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Via @anotherloves: A “glass half full” mentality is rather difficult to embrace once you've committed to seeing the world through a lens of doom and gloom. And no matter how good the intentions of chirpy friends offering shoulders to cry on about the various pitfalls of human existence, nothing can beat seeking help in the form of a therapist or a life coach. Both possess the power to coax out your inner optimist, albeit for a short while.⠀

Or if you’d rather your counselling session take on a sartorial form, Balenciaga’s poppy red tights are available to lend a word of wisdom: the intarsia knit web address emblazoned down the side of one leg can be typed into your browser to reveal a piece of inspirational guidance in times of great need. This particular pair told us that “nothing is impossible to a willing heart”. The wisest hosiery we’ve ever encountered.⠀

✍🏽 by @hannahrosetindle, 📷 by @mirkalaurasevera, 📷 editor @hols_hay.

#AnOtherMonday is just the start of a brand new week 💥
From AnOther A/W16.

“At a time in Scotland when industry was starting to take over, the Glasgow Four stood their ground and created art built on craft, beauty and nature. When I see old photographs of them, you get a real sense of their style with the ruffles and lace, very Pre-Raphaelite, quite dandy, but also really forward-thinking in their choices” – @christopherkane

For his Resort 2018 collection, Christopher Kane plundered inspiration from one the biggest decorative arts movements of the late 19th and early 20th centuries: The Glasgow Four. 📷 by @laurenceellis

To celebrate National Pink Day, here’s #MiaWasikowska in pink @commedesgarcons, from AnOther S/S14 🎀 ⠀

📷 by @craigmcdeanstudio, styling by #OlivierRizzo.

Today we're spotlighting four lingerie brands who are creating exquisite imagery alongside their lovely underwear designs, opening up a conversation on quality, comfort, and diversity through their broad customer base and rich bank of inspiration. Swipe through the four brands, then tap our Stories to find out more 👆🏼 👙 ⠀

1. @ellissellisselliss, 📷 by @morganhillmurphy
2. @araksofficial, 📷 by @eagletta
3. @_marieyat_, 📷 by @ronanksm
4. @landofwomen, 📷 by @heatherhazzan

“They’ve outgrown their pots, they’re a bit gnarly, but they grow and they grow and they’ve been loved for years” – Nik Southern⠀

Founder of @graceandthorn Nik Southern tasked photographer @oskar.proctor with capturing plants that have become part of the furniture in London locations – greenery that peeks out of windows or sits proudly in dry cleaners – for her new book, How Not To Kill Your Plants. Tap our Stories to see our Q&A with Nik now! 📸 🌿

Head to @another_man for Massimo Giorgetti on @msgm's S/S18 collection, which was a return to the designer's roots, taking us on a trip up the West coast.⠀

📷 by @domingo_nardulli_2

Podcasts have fast become a mainstay in our lives, and we couldn't be happier about it. Whether you're after humour, culture, informative conversations or escapism, there's likely a podcast out there to suit – tap the link in our bio to discover 15 life-enhancing podcasts to subscribe to, as recommended by the Dazed Media team. 🎧⠀

📷 is from AnOther S/S14, shot by @michal_pudelka.

If you already live in a big city, you’ll likely be all too familiar with the horror of rush hour. German photographer Michael Wolf has made a career out of photographing the more extreme edges of this experience, capturing the faces of Japanese commuters at the busiest station in the world as people pack into trains and get pushed up against condensation-clouded windows. Wolf's photographs are on show now at @flowersgallery 🚇 📷

“Mrs Robinson, you’re trying to seduce me. Aren’t you?”⠀

As a restored version of The Graduate returns to UK cinemas in celebration of its 50th anniversary, we’re taking style cues from the iconic Mrs Robinson, played to perfection by Anne Bancroft. First things first – be sure to wear plenty of leopard print. 🐆 📽

“God knows I was scared watching Alien but it was worth it. And Sigourney Weaver was so cool in it. She’s androgynous and masculine and she’s got that kind of hard look. I love all the outfits; I love that idea of uniformity and that weird space white jersey underwear. I love her pumps, 80s hair... It looks great with that jaw and that face. And I love that she wears no make-up. Her eyes are so dark. And she really carries it.” – Matty Bovan (@babbym) on why he loves Sigourney Weaver in Alien, from AnOther S/S17. 📷 by @jackdavisonphoto, styling by @_n_e_l_l_, ✍🏻 by @julieverhoeven.

“There is something about the sun and sand that trances people out,” says @juliettaylor of Terra Incognita, her photographic series in which she combed the sands on Bondi Beach capturing photos of sunbathers mid-sleep. The serene black-and-white shots provide the perfect dose of escapism until the time comes once again to unwind by the sea. 💆🏼 🏖

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