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  Jerez de la Frontera (España) 🙋😘

Umbali kati ya ukweli na uwongo ni vidole nne, kwa sababu ni nafasi kati ya sikio na macho

We do not choose who we fall un love or who falls in love with us , love is in you ,is in all things , like it or not and if you accept it you can live better

Time ...They say that you heal everything , what they do not say is that you destroy everything good un the world , that you turn beauty into ashes ...For me you are nothing but petrified wood ,you are dead tissue that is not descompose , you're nothing

Dear death you have so much crime ...Because such a great pain infuses great fear , but forma me you are only a paper tiger ,you are a pathetic intermediate command that has no authority ,not even for a simple exchange

Love ,time and death ...Three abstract concepts that connect all the human beings of the planet ,all that we covet ,all we fear not to have is because we yearn for love ,we want to have more time and we fear death


Smile and win

Baby ,I don't need dollar bills
To have fun to night
I love cheap thrills
Baby,I don't need dollar bills
To have fun to night
I love cheap thrills
I don't need no money
As long as I can feel the beat
I don't need no money
As long as I keep dancing

Homosexuals are not the sick , homosexuality is not the disease ...The sick are the homophobes and the disease is homophobia ...Everyone has the right to love whoever he wants and no one should prevent two people from falling in love because in love there is no difference and ALL LOVE IS THE SAME

Hay que aprender a ser uno mismo ,a valorar lo que se es y lo que se tiene ,a no compararse con nadie y a descubrir que somos autosuficientes ,somos únicos e irremplazables y no necesitamos la opinión de los demás ...

We can't stop and we won't stop

Correr ,a donde y para que ? Para seguir corriendo a ninguna parte ,sin nadie ,al que abrazar .Sumando años de condena a lomos del rencor ,cuando realmente , solo hay una cosa que aprender ... " Que el próximo nombre de la lápida puede ser el tuyo"

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