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Mitch - Bristol 🇪🇺  👆🏼 Watch my stories 👆🏼 👨🏻‍💻 @igersBristol @bestofbristol @igersBath 📸 Fujifilm 🤓 Long captions 💪🏼#antimitchclimbs

Taking this photo was probably the most incredible experience a camera has ever brought me. A combination of the location, the sunrise, the sun halo, and being with five amazing friends. There’s not a single photo I look back upon more fondly. ❤️

Our last Pistol Raiders trip to Snowdonia was in April earlier this year, but I’ve only just looked through the photos. That might seem weird to some, but for me, rushing to edit and share photos can be detrimental. Many of my favourite photos are not always apparent to me at first glance, so I decided to wait before so much as looking at my photos from the trip to see how I would feel nearly six months on. I have to say, I’ve seen this sun halo through my friends photos so I was stoked to see that I managed to capture it in a way I was happy with. ❤️

During this trip we stayed in Bangor, with the intention of being closer to Anglesey. That said, I wasn’t most keen on the idea of getting up at 5am on a few hours sleep to head to Penmon Point for a sunrise shoot. It was bitterly cold, and the wind made my eyes water. If it wasn’t for the lads being a constant source of amusement and enthusiasm, there’s no way I would have agreed to it. 😩

My point in all this is that photography is amazing, but it’s even better when you get to share the best moments with friends. There’s nobody I’d rather go on an adventure with than my Pistol Raiders squad @jimcosseyphotography @mrbenadams @ady.rian @alka.lloyd and @josh.perrett. An incredibly talented bunch but most importantly, they’re absolutely ridiculous amounts of fun, and love a beer. 🍺❤️ •
#igersWales #repostmyfujifilm

Bath, the UK’s most beautiful city. ✌🏼

Really pleased that @maisie_walker has joined the @igersBath team. We’ll be announcing our next meet this week so keep your eyes open for it, an autumnal wander around Bath is so beautiful. 🍁🍂

#igersBath #repostmyfujifilm

My favourite building in the whole wide world! ✌🏼

We’ve just announced a new member of the @igersBath team, head over there to see who it is! ❤️

Hope you’ve had a great weekend, if you’re looking for things to do this week, head to @theurbanstandard on Gloucester Road this Wednesday for “Midweek Mac”, I tried it last week and holy fuck, it was incredible. The whole menu is ridiculously good! 🤤😛

#igersBristol #bestofbristol #repostmyfujifilm

I’ve always preferred winter over summer, so I’m looking forward to the colder half of the year, but I shall definitely miss seeing balloons in the sky on the regs. 🙌🏼

Make sure you tag #igersBristol and #bestofbristol on relevant photos. I’ve found so many amazing photographers and made lots of friends through Instagram, but I wouldn’t have if they didn’t use the right hashtags to share their work.. If you see anyone not using them, give ‘em a nudge. 😘

#igersBristol #bestofbristol #repostmyfujifilm

Nothing beats that morning light across the city! ☀️

Getting up for sunrise is difficult over the summer; on this morning I got up at 03:30 to get to location and set up ready for dawn. Autumn begins on Friday, and with it comes the later sunrises, and earlier sunsets. Perfect, especially considering the mornings are getting colder.. ❄️😩
If you hadn’t noticed already, I joined the @bestofbristol team last month and am running the Instagram account. Do me a solid and tag your photos with #bestofBristol, and follow if you’d like. 👀

I’m going to be putting together some photography features for the website, and if I can’t see your photos, I can’t include them.. 🤷🏻‍♂️

#igersBristol #bestofbristol #repostmyfujifilm #antimitchclimbs

Ayyyy pals, how’s it going? I’ve said this before, but the kindness and warmth I was shown after my camera was stolen really blew me away, and even three and a half months on it still does. ❤️

I’ve managed to find so many positives following what happened, and I’m now at the point where I wouldn’t go back and change it. I learned a lot about what having a camera has brought me, the friends, the knowledge, the experiences. They are the most important things and nobody can steal that from me! ✌🏼

That said, the biggest residing sadness is the photos I lost on the SD card that was in my camera when it was taken. We’d been to @bristolcathedral for an @igersBristol meet, one of my all-time favourite events, but I was gutted to have lost the photos I took that evening. I missed the opportunity at Bristol Doors Open Day whilst I was working at @eventsinthesky, so @voxpopple kindly offered to take me up to the roof to get the photos I’ve been longing for all summer. Thank you, Tim, you're a hero! 🙏🏼

I really can’t thank everyone enough for all the messages and support I received. I love this community with every ounce of my being! ❤️❤️

P.S. If my camera wasn't stolen, I wouldn't have a @fujifilm_uk now, and you all know how much I love that.. 😘

#igersBristol #bestofbristol #repostmyfujifilm #antimitchclimbs

When I took this photo before sunrise, there was nobody in Bristol higher than me. There may not ever have been anyone this high above sea level in Bristol, whilst still attached to the ground. #antimitchclimbs 🤷🏻‍♂️😏

Last night concluded one of the best weeks of the summer, which consisted of shooting @EventsintheSkyUK during their time in Bristol. I got to work with and meet some incredible people, notably @menugordonjones, @jsommerin, @rosemarinobristol, @hmss_bristol and my loves from @swoon_gelato. So much amazing food, and many great drinks. I had my first experience of a Michelin starred chef in James Sommerin, and boy was his food worth the wait! 😅😍

Thanks to everyone that made it so fun, and hope everyone that experienced Bristol in the Sky had as amazing a time as I did. 🙏🏼

#igersBristol #bestofbristol #repostmyfujifilm

I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right to be shocked. I’ve shared a photo that isn’t Bristol or Bath. 😧

I try and keep my posts strictly Bristol because, well, I love Bristol more than anything, and I also want lots of local people to follow me and see the way I capture the city. That said, I think now and again I’ll throw something else into the mix. My photography is way more than just Bristol from the rooftops, and I think I’d like to start sharing the other things I do. (He says whilst uploading a cityscape from a rooftop..). 😂

This is Am Kaiserkai in Hamburg’s HafenCity, viewed from the Elbphilharmonie. I really wanted to do a time-lapse of this view but I’d left my tripod at the hotel as I was too hungover to carry the extra weight. 😅Thanks again to @oliverbock of @igersHamburg for the tour and recommendations! ✌🏼

#igershamburg #visit_hamburg #repostmyfujifilm

After a really tiring week and a half of Instameets in Bristol and Bath, and visiting Manchester, Hamburg and London, it’s good to be back in my beloved Bristol, and of course, my own bed. ❤️

It’s been a blast travelling around light, with my @fujifilm_uk X-T2 and just one lens. The fact I can charge it via micro-USB means all I need for a week away is my portable charger for my phone, headphones and camera. Simplicity. I bravely attempted to do the whole week with just my new @thinktankphotos Urban Approach 15” and wow, I do I love this bag. It was tricky, but worth it to wave goodbye to the days of lugging around massive amounts of kit. 👋🏼(Anyone that has seen me in person the last two weeks will have endured me raving about this bag 😂)

When it comes to Instagram, the community is by far the best thing about it. I can’t stress how much I love this side of Instagram, and all that it brings. Be it friendship, education, or just a new way or looking at the world, it really has changed my life. These last ten days I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with amazing creatives in various cities, namely my friends @oliverbock in Hamburg, @rikki.clc in Manchester, and @kemeys and @thetechcreative in London. Thanks gentlemen, you’re all awesome! 🙏🏼🤘🏼

Hope you’ve all had a great three day weekend! ✌🏼

#igersBristol #bestofbristol #repostmyfujifilm

Wow, what a weekend at @BristolBalloonFiesta?! I hit a new PB with 55 hours on site. I hope you enjoyed our coverage of the fiesta on @igersBristol, we’ve had so many lovely messages, we’re super pleased to share this wonderful weekend with you from behind the scenes! It’s also awesome to have lots of people tuning into our live streams from around the world! 🤘🏼🎈

I want to say a big thank you to @weareplaster for yet another amazing fiesta, and the best one I’ve ever been to for sure! They work tirelessly to make sure the world notices this amazing spectacle, and they smash it every year. ❤️

Also a big thank you to the organisers, the balloon teams, the sponsors, and especially the volunteers. It’s my favourite weekend of the year, and it was the BEST weekend of the year. I doff my cap to everyone that contributes! 🙏🏼🙌🏼

I’d also like to thank @xballooning for an amazing flight on Friday morning in the @longleatofficial Lion balloon, Simbaloo, and Rich from @ultramagic_ballooning for being the best pilot I’ve had so far! 👊🏼

Lastly, photography aside, thank you to everyone who makes this event so special. This event means a lot to so many people in Bristol, it’s been a part of our lives since we can remember and we love it dearly. ❤️

#igersBristol #bestofbristol #repostmyfujifilm

It’s been a brilliant weekend so far at @BristolBalloon Fiesta! It’s the best weekend in the Bristol calendar for me, and it hasn’t disappointed so far! 🙌🏼

Yesterday morning I had the privilege of flying with the @xballooning team, in the @longleatofficial lion balloon, Simbaloo. It’s one of the most loved balloons at the fiesta, and it was so cool to fly in it! My pilot Rich was a pleasure to fly with, and the whole Exclusive Ballooning team were so lovely! I can’t thank them enough for the experience! 🙏🏼

Those of you that have followed me for a while will remember I flew a couple of times at last year’s fiesta, but never over Clifton, and the Clifton Suspension Bridge. As a Bristolian lad, I feel like I’ve had a dream fulfilled by flying over it. Truly an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. I’m not the best at sharing photos on here, but I’ll try and get some up over the weekend to give you a glimpse of what I saw. 👀😧

I hope you’re all having a great time, I’m here all weekend, so if you’re around, let me know. It would be cool to see some new faces as well as familiar ones! 🤘🏼

(Once again, my @fujifilm_uk X-T2 has been sensational in the challenging light conditions so far, never known a camera handle highlights and shadows so effortlessly) 📸

#igersBristol #bestofbristol #repostmyfujifilm

I already knew I loved the @fujifilm_uk X-T2 before I’d even used it, but after finally getting out and shooting with it, I've been so blown away by it’s performance. 😍

The colours it captures are brilliant, the dynamic range in-camera (and also what you can do with Fuji RAF files) eclipses anything I’ve used before, and the ISO performance was super impressive. Above all, the usability of it is what struck me the most about it; this camera is a joy to use and I’m so excited about this next step in my photography journey. 🗺

This photo was shot on the XF 35mm f/1.4 R which @nickwhimster kindly lent to me, along with the XF 18mm f/2. I can’t thank you enough Nick! 🙏🏼

#igersBristol #repostmyfujifilm

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