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Bel  Photographer at @lovebyjuly @annabellawproductions My work : Featured on Her World Brides, The Wedding Scoop, Style Weddings, SG Brides

People come, people go. Some people get it, some people dont. Some people care and some people don't. That's life.

GO WITH THE FLOW - I learn along the way that not everything can go my way. Not every Friend is worth keeping and not every business can be successful. I learnt to believe that everything is relative and not everytime things can be solved. I learnt to respect that a comprise can be a better option then pushing through with force. I learnt that I need to learn more each day and go with the flow.

HANGING- I never used to be able to exercise due to my health conditions. But with practise, makes perfect. Been practising my hanging skills to control my upper body movement and finger grip without help of the legs. Need to work on the control and less swinging.

GRATEFUL - Always be grateful for the people who have helped you before. Never know who you can help too. That's how the world can become a better place.

Just had bad news that a friend passed away suddenly. We do not appreciate life until its taken away from us. We do not appreciate health until we are sticken with illness. I used to spend more than $1k a month just to find a cure for my eczema. Like most problems, we spend most of our time trying to cure ourselves externally (putting steroids etc). we often forget that health is internal and rebuilding it is from within. I remind myself every day to drink @haoyikang as it’s an antioxidant that can fight free radicals to prevent aging and protecting my skin as I’m under the sun due to my work. Always build your immune system and you will realize that your skin will glow with time. This is not an advertisement. Just sharing my love for health and supporting my friends ❤️️

To our loyal supporters and followers, it has come to our attention that one of our 7 Days of @lovebyjuly Giveaway winner has been abusing the privilege. Upon winning the prize, she proceeded to go on Carousell and fabricated lies that it was going to be a collaboration shoot. She subsequently told a makeup artist that the photographer is paid and was very rude to the makeup artist, insisting that she should provide her make-up service to her for free.
@Lovebyjuly is a brand of love and joyfulness and does not condone such abusive actions. To to show solidarity with our fellow wedding industry vendors, we have decided to relinquish the giveaway winner off the privilege.
Both MistyDaydream and LovebyJuly will be offering everyone a second chance to win. Contest will end on 28 July 2017. Send in your entries now !!! 😁

To enter: Share this photo and tag @mistydaydreamsg and @lovebyjuly with the hashtag #lovebyjulygiveaway

IM TWENTY FIVE! - Always happy to reveal my age because I have always been labelled as being too young. Birthdays have never been my thing. I don't fancy huge parties or insist on it to be a special day. Every birthday I will ponder if I could have done anything better and how I can improve myself to grow and be a better person. As time past, I realised that external validation and attention are not my priority anymore. Perfectly happy keeping to myself and staying at home to do more work. This past year, the company expanded, I found love, became much closer to my parents, moved out to my own place, started @anotherbel to rant about life. So yes, life has been pretty awesome! Photo by Ethan from @lovebyjuly

Super fun time learning small steps of self defence tricks with my trainer who is double my age 😬

The long wait is over and we're very excited to announce the winners of Love By July's GIVEAWAY!!! 🎉
So without further ado, here are the winners:
Day 1: Fiona Leong (facebook)
Day 2: @vikkitty
Day 3: @neubronner
Day 4: @michymoments
Day 5: @yyutinggg
Day 6: @Emilynlow
Day 7: @qiussy ( Qiujin Goh)

Congratulations to all the winners!! ✨ We will be sending you a message to claim your prize, so do check your inbox.

To the rest, don't be disheartened if your name wasn't drawn because we are providing you with a $100 off for any photography services! We loved reading all your love stories & greatly appreciate the creative effort many of y'all put into your posts! 💓#lovebyjulygiveaway

Extremely tired from all the meetings and shoots. In need of a climb day and much needed rest. Last day of giveaway! We are choosing the winners and will announce it tonight at 10pm.

Game face on. Two more days before @lovebyjuly's giveaway ends! Please share to win our attractive prizes.

ACCOUNTS – ‘’ I hate math. I hate numbers. I hate math. I hate numbers ‘’. I repeat that to myself every time I see my thick accounts file in front of me. At school, I was the last in class for Math. I couldn’t differentiate the numbers. At 8 years old, I was diagnosed with ADHD and Dyscalculia – a huge word that I don’t understand up to this day. I didn’t want my ‘’condition’’ to affect me and I tried very hard to tell myself that I don’t have a problem. When I started my business 5 years ago, accounts were a big part of it too. I had to manage the dates of incoming and outgoing balances and my day to day expenses. I didn’t want to be responsible to be stuck with the mundane admin work. I decided to pass my accounts to my trusted mentor to help me. A year later, I realised that my bank account was dwindling and my mentor charged me an accounting fee that was twice higher than market rate. She told me that I was rich and I had money so I could pay her a monthly salary. My personal salary was reduced to afford her accounting fee. The accounts were in a mess, she was chasing me for outstanding payments that she didn’t deserved. She was supposed to be my mentor. I trusted her very much, I looked up to her, she was my best friend, she was my everything. I began to take charge of my own life, my own finances, my own future. I told myself to learn. I learnt to be consistent. To learnt to be diligent. I became a better person instead of running away. We can all run away from problems and throw it to someone else. But if you don’t learn, you never grow. We can put a label on ourselves to give an excuse for not learning. It’s never too late to learn.

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