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Let me set the scene. Sitting on top of a parking deck off Rodeo drive with friends that couldn't be replaced by anything. All realizing that a trip off a life time is coming to an end. The last of the left handers being torched by some and the sights being taken in by all. Getting last minute iPhone 7 portraits... this is candid of me trying to clean myself up because I hadn't showered in a grip... FUCK this was the time of my life. Living a quick second of my dreams surrounded by some of the best people in my life. It was a powerful time, waking up together in a house that we were staying double comfortable capacity in then waking up and splitting up doing whatever we wanted. Getting back late at night to crack open some cold ones, take some shooters, eat grease rings, and watching trailer park boys while telling stories of the wild shit we each experienced and the shit we did that we were stoked on. It was just fucking insane seeing how gassed the boys were on the shit they were doing... that's truly living that's truly what life is about... being stoked... fuck this is corny but UNTIL NEXT YEAR CALIFORNIA

I'll be back... 📱 - @zenensaneshige_flix

A few one hitters from vans last night. Park is so good and so is the level of riding. Stepped it up and did no regular bars #bmx #imissherwhenigobmxbiking #california #vans

Something light something tight on the small side #bmx #imissherwhenigobmxbiking #california #hollywoodhigh 📱 @zenen_saneshige

this park is the best warmup spot #imissherwhenigobmxbiking #bmx

I wish they all could be California girls part 1 and 2 MAKE SURE TO SWIPE LEFT ON THIS LIKE YOU WOULD ON MY TINDER PROFILE🔥 brought to you in part by @zenen_saneshige #imissherwhenigobmxbiking #bmx #mallgrab #14

Denver was supposed to be just a place to lay our head on our trip out west but turned into being one of the sickest experiences of my life. Big thanks to @abqdnv for welcoming me and the homies and introducing us to everyone and letting me know about the jam which ended up being some of the best recent memories I've had with riding. Really appreciate it. But regardless here are some ass clips pulled I managed to get when my lungs weren't telling my sleep deprived body to kill itself
#CrazyXoCaliforniaBmxAndBoysTrip #imissherwhenigobmxbiking #bmx

I can't believe it took me 20 years to do this #imissherwhenigo #CrazyXoCaliforniaBmxAndBoysTrip

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