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Sacramento Barber  💈Barber/Owner Anthony's Barbershop, Bottle & Barlow, Bastille Barbers, Victory Crown Barber Co #anthonythebarber916 Appointments/product/shops👇🏼

Freedom to express is the ultimate form of art. Styled with @victorycrownbarberco matte. #anthonythebarber916 #victorycrownbarberco

I'm beyond excited to be teaching in San Palo Brazil at the @santosbarberfest PLEASE check the page and website for event details. #barberlife #anthonythebarber916

@case.of.cass let me hangout with her new baby angel Ridley #anthonythebarber916 #dogsofinstgram

All the career accomplishments aside first and foremost I'm a barber. I think it's important to use products that are developed by professionals that work behind the chair. @victorycrownbarberco #anthonythebarber916 #victorycrownbarberco #barber @jdworland

Most of the world sees what they want to see. Look for what is actually in front of you. Styled with @victorycrownbarberco Matte 📸 @ihatetomhuynh #anthonythebarber916 #victorycrownbarberco #SACRAMENTO #barberlife #barbershopconnect #btcpics

Awesome 24 hours teaching for @hanzonation in Phoenix. See you next time. If you'd like classes in your salon or barbershop DM me. #anthonythebarber916

Life is short enjoy what time you have on this planet. Styled with @victorycrownbarberco Matte Cocktail provided by @bottleandbarlow #victorycrownbarberco #anthonythebarber916 #bottleandbarlow #SACRAMENTO #barberlife

Here's a quick styling video of how I use the @victorycrownbarberco Matte. I like simple things so when I design my product I'm looking for the simplest product and the simplest technique to get the look I want form my hair #victorycrownbarberco #anthonythebarber916

Being that is Bastille day I'm very proud to announce that my good friend @taberthebarber and I are opening a new shop in oak park (right next to old soul) called @bastille_barbers I'm so excited for my 3rd shop and Brandon's first. He's come a long way as a barber, I couldn't be more proud. Hoping to be open in sept. Follow the Instagram page to keep updated. #anthonythebarber916 #bastillebarbers #SACRAMENTO

What is the difference between @victorycrownbarberco Matte and Slick? Slick helps you achieve that 60s Mad Men look or can be blow dried out for a softer feel that you or someone else can run their hands through. With the same faint sour apple scent as the Matte, this product is the key to a wetter look.

Matte is perfect for that top down, wind in your hair look. This product is ideal if you don’t want your hair glued in place; naturally unpolished. Maintain perfect control of that uncontrolled look. Keep your hair soft to the touch and smelling fresh with a sour apple scent. Use promo code madcats for 20% off. #anthonythebarber916 #victorycrownbarberco

Why Victory Crown Barber Company? @victorycrownbarberco Well, let me start by giving a little back history on myself. In 2004, I started making my own pomade in my kitchen. I was really into the rockabilly/50's greaser scene and didn't like any of the pomades on the market. I looked at the ingredients on the back of a can of Murray's and ordered a pound of everything online. I just started melting it down in my kitchen; got the product how I liked it and started selling it to my friends, especially when I was I the road with my band. I was getting a lot of good gigs off MySpace (yes, that's how old I am) and thought why not start a page for this new Madcats Pomade I'm doing? By the time I stopped making it in 2009 I was selling in 30 different states and 15 different countries. I stopped because I wanted to focus on my first shop, Anthony's Barbershop, but I always wanted to get back to it some day. In 2014, I started developing my Slick and Matte products under the Victory Crown Barber Co. name. I restarted a product line because it's my passion. My favorite part of a haircut is styling the haircut and seeing the haircut come to life. There's a lot of good products out now,but I think if you try my product out you'll enjoy how easy it is to use and how versatile each product is. For this week only enter the promo code MADCATS and get 20% off your order. #anthonythebarber916 #victorycrownbarberco

Fun class today in Vegas. It's interesting to me that almost all of us say the same things when it comes to business/marketing and developing a clientele but we cut soooo differently. Anyway it's always a great time teaching with @xotics crew. 📸 @andrewdoeshair #anthonythebarber916

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