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ÅℕTOℕⅈⅇTTⅇ  Food puns are my jam 🍓 [food scientist] [san diego]

Nasi Lemak is something I need to Lemak(e)at home! 🍚My fave dish on this NYC trip and can be found at @kopitiamnyc .Malaysia’s national dish of fragrant pandan coconut rice topped with a flavorful and pungent mixture of crispy fried anchovies and sambal. Served with refreshing cool slices of cucumber, peanuts and jammy soft boiled good!😋

Everything at @lebernardinny was exceptional but this apricot dessert was so cute and pit-ure perfect! 🍑 This delicate dessert was comprised of apricot confit, macerated raspberries and almond cake. Swipe left to see me shakily expose the inside. ⬅️

First thing on the agenda last night was to get pizza of course. A New York Times writer said that the best pizza in New York can be found in...New Jersey? 🤔Definitely did not disappoint. Out of the thin crusted, wood fired pies we had this was my fave. The burrata pie stole a pizza my heart! 🍕❤️

No one stacks up to these!🥞 Peach mascarpone pancakes. 🍑Or was it nectarine? 🤨 Love this place for brunch. Anyway, happy Sunday!☀️

Live life passionately! 💜 Got enough fruit from my coworkers’s garden to yield about 1.5 cups of juice. What should I make? Passion fruit panna cotta? Cheesecake? 🤔 Thanks @pixelonwood !

Celebrating 12 years with my soymate and we still ikura lot for each other!😜🍣Ha-ebi 🍤 anniversary!

You’ve heard it before, Filipinos 🇵🇭have a lot of pride and this delicious breakfast meal reflects that! Pride garlic rice, pride beef tapa, pride eggs and longganisa. Throw in a cup of sour tamarind (sinaggang), cucumber slices and tomatoes and you’ve covered most of the food groups.😜Super sarap!

Supporting local bagelry Gold Coast Bagels and pairing their baked goods with my smoked salmon board: Smoked Scottish salmon, garden tomatoes, chive cream cheese, red onion, cukes and capers are my everything (bagel). 💕Happy Sunday!☀️

I must admit a while back I never knew what meat floss was, but I’d see ppl eating it with rice or on top of porridge. It looked like dusty hair, but found out it was a slightly sweet salty shredded jerky type product either made with pork, fish or soy protein. Found mainly in Chinese cuisine, it’s pretty tasty! And even better in a bun form paired with a slightly sweet dough. Here’s my attempt at it. Keep flossing! 😬#adios85C

Wasn’t gonna cook because we’re experiencing a heat wave, and turning the oven on would just make things hotter, but I had to make this chicken dish. Zero clucks given!🐔 Black pepper roasted chicken (kai op phrik Thai dam) from @shesimmers #bangkokcookbook page 155. Paired with som tam (papaya salad) it’s very satisfying! 😋

Always loved the modernist architecture of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and have always wanted to see this house. The Farnsworth House was built in 1951 and designed as a one weekend retreat home in rural Illinois perfectly set harmoniously in nature for his client to enjoy the silence and seasons. Very simple living and embraces the adage, “less is more”. Which now makes me want to get rid of things I don’t need. Garage sale anyone?🏡

High tea has a steep learning curve! 😆☕️ One of the nicest teas I’ve had, which was at the @thepeninsulachi . Always enjoy taking a moment to pause, relax and sipping a cuppa tea with some lovely treats!

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