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Boom!! @asiaargento at #Cannes drops an unexpected nuke on the crowd

Just prior to dropping a tactical nuke into the ceremony at #Cannes @asiaargento goes all in with an eviscerating “J’accuse!” speech to a stunned, deeply uncomfortable audience.

The Final Word . From artist, composer, musician, actor, and oracle : #LOWEREASTSIDE

NYC lawyer Aaron Schlossberg's next client. I hope .

“’s the part you gonna love. You gonna piss your pants! The money? You know, the money from our friends? For the thing? The thing wit’ the girl? They gonna pass it along as ‘Roaming Charges’! Get it? ‘Roaming Charges!’ . It’s too good!! #ATT

Funeral in Bali

Hydrating in preparation for a Balinese funeral . #PocariSweat

Jero Gede Macaling #Bali

“What can I say? The guy got a big head. I told him! I says, ‘Mikey! Look what this gavone did down in Atlantic City! Who loses money in the casino business? ‘ But he doesn’t listen this testadura. He thinks dumfuck is gonna make him head of the fuckin’ CIA or somethin’! I’m tellin’ you. I like him. He was always an earner. But he’s gotta go.”

“It’s bad. They got him all jammed up on the insurance thing now. And you know where that goes. Our friends out there at the beach. The whole fucking thing with the money ( inaudible) ... for that fuckin’ hooer.. this doctor business don’t look good and the real estate is dead bang for the feds. I dunno Vinnie.. I like the guy but (inaudible) ..” (recording ends)

“You’re still solid, right, Mikey? Cause certain people are starting to worry. I’m just sayin’.” Photo by @yanapaskova

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