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Anthology Film Archives  Preserving & presenting films made by visionaries, radicals, independents, and auteurs—with a focus on films that are overlooked, forgotten or ignored

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Join us on Monday for @theflaherty NYC closing night screening, with filmmaker Numa Perrier (@missnuma) in person for a discussion moderated by filmmaker and producer Chanelle D Aponte Pearson (@capontepearson)

The films of Los Angeles-based artist and filmmaker Numa Perrier blend documentary and narrative elements to consider the effects, memories, and manifestations of trauma on the female body.

Monday night at 7PM!

Join us today and tomorrow at 2:30 for PLAY: WORDLESS FILMS WITH LIVE MUSIC!
PLAY is a collaboration between filmmakers Augusta Palmer and Chris Arnold, composer Greg Karnilaw, and the acclaimed musicians and composers of CreArtBox. This program of dialogue-free short films and live music is about the magic and immersion of play – musical or visual, solitary or collaborative – and is designed for children of all ages.

The director Nathan Silver and cast & crew are in person tonight and Saturday for the 7PM shows of THE GREAT PRETENDER!

THE GREAT PRETENDER is a kind of anti-rom-com, centering on Mona, a young French playwright who has returned to New York to mount an autobiographical play based on her tumultuous affair with married photographer Nick.
Silver charts the typically complicated and torturous relationships that spring up between Mona, Nick, and the two actors recruited to play them onstage, moving back and forth in time and from one character’s perspective to another’s.

"Art and romance outrageously intersect in THE GREAT PRETENDER, a must-see Tribeca selection from the prolific and iconoclastic filmmaker Nathan Silver Silver's intensely original comedy begins a weeklong run at Anthology Film Archives tomorrow!" Thanks, @tribeca!
We're thrilled to be presenting the U.S. premiere run of the film, with the director and cast & crew in person for the 7PM screenings Thurs-Sat!

A reminder that today at 5:30 Frank & Caroline Mouris are in person to present new preservations of their 16mm animations, including You're Not Real Pretty But You're Mine (1968), which @ScreenSlate calls, "a de facto Sonny and Cher music video that predicts memeification and the inherent humor of repetitive cat pictures."

Don't miss master animators Frank & Caroline Mouris in person this Sunday at 5:30 in our Show & Tell series!

For over five decades Frank and Caroline Mouris have collaborated to make intricately constructed yet whimsically playful animated works, including the surprise Academy Award winner FRANK FILM (1973)

Don't miss the chance to see these newly-preserved 16mm films on the big screen with the artists in person!

Our survey of Latin American experimental cinema continues today with Diego Rísquez's surreal and multi-faceted trilogy about the region.

The first part of the trilogy BOLÍVAR, TROPICAL SYMPHONY became the first Super 8 film to be selected for the Directors’ Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival. “With stunningly rich and complex visual images, Rísquez’s films eschew all dialogue yet present a coherent and critical reinterpretation of Venezuelan history.” –Ana M. López

✨Our exclusive run of an imported 35mm print of Luke Fowler's ELECTRO-PYTHAGORAS begins tonight!

The film is a @nytimes Critic's pick! "Two shorts, also by Fowler, that accompany “Electro-Pythagorus” treat other pioneering artists: Christian Wolff and Sue Tompkins. None of the films are ideal primers on their subjects, but all are specific, tantalizing immersions — which may be better."- Glenn Kenny, NYT

The film screens Fri, Nov 30 – Thurs, Dec 6 at 7:30 nightly. Additional screening on Sat at 5:30.

Ism, Ism, Ism: Experimental Cinema in Latin America — the first comprehensive, U.S.-based film program to treat the full breadth of Latin America’s vibrant experimental film production — begins tonight!
ISM, ISM, ISM is organized by Los Angeles Filmforum.
Still from Fernando Birri's ORG

Opening tomorrow: the exclusive U.S. premiere run of the imported 35mm print of ELECTRO-PYTHAGORAS. Director Luke Fowler is in person on Sat 12/1 at 7:30! The film is a portrait of the influential but under-recognized musician, Martin Bartlett (1939-93),a proudly gay Canadian composer who during the 1970s and 80s pioneered the use of the ‘microcomputer.’ Showtimes and more info at link in bio!

As Jonas Mekas said recently in a rare in-person conversation in our Courthouse Theater: “If you love cinema, you have to protect cinema.” (And take better care of your archive than Johnny T is in this photo!) And that is what we strive to do. We preserve films and videos, classic and under-acknowledged alike, that need to be saved so that future generations can experience the invaluable legacy of American independent and experimental cinema!

Support Anthology’s archive + preservation efforts today with a gift of $25 and get exclusive access to an invite-only screening of recent preservation projects, curated and introduced by our archivists!
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