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@jillianilabothe 🚶Give it a couple of months more, and you will not recognize good old Downtown... This was the only day that the smoke flooded the city and surrounding burbs. Then, the rain started to fall ... Have a great one❕☀

@mingthein 😱, @jillianilabothe @cynthia_katlyn ... Even with all the troubles around us, one has to take the time out... "waiting for Mr. Heineken! ..." they do not serve Stella, here❔... God bless all the volunteers from Red Cross. We are supporting you! Alberta is the best place in the World to get into major trouble. The generosity of people here in time of need, is second to none❤❕All the best to you at Fort M. I hope Jill that you are safe from these wild fires, too. 🌺

@jillianilabothe 🚶Hi, I have not posted in a while... On my way to an actual session. With the "badboy 58" ... Feels good! Have a great weekend☀

@mingthein @jillianilabothe @cynthia_katlyn 😱 Well, the "Good Old Days" ...😱

@theresestalnacke @cynthia_katlyn ⛄Winter was cancelled, here ... ☀🎉 @jillianilabothe 🌴😱🌴

@jillianilabothe 😱Yes, I am studying... ⛄☕⛄

@jillianilabothe ☺Dreamt of Italian Food☺🚶

@jillianilabothe 🎩just experimenting...

@cynthia_katlyn @jillianilabothe 🚶if ever visit Piccadilly in the evening... ☺you do not have to bring your own light❕😱🚶

@jillianilabothe @cynthia_katlyn @theresestalnacke @odarochka 🚶flying West on the North Atlantic route is amazingly boring✨

@jillianilabothe @cynthia_katlyn @theresestalnacke... ✨I am always surprised by how you can turn little vignettes from your daily life into a warm, happy image. 😱I know, it is Wednesday, but ... Sunday breakfast view ☺

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