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Sacramento Barber  💈Barber/Owner Anthony's Barbershop, Bottle & Barlow, Victory Crown Barber Co #anthonythebarber916 Appointments 👇🏼

I absolutely love doing this skin fade horseshoe flat tops. Rockabilly till I die #anthonythebarber916

Book with the link in the bio. @getsquire #anthonythebarber916

It's been a good day #travel #beachlife

One thing I absolutely love about the hair industry is it transcends boarder and languages. Booked a last minute walking tour here in Bogota. The guide was very nice and informative. End of the tour she asked what I do for work. I told her I do hair. She asked if I'd cut her hair. I agreed. She went to the market next door bought some shears and found one of the bar employees that had a hair clip that would work as a comb. So on the back patio of a random bar under a tiny light I have her a haircut. That lead to salsa dancing and an amazing night out in Bogota. #anthonythebarber916 #colombia

I've been very fortunate in my career. I've gotten to help develop products for major companies (as well as my own), I've gotten to help develop equipment for major companies, I've gotten to demo on stages at major hair shows, I gotten to teach all over the country, I've gotten to open 2 barbershop(another coming soon) and a bar. I've gotten to do speaking events for Facebook, I've got an amazing bunch of clients but I have to say these last couple days consulting for @pivotpointintl on their new barber book is truly been incredible. The amount of passion, willingness to listen and want to elevate the barber industry is so so rare for a major company. I can't wait to see what they put together with the info @staygold31 and I have them. I hope our failures and triumphs can help future generations of barbers. I'm so fired up right now I can't wait to get behind the chair tomorrow and book some barber education classes. I may not be the best but hit the DM if you're interested in seeing how I cut hair and hear my barber journey. #anthonythebarber916

@artyourhair @artyourhair @artyourhair I miss posting all the beautiful work I get tagged in so I started a page fully dedicated to you guys. Please follow and tag your work #artyourhair

Haircut and styling video coming soon. Stay tuned. #anthonythebarber916

No matter how the day is going. Having a laugh with your barber will make it better. Thanks @woodzeeinc for keeping me on time #anthonythebarber916

I've met a lot of barbers over the years and almost every single one of them says something to the effect of I'm on my hustle or my grind but I've never seen that more true than with @jay_majors If you don't know him he went from being locked up as a young adult to owning several barbershops, a school, consulting for a couple major brands, and puts on the largest barber event in the world. This guy knows how to get it done. Thank you for everything you do for this industry and I'm glad to call you a friend #jaymajors #anthonythebarber916

I really like these skin fade messy on top. Really allows your hair to do what it wants. Embrace your crazy cowlicks and weird hair line #anthonythebarber916

Got a preview of @garibaldiarts new art show tonight. I HIGHLY recommend stopping by. It's open Friday-Sunday. Really amazing collaboration between @garibaldiarts and @idiggreenacres Oh and stop by @bottleandbarlow for a drink, it's right across the street #anthonythebarber916 #sacramento #art #streetart #visitsacramento #waronwalls

Something a little different. I love these choppy uneven haircuts. But it's important to understand the fundamentals of haircutting and these cuts. A messed up cut is still and messed up cut. That's different than something that has been intentionally messed up. Keep inspiring! #anthonythebarber916

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