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Praise God for such a fulfilling weekend :) I learned so much through the sessions and the dance workshop. And throughout the YCOM academy camp, my prayers are finally answered regarding what ministry to serve in, music ministry or dance ministry? Now I truly understand why I was called to join the dance crew. I was so taken aback once I came to a realisation about God's calling to me and the Lord's choice for me. #tyL like rlly rlly the feeling was so amaAZING when I finally realised which ministry is meant for me to serve in. The talents aren't meant for me to outshine or to feed my ego, but to return the gift back to God, a gift that's more than just the talent that has been given to me originally. Looking forward to my journey in DC πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌβ€οΈ #cfcyfcsg #ycomacademy

this is why i have fms friends HAHAHA kidding thanks for that day bbies y'all are full of shit but that's why I luv y'all it was a gr8 day and national museum is damn c00l


I was honestly rlly sad that I had to change role from being a sub house master to helping out just for night hike due to the collision of my French class schedule and ASPIRE camp schedule :( despite not being required to come on the 1st and 2nd half the camp, I came back whenever I could because I rlly wanted to help out and it's just rlly such a joy to come back to CTSS to serve. And although I only managed to join Self-Discipline (Sebastian) during the Clementi Challenge and night hike, I'm so thankful for encouraging and supportive partners / friends such as Prathes and Gerald giving me encouragementswhen I was losing my patience during the night hike and being able to rant some unhappy shit to Gareth. And guys we made it despite the heavy downpour and facing some issues here and there!!!! Always reminded that I'm proud to be an Alumni of CTSS when I put on that red tee :) can't wait to help out for next year's one!! πŸ’• #sebastianisactuallycooked (<< because he's red) #childhoodruined

(Part 2)
Lyric correction: it's draining all OF me **

Bleeding Love // Leona Lewis (Part 1)
My apologies for some flat parts and screwing up my chords!!!! (And definitely my cringey face also) πŸ™‚

How Far I'll Go!!!!! (Sorry for my big gestures and face I was too feeling feeling into the song) 🌴🌴🌴

(Part 2) :)) it's not rlly perfect or doesn't sound rlly good coz it was an impromptu one sorry πŸ˜… [Maybe This Time]

Maybe This Time // Michael Murphy (got to know of this song coz of Voices of 5 and Sarah Geronimo's covers) << go listen to their versions also it's damn NiCe and thanks for listening to this video!!! (If u did)

starting to think that this bitch hates me

got ma back when it comes to Valentine's Day (sorry I'm late and I had no other nice picture to post)

thick is sick

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