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Mitch - Best of Bristol  🤙🏼 A Bristolian capturing Bristol 👨🏻‍💻 @bestofbristol 📸 Fujifilm 📩

I’m taking a break from Instagram, and deactivating my account for a while. This also means I’ll be taking time from @igersBath and @igersBristol and everything else that Instagram involves.

I’ve been a part of this Instagram community for three years now and it’s been the most amazing experience, but this year has been the toughest year of my life for many reasons and I need to get away from social media and stop staring at screens.

Thank you to everyone who has supported and reached out to me this year. I’ll never be able to express how much you all mean to me, seriously. The amount of love in this community is overwhelming and I feel so privileged to have met and befriended so many of you.

I can’t thank @porthjess, @mrbenadams, @richimal_bristol, @alka.lloyd, @ellabonbella_x and @maisie_walker enough for being amazing friends and colleagues over the last two years.

I’ll be deactivating sometime tomorrow to give this post a chance to be seen, in the mean time, please do not DM me. Hopefully I’ll return a better, stronger and happier person.

Speak soon x


England’s second highest electricity pylon; pretty cool view from the top.. 😏

I think I’ve been going a bit “fine art” lately but have certainly been enjoying taking a different approach to my photography. Thursday night was such a beautifully clear night, I raced down from the top to get this shot before any clouds appeared. 😅

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend, it’s getting rather cold now so please take care of Bristol’s homeless. Food, tea, warm clothes, waterproofs, hygiene kits/toiletries and dog food are all affordable things. I don’t know what to say about this evil Tory government, they don’t give a fuck about these people, it really is up to us to keep them alive and healthy, and reduce their suffering as much as possible. 🙏🏼

#igersBristol #bestofbristol #repostmyfujifilm

Not my usual style, but I love the textures and angles on the Lansdown Stand at Ashton Gate Stadium. Today I got my ticket for @bristolcityfc against @manchesterunited, a game I have been waiting my whole life for, so I’m super excited! 🙏🏼

What a Christmas present it will be for City to beat the world’s biggest football club at home, on the last day of Autumn; a season within the season that has been pretty good so far. Are you going? 🎁🎄

I hate to be dramatic, but this may be my last ever Instagram post, as tonight I’m revisiting the most dangerous climb I’ve ever done. I’ll be doing stories live from 150m up, keep an eye out for the madness. 😏😉

#igersBristol #bestofbristol #repostmyfujifilm

Things that I’m excited about this week.. I just got a @templecycles bike, which I’m going to put through it’s paces over the next month or two. 🚴🏼‍♂️

Before Friday, I hadn’t cycled since Oct ‘15 when I ruptured a ligament on the top of my right foot, so I’m hoping to get back to my best. I used to ride hundreds of miles a week and I’m confident a @templecycles bike, handmade in Bristol, is the right piece of kit for me to do it. I’ll report back on my findings. 🤓

Am also debt free after my camera gear was stolen at the start of summer, which is a significant landmark to me. I’m still struggling and may yet have to give up being freelance but I’m getting by a bit easier. 🙏🏼

I hope you like this photo as much as I do; going on photography trips with mates is amazing but does increase your need to be creative. Whilst my pals were playing with their drones, I snuck off to get this long exposure in the Nant Ffrancon Pass, North-West of Ogden Falls and Llyn Owen. This region is incredibly beautiful and very special to me, I highly recommend visiting! 👌🏼

#thewalescollective #igerswales #repostmyfujifilm

Up on the roofs.. 🎶

Bloody miserable day today, so here’s a summer sunrise across this wonderful city of ours. The soft and colourful light created by the haze on the horizon was mesmerising, and cloud inversions in the valleys all around Bristol made for one of the most memorable sunrises I’ve ever seen, which is remarkable considering there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. 😅🤷🏻‍♂️

I’m currently at @bblockpizza over in Keynsham. It’s on the site of the the former Somerdale Factory, known to myself and many others as Keynsham Chocolate Factory, now The Chocolate Quarter. Some of my longtime followers might remember me getting onto the site before work started and getting to the roof. I’ll throw some photos on my story tomorrow, it looks very different now. 😱

#igersBristol #bestofbristol #repostmyfujifilm

I got real lucky with this photo, as I forgot to turn off the image stabilisation on my lens whilst using a tripod. It was a really special sunset so lucky I managed to salvage the photo. 🤦🏻‍♂️

I remember the first time I got a lens with IS, I was shooting in Portishead at night with @josh.perrett and I couldn’t work out why my photos were blurry, so I convinced myself that my tripod was rubbish (it was) and got worked up. I Googled it at the time and chalked that down to inexperience. Not sure what my excuse on this occasion is though.. 😂

I guess the reason I’m sharing this is because we all make mistakes and you shouldn’t let it demoralise you or get you down. Whether it’s your first shoot, or your hundredth, shit happens, and you get better. 👌🏼

#igersBristol #bestofbristol #repostmyfujifilm

Evening, pals. Hope you’ve all had a good weekend. I had a super busy day in the city yesterday but escaped to the suburbs last night to spend time with my family, and am spending the day at mother’s. 🙌🏼

Yesterday morning, I awoke at 6am to find it raining and miserable. Still, @richimal_bristol, @matthewpriceartist and I headed out in search of wildlife and autumn colour around the Avon Gorge. I’d consider the mission a success, and it was wonderful to spend several hours in one of Bristol’s most exciting places to see the nature around us. 🤓

I read on the BBC website that the Avon Gorge has it’s own microclimate, with temperatures 1 degree warmer than land around it. Millennium Square also has a microclimate, which is how @ediblebristol grow such a diverse range of things in the urban allotments. 😄🌡

#igersBristol #bestofbristol #repostmyfujifilm

Hi pals, I took this photo whilst flying with @xballooning in the summer and really love how glorious @universityofbristol looks from above. 🙌🏼

The low sun and harsh light really didn’t favour shooting from such a high angle, but this is one photo where I love the contrast of the light and shadows. ☀️

I’m currently out shooting with my man @max_renaud, enticing him to the dark side and taking him climbing. 😎

#igersBristol #bestofbristol #repostmyfujifilm

Considering most people probably followed me because of my climbs (#antimitchclimbs), long exposures and my cats, I should probably share photos of that ilk once in a while? Here’s two of those things. Can’t promise I’ll share photos of my cats on my feed though.. 🤷🏻‍♂️😏

I have achieved my Stoptober goal of going a whole month without eating meat, and my second goal of walking at least six miles every day. The walking one was a big deal for me, as I used to average six miles a day until I tore a ligament in my ankle two years ago which was the start of a series of unfortunate events and injuries. I had to give up football, rugby and my greatest love of all, cycling. NOT ANYMORE! 🙌🏼🚴🏼

Anyone that’s known me since before photography will know cycling was my life. If I had to choose between photography and cycling, the bike comes first. So yeah, I’m getting a bike again and hoping to combine the two which is going to make me the happiest lad in the world. 😃

#igersBristol #bestofbristol #repostmyfujifilm

I’ve never really been into super-telephoto lenses but I had great fun with the @fujifilm_uk XF100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 shooting from the roof of @stmaryredcliffechurch during Doors Open Day. I love the way the modern city frames and surrounds these three old church towers (left to right: All Saints 1715, St. Nick’s 1769, Christchurch with St. Ewen 1791) ✌🏼

I think I’m going to have to get the XF100-400mm soon as I’ve recently become a bit of a bird watcher. 😂 My garden attracts a really great range of wildlife; I have a fox that lives merely metres from my front door, a squirrel that nests in my attic (along with the wasps), and all kinds of wonderful birds including blue tits which I first spotted/photographed last week. My regular garden friends however are a pair of robins, dunnocks, wren, magpies and a pair of blackbirds that are a bit shy. 🤓

I’ve always loved nature but I have to thank my friends @richimal_bristol and @matthewpriceartist for inspiring me to take an interest in birds. I’m really lucky to have friends like these two, as I’m forever learning new things about the world when I’m with them! ❤️

#igersBristol #bestofbristol #repostmyfujifilm

There’s not many in things in life I love more than @bristolferry. Rain or shine, it’s my favourite way to get around the harbour and also my favourite way to pass time when I have a couple of hours spare in the middle of my day. 👌🏼

Had a wander south of the river today with my friend and photographer extraordinaire @mizzban, which of course included a trip on the Bristol ferry during sunset. I also got some new additions to up my bird feeding game! 🤓

#igersBristol #bestofbristol #repostmyfujifilm

Hi, it’s been over four weeks since I last posted on here and I’m really not sure why, but I hope you’re all well and not constantly slipping on wet leaves as I am.. 😅

Had a fantastic Autumnal Instameet yesterday with our awesome @igersbristol community over at the Blaise Estate, in collaboration with @bristolmuseums. Thank you to my team and all the people that make our community what it is! ❤️

Today, @richimal_bristol, @porthjess and I were joined by @timmah666 to explore Barton Hill Fest, a part of town with an incredible community feel. So many people came together to celebrate their neighbourhood. 🙌🏼

In other news, I’ve only two days left to complete my vegetarian month for Stoptober and I’m really pleased to have done it. I’m heading to @bristolsqueezed on Wednesday, I canneh wait. 🤤

#igersBristol #bestofbristol #repostmyfujifilm

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