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Anthony Padilla  press a like 🍉 biz: contact@apadilla.co ↓Pu**y scented candles. enjoy↓


can’t find the perfect halloween emoji so here’s a caption with absolutely no emojis. @horrornights @unistudios #universalhhn

it is a law in seven states that you are required to wear a beanie and flannel, with well-coiffed hair in a photo during the fall season each year, so i’m just posting this to make sure no legal action is taken against me, thanks! in partnership with @axe #yougotsomething 📸 @mielmonster

i’m doing nothing nerdy with my sunday. i am a very cool guy who does not do nerdy things.

please don’t talk about my thumb. only give compliments about how cute we look. thanks. (last night at people’s one to watch party with @mielmonster)
stylists: @desireemorales & @cdittmer, 👕 @toddsnyderny, 👖 @paige, 👞 @ports1961menswear

when you’re nervous about hugging someone for the first time 🎥 (tag 38 friends who relate)[@iisuperwomanii]

just three chaps making tea 🍵 (is chaps correct? trying this whole british lingo thing out)

i’ve been finding glitter in every crevice of my body for the past 24 hours

i’m smiling on the inside

raided our parents’ closets and went to a roller rink. some would call it ‘living the dream’ (is that @amazingphil’s hand on my chest?)

YOU: are you and @mielmonster dating??? ...
ME: click the link in my bio for your answer! ...
YOU: why won’t you just tell me??? ...
ME: because i- ...
YOU: oh i get it, this is a ploy for you to get more views on youtube, isn’t it??? ...
ME: i mean, you really will find out if you click the link in- ...
YOU: NO! i will not click the link in your bio. i have better things to do with my life! ...
ME: *unintelligible muttering between sobs*

i'm on the front cover of @bellomag magazine. please choose a response below:
a) wow that gold chain is so sick & dope
b) wow none of the above
c) wow all of the above
📸 @artGphoto, 👔 @official_lukatonic, 💇🏻‍♂️ @patrickchai1

the post-it note has the name of the person's soul i absorbed to stay youthful

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