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Merry Christmas 🎄 thanks @biglarreon678 for the hat!!!

The last moments before our officiated partnering - this has been the best week of our lives. Such a beautiful ceremony thanks to all our friends present in spirit and body. Willow’s dad @d.l.tracy made her stained glass dress and @torsovintages helped me get my suit and cape. Friends and family helped make our “ice cave” and so much great food provided by the beautiful man cheffing it up @espadinrestaurante. There are more thanks that I owe that made this time simply the greatest.

Barrel hunting at the Mexican pipeline! #zicatella

Chase street represent! #devoreandjohnson #redtub

Our Athens wedding parade was better than I could have imagined. We felt so incredibly loved by all of our friends and we are happy to join forces from this time onward. #paradeformal #paradewedding

So there were these awesome people with me last night @willow_tracy @teamscraps @iketina2012 @danspeeder

Looking for the lost ants of Florida. Going through historical unsorted collections at @fieldmuseum to find out what ant communities were like 60 years ago and how they’ve changed.

Just holding a 77 million year old juvenile Gorgosaurus libratus femur at @fieldmuseum #NBD You can slice the fossil and count growth rings to age them 🦖. Sue, the famous T-Rex here was in her early to mid thirties and that is considered to be an old animal. I always thought dinosaurs were long lived. Live and learn.

The pink flags mark artificial ant nests. This is the last set of 50 nests I placed in natural areas from the Everglades to the FL/GA border. 2000 nests placed - now all I have to do is go back in spring and pick them up.

This is a gynandromorphic velvet ant. Having all the best features wings like a male and a sting like a female. #dasymutillaoccidentalis

Another year at Kirkwood CA and longing for more days to enjoy it.


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