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Happy third anniversary to my hot date forever, @princess_sweller there's no one in the world I'd rather "share" cheese fries with. I love you so much! #anniversary #sheeatsallmyfries #istillloveher #joescheesesteaks #baewatch

Well.. today's finally the day. The day my brother marries the woman of his dreams. John I can't believe how far our friendship has come. From doing bromework at Sandra and Jackson's, to living on our own at crossings, to pretty much being you and Jen's fourth housemate, we've been through damn near everything together. You've always been there for me and words will never be able to explain how thankful I am for that. Congratulations @johnny_lurtsema and @ep_girl thanks for including me on your journey. God bless.

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#tbt #throwbackthursday to our first date party together, way back in our glory days 😂 I love her so much, I'm so grateful that nothings changed over the years @princess_sweller #asaxp #wheresmywoman #axpdateparty2014 #whendidwegetold #baewatch

I'm trying to get this across as many platforms as possible. Please check out my article for where I sit down with Claude Giroux to talk trading cards, the Flyers success, and grilled cheese.
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Today I got to live out my dream and interview the captain of the @philadelphiaflyers Claude Giroux (@28cgiroux ). Claude has been my favorite Flyer since I started watching hockey when I was 16. Words can't begin to describe how happy and grateful I am to have had this opportunity. Shout out to Topps NHL skate for making this all possible

Birthday shout out to the best girlfriend in the world. I hope your birthday is as awesome as you are 😘 @princess_sweller #happybirthday #baewatch #wheresmywoman #asaxp

I intend to populate Instagram with children's characters for Child Cancer Awareness Week. Give me a like and I'll assign you a character. I got Mr. Incredible via @princess_sweller (I also got mickey mouse from @jhfleurm )

@antpurple myself and "the minions" from yesterday's all star tournament. The fight and heart these kids showed yesterday means everything to me as a coach. I'm so happy and blessed to get the opportunity to coach the tournaments year after year and I couldn't be more proud of these kids if I tried. #gtff #flagfootball #usflagfootball #dajets #deyplayonsunday

There no one I'd rather walk around Philly with in an elephant onesie. This was absolutely a Halloween I'll never forget #getit #elephantsneverforget #badelephantjokes #halloween #partyanimals #margaritasdidmedirty

#tbt #throwbackthursday to one of my top accomplishments, receiving my second stripe. It might not seem like a lot but I'm proud at how far I've come learning jiu-jitsu. #bjj #strivebjj #brazilianjiujitsu