusterry ❤️

Squad goals @lvl_xiii | Shop @bloomingdales for your exclusive looks ✨

The Future of Luxury™
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Understand that success is like an iceberg, the people only see the end result, the finished product and they don't always see the sacrifice. That's okay, because as long as you know that everything you're doing right now to bring your dreams to fruition, will all be worth it in the end! Never give up, there's a floating iceberg people are waiting to see!

There will be times when you feel like giving up, everything will feel like it's coming crashing down almost as though you are breaking down...but this is all a part of the divine plan! How else would the universe and God know how bad you really want this? How else would you grow and learn from these opportunities that society has slated as mistakes? How else would you be bold and confident enough in your choices? This is all a part of the plan, you can't give up, you can't stop, you must continue to push forward because there are so many people counting on you! Keep your faith and heart in God, and allow yourself to surrender to the flow of life...watch where God takes you! 📷 @ican.tv

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