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Again viral on facebook # 2019 Replace President.
The period before the 2019 presidential election campaign in Indonesia

May be Calm and Peace when the 1st Leader of RI is elected by a democratic party, without cheating and arrogance

Currently in Singaraja more rife kite especially kite fighting
Kite season is the most fun season to welcome the dry season as well as the season that became the enemy for PLN

In the midst of the digital era, one game that has begun to be abandoned but in Bali especially Singaraja still exist. Games that involve emotions, parents and children like the Mobile Legend game.

Kite fighting requires a strategy, an appropriate warmth and wind power. Unresolvable unity with words.
Hopefully the likes of my photos, given the spaciousness and success in living the life

Before Regret:
Remember these 5 things before coming to these 5 cases as well:
Rich before being poor
Space / spare time before the time comes narrow
Healthy before coming sick
Young before growing old
Life before coming to death

Hopefully we can use the best possible before there is a sense of regret
Hopefully the likes of this photo are given the spaciousness and the success.

Coat of the gilimanuk.

Sorry if the result is ugly, newbie need to learn a lot.
look for ideas or inspiration different from before.
though obsolete, with a little touch of the result yes enough though not perfect

The concept is simple, make the photo impressed in tearing

Hopefully that likes the photos that I have uploaded. Given success in his life ...

Placing a bit of stealing the moment of expression of foreign tourists on the sidelines meriahnya parade ogoh-ogoh in singaraja.
Sorry if the result is not good, because when taking a very short photo, for natural expression, any camera used by hp camera is not as good as canon or nikon camera.
Hopefully the likes of this photo given the ease and success in his life.
A little outdated ideas ... hopefully useful.

The period of playing together is only a story
Because move to another place
But periods of togetherness are enshrined with photos
will never wear out in time

The other side of ogoh-ogoh parade
The struggle of an old mother for the sake of life behind the sparkling ogoh-ogoh parade

The other side in the festive parade ogoh-ogoh, there is little compassion.
The struggle of an elderly mother to survive from collecting garbage.

Sorry if the result is not as good as the expensive camera, hopefully pleased with the shots that are still amateur from me.

Hopefully the likes or just see this photo, given the ease of the road to success in the dream.

Last photo set sessions
History of Nyepi Day:
We all know that Hinduism comes from India with its Vedic scriptures. At the beginning of the century BC and even before, the country of India and surrounding areas are depicted always experiencing a crisis and social conflict prolonged.

Disputes between tribes, al. (Saka, Pahiava, Yueh Chi, Yavana and Malaya) won and lost in turn. The wave of power struggles between tribes has caused the religious life to wander. The pattern of fostering religious life becomes diverse, both because of the followings of the ummah towards the ethnic groups, as well as because of the different interpretations of the beliefs.
And the long dispute in the end Saka tribe became the winner under the leadership of King Kaniskha I who was crowned King and derivatives Saka on 1 (one day after tilem) month 1 (caitramasa) year 01 Saka, in March 78 AD.
From this it can be seen that the commemoration of the shift of saka is the day of the successful leadership of King Kaniskha I to unite nations that had been at war with different religious ideals.

Since the year 78 AD, it is determined that there is a date or calculation of the year of Saka, which one year also equally has 12 months and the first month is called Caitramasa, along with March of Mashi and Sasih Kesanga in Java and Bali in Indonesia. Since then also the life of the state, society and religion in India reorganized.
Therefore Saka New Year commemoration means as the day of resurrection, the day of renewal, the day of togetherness (unity and unity), the day of tolerance, the day of peace and the day of national harmony. This success is spread throughout the Indian and other Asian lands even to Indonesia. 
Aji SakaSave The presence of the Reverend Saka Aji Saka arrived in Java in Waru Rembang village of Central Java in 456 AD, where the influence of Hindus in the archipelago was then 4.5 centuries old.

Caption 4:
A bit about Nyepi:
Nyepi comes from a lonely word meaning silence, quiet, lenggang, no activity.
Then Hari Raya Nyepi is the Hindu New Year based on the Saka calendar / calendar, which began in AD 78. Unlike the celebration of the New Year of Jesus (every January 1), the New Year of Saka in Bali begins with the solitude and execution of the lonely chess brata. No activity as usual. All activities abolished, including public services, such as Ngurah Rai International Airport was closed, but not for hospitals.

Thank you for liking the photos I uploaded, good luck with you ... Aamiin

Learn to sway, when the age is still 9 months

Section 2
Collection of the results of the parade ogoh-ogoh march a day before Nyepi (quiet) holiday in Singaraja-Bali 2018.
Contains a collection of results snap itself, sorry less perfect.
Hopefully the likes of success always

Collection of the results of the parade ogoh-ogoh march a day before Nyepi (quiet) holiday in Singaraja-Bali 2018.
Contains a collection of results snap itself, sorry less perfect.
Hopefully the likes of success always

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