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Anthony Giannotti  💈Barber/Owner @victorycrownbarberco @bottleandbarlow @anthonysbarbershop916 #anthonythebarber916 Appointments/product/shops👇🏼

Keep your eye on the prize. Trying to finish this year out strong and start next year out on the right foot. Image by @ikevinadams #anthonythebarber916 #eye #newyear #passion

Whenever I get frustrated barbering is there. Whenever life gets hard barbering is there. Whenever I get stressed barbering is there. No matter what I can shake whatever’s wrong when I’m doing a haircut. #anthonythebarber916 #sacramento #barberlife #barber 📸 @madisontaay

The United States is one of the only countries in the world that requires a license to cut hair. My belief is that it is detrimental to the industry to require a license. Hear me out and argue with me in the comments. First there should be a sanitation course required but that can be done online just like food handling or cross contamination. And there should be requirements as well as standards. A real functional apprenticeship program would be great. A lot of people that would be very good at hair don’t go into because they can’t afford the high cost of school plus taking the year off. If you fully open it up it allows the cream to rise to the top. The test in most states is to prove you can do it safely and sanitary. In California they now don’t allow you to put a blade into the razor for a shave that to do on a mannequin face. No blade, plastic face. And you only have to demonstrate the first 5 of 14 shaving strokes. In the state of CA we have to go to 1500 hours of school and take a state test to put a blade on skin. A tattoo artist has to take a cross contamination test to break skin. Change my mind #anthonythebarber916 #barber #hairstylist #barberlife #hairdresser

Dec 5 1933 prohibition ended. So here a @jameson_us @pabstblueribbon and a New York style slice of pepperoni pizza. #anthonythebarber916 #pbr #pizza #sacramento #prohibition

Tried my @victorycrownbarberco Paste on @jdworland for this cut. Super happy with the hold and slight shine to it 📸 @cassieworland #anthonythebarber916 #barber #visitsacramento #sacramento #barbershopconnect #menshairstyle

Had a great time exploring Seattle with my favorite person @meghan_vanderford Im so lucky to have a partner and best friend that’s truly down for anything. I can’t wait to spend a life time tripping and wandering with you. Coming back to Sacramento inspired and ready to get to work. #anthonythebarber916 #seattle #seattlelife #dirtybootsandmessyhair

#tbt to that time I got to cut @hunterpence hair for his and @letsgetlexi wedding. Im not posting this picture to highlight a haircut I did. I want to highlight a couple I admire. I don’t admire them for the reasons you might think - Yes they are very successful talented people but I admire their relationship and love. What they show on social media really is the way they interact and love each other. I remember one of the first times I cut Hunter he was telling me about how much he cared about Lexi and how he wanted to understand her love language better so he could be a better boyfriend. I’ve spent time with them in person; they don’t think anyone is watching but if you pay attention you can see them give each other little looks, grabs, hand holds. Their relationship has provided a significant amount of inspiration for @meghan_vanderford and I. Relationships and love aren’t always easy - it takes work and constantly choosing each other. But when you find the right one it’s worth every ounce. #wedding #love #dirtybootsmessyhair #hunterpence #letsgetlexi #barber #anthonythebarber916

Don’t get me wrong there’s been a lot of drinks I have enjoyed on our menu at @bottleandbarlow but the Sweater Weather is one of my favorites. It’s served hot with cinnamon whiskey, rum, rooibos, apple, allspice, and house made salted whip cream. Yes it looks like a “girlie” drink but you know what? Drinking shots of well whiskey doesn’t make you more of a “man” so drink what tastes good. Invited by @jennazeee #bottleandbarlow #getloosestaysharp #sacramento #winter #cocktail #visitsacramento

Been a minute since I’ve posted anything up on YouTube but check out for some haircutting and styling videos. @victorycrownbarberco #victorycrownbarberco #anthonythebarber916 #barber #menshaircut #barberlife #barbershopconnect #sacramento

I missed small business Saturday but I want to take a second to send a message of congratulations to every single person that works for themselves. It’s a hard road to handle. Everyone says “yeah but you work for yourself”. Not that I disagree with that statement but you don’t know the sleepless nights, the self doubt, the stress, and the worry that goes into running your own business until you’ve done it. I solute all of you and if I can help in anyway please reach out to me. #anthonythebarber916 #sacramento #victorycrownbarberco #barber #smallbusinesssaturday #smallbusiness 📸 @spadron1

Day late but I wanted to say how thankful I am for @meghan_vanderford the love, support, inspiration, and kindness she’s shown me over the last few years has made my life amazing. You’re more beautiful inside and out everyday baby girl; I love you #love #couples #sacramento #dirtybootsandmessyhair

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