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Anthony Padilla  i am a professional #businessman with a #business email ↓MY NEW VID↓

had a very relaxing birthday at disneyland

i’m 31 now can you tell

these spot the difference games are getting harder and harder

plz help i have too many captions for this
a) 2007 og youtube where u at
b) an aussie and american walk into a youtube time machine
c) that guy on the left is super hot and i love his hair

for real @natalie.tran is youtube royalty and also a great person to top it off so pay your respects

thought this made me look like i don’t give a shit but it just looks like i’m taking a shit.
📸 @mbredouw

can i call myself daddy?

if blackberries are worth $19.99/lb and i picked 1,723 blackberries and ~300 blackberries weigh one pound and i attempt to convince the police the red stains on my hands are just blackberry juice but i get thrown in jail with a $3k bail, how much money do i leave the station with?

@Target asked me to unearth this photo... 2004. growing my steedlike locks for the first time but insecure about embracing male beauty and self-care. but now it's 2018 and it's time for us to acknowledge that self-care is important for all. #TargetBeauty #ad

long hair summed up in 15 seconds
full vid in bio

got stung by a bee for the first time so we took this very chill photo to celebrate me not going into anaphylactic shock and dying

yay or nay?

does portrait mode really make everyone gorgeous or just me?

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