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Antler Gallery  2728 NE Alberta St. Portland, OR. Showcasing New Contemporary Art


Work in progress from Josh Keyes for our exhibition at @scopeartshow Miami in December!

Please contact us for details: gallerist@antlerpdx.com

#Repost @joshkeyes.art ・・・
Falling wip @antlerpdx

It's a little over a week until our new show opens! Matt Hall ( @matthallartpdx ) will have a solo show in Room 2 while we are also welcoming back Crystal Morey ( @cmorey ) and Vanessa Foley ( @vanessafoley ) to our main room!
To see an advanced preview ahead of the opening reception on October 26th please email: gallerist@antlerpdx.com

Antler will be opening late today due to unexpected car troubles! Pictured: Scorch II by the incredible @joshkeyes.art

Completely in love with this clever and exquisitely executed ceramic piece from Alessandro Gallo ( @alessandrogallo_net ) for Unnatural Histories VI. To inquire: gallerist@antlerpdx.com "Once I came across a photo of a small bird called hooded warbler (Setophaga citrina) and instantly loved his coloring and name.
I imagined him as a natural rebel, with or without a cause, I borrowed the gesture from Banksy’s famous graffiti and made this piece on losing it and rioting." ​Alessandro Gallo // My Two Cents // 14"  x 6" x 10", Ceramic and steel base

#unnaturalhistories6 #sculpture #ceramics #ceramicsculpture #alessandrogallo #banksy #hoodedwarbler #hoodie #twocents #mytwocents #riot

If you're in or near Toronto this sounds like an amazing workshop taught by one of our favorite sculptors!

Gosia will be exhibiting at part of our booth at @scopeartshow
in Miami this December. For info please email gallerist@antlerpdx.com

#Repost @gosiafineart ・・・
// October workshop rescheduled for November 2-5 in Toronto // Early bird price extended to Oct. 25 // Join Canadian sculptor, Gosia, for a 4 day intensive ceramic, figurative workshop at her studio // including a live demo // link in profile or visit Gosia.ca

​Susannah Kelly (@susannahkelly)// Angel of Death, 10"x17" (12"x19" framed) // Graphite on Paper, // ​"The Angel of Death arrives to guide the newly departed through the first moments of the afterlife. A calm and beautiful presence, she is summoned by the final breath of any creature. Although rarely seen, her feathers have been found on deathbeds the world over and, in man's infinite narcissism, she is frequently misrepresented as a human with wings." For inquiries please email gallerist@antlerpdx.com!
#bird #angelofdeath #antlergallerypdx #antlerpdx #uhvi #unnaturalhistory #unnaturalhistories6 #hand

The series Matt Hall made for his upcoming show at Antler Gallery is incredible, like....out of this world good. We are already excited to share it with you all!! #Repost @matthallartpdx
Teaser detail of "Hostage". A piece I'll be showing October 26th when "ERSATZ" opens @antlerpdx . So excited to see the work that @vanessafoley and @cmorey will be showing at the same time in the main room 😱, I like a lot of the artists that Antler shows, but these two are some of my faves. 😻😻
To see an online preview ahead of the show please email gallerist@antlerpdx.com

#portlandart #pdxart #antlergallerypdx #matthallart #portlandartscene #localart #contemporarysculpture #contemporaryart #naturalhistoryart

Details of "Henry" by @kisungkoh for Unnatural Histories VI! "I chose 'Tarsier' as my mythical animal which is a real creature that was listed among the 25 most endangered primates.
Tarsiers are the oldest and the most mysterious primates with huge eyes that weighs about only 150grams living in Bohol island in Philippine. There have been no successful breeding colonies in captivity as they need special feeding requirements and no one has figured them out yet.
To me , It looks like they are little spirits that belong to  the forest  bringing lives, deaths, and balances .
 According to old belief of people living in Bohol , if you harm them, you would become sick and be suffered from bad luck.
Sadly, Tarsiers have become so rare that many young people have never seen one in life ,so I wanted to bring the beauty of the mysterious creature to this particular piece"
Inquiries- gallerist@antlerpdx.com

Swipe through to see this gorgeous drawing by JAW Cooper ( @jawcooper ) framed and some details of her hand written tag. ​J.A.W. Cooper // "The Vicious Veggie Sprites Of Southern Borneo" // 6.5"x4.5" image size (11"x9" framed), Graphite on Fabriano Artistico // to inquire: gallerist@antlerpdx.com

Vicious Veggie Sprites of Southern Borneo are elusive creatures who march to the beet of their own drum. They most often turnip at dusk and dawn and tend to travel in pears. Lettuce work to conserve these beautiful creatures and take carrot all times not to squash their well-hidden burrows." #unnaturalhistories6 #jawcooper #antlerpdx

Opening reception this Saturday at our sister location Talon Gallery ( @talongallery ) down on Division Street. Please join us from 6pm!! #Repost @talongallery

Opening reception this Saturday night from 6pm! All are welcome, exhibiting artists Brad Woodfin (@bradwoodfin ) and Jason Borders ( @bordersjason ) will both be in attendance.
To see an online preview please email: gallerist@talongallery.com

Brad Woodfin // ​Black Mass // Oil on Panel, 12" × 16"

Allison Sommers ( @allisonsommers ) for Unnatural Histories VI, currently showing at Antler Gallery. ​Allison Sommers // "Rotty Dog: A Study" // 12"x12", gouache with mixed media on paper // to inquire: gallerist@antlerpdx.com

I found a scrawled note amongst the papers: “Rotty Dog (partial)
(canis lupus gelatinous)
Small in stature, or perhaps large enough for [illegible]
Likely found in and around ponds, marshes, &c.
Keening cry punctuated by yawps and deep-throated articulations of ?
A diet comprised mostly of crab and crab-like or crab-resembling animals
Domestication status unknown, although some efforts to befriend have not resulted in violence
Weeping sores?" #unnaturalhistories6 #dog #allisonsommers

Beautiful work, beautifully framed by Edith Waddell (@edithwaddell ) ​for Unnatural Histories VI.

Edith Waddell // The Cloud Diver // Acrylic on wood board, 8.25" x 10"
​(Framed: 12" x 14") // $770 // to purchase: gallerist@antlerpdx.com

The Cloud Diver,” is classified in the same family as the legendary Chinese Qilin. This mystical amphibious creature is commonly found in the fresh water streams of East Asia, and surprisingly, is also capable of flight. At night, when out of its natural element--water--it floats over the land delivering pollen from plant to plant, and spreading seeds in areas where bees and butterflies have diminished in population. They are only visible when struck by moonlight, and the sight of one is a good omen, thought to presage prosperity and serenity.


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