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YOUR INNER YOU- always believe in your goals and anyone that deter you from that will not be able to stop you. Believe in the voice that guides you through your life. Always trust yourself and listen to others. Life is so exciting and fun! Planning a YouTube channel to teach Photographers how to get into the wedding industry! Who will be interested to watch?

Something from yesterday at international woman's day with @dior. ❤️️

Two years ago, I did a campaign to interview over 130 bus captains. After talking to many bus captains, I realised the difficulty of being a driver. There is not much credit into what they do, resting hours are minimal, working days are Long and sometimes it can be a lonely drive. Singaporeans are happy to keep to themselves and not portray gratefulness. When @adelineyap said, "oh why don't we show our appreciation to Cleaners and Drivers during CNY "- we jumped on that idea. It has been not only satisfying but very happy to know that we can help people without any rhyme or reason. So amazing! If you are interested to help next year or donate, pls let me know! Thank you @hzalle my dear cuzzie for coming along!!

Do your best, make sure every bride is your Best Friend. That's our unique selling point. We go every step of the way to take care of the bride like they are princesses. Sometimes it's hard when you don't receive the gratefulness and yet expected to do so much more. At the same time, there are so many couples who know the hard work we put in and appreciate. This week marks the end of my one week of back to back shoots and my last overseas shoot. Eights years on, still loving my job. @annabellawproductions

If you ask me what's the one word I can express about my current life right now, it will be - LIBERATION.
Reached a phrase in my life that I don't care anymore. Don't care about what others thinks. Most friends who know me can memorise the number of outfits that I wear because they are close to none. I love tying my hair up into a huge mess and wear loose clothes that makes me feel so comfortable. It's liberating to know that you can be perfectly yourself and people love you for who you are and not how you look. It's liberating to be unglamorous and laugh about it. It's liberating to just be myself with no makeup, t-shirt and jeans. Why conform to idolising a Korean actress that looks like she is made from the same factory? Looks doesn't matter when your heart is happy and contented.

Choose your friends who bring you up. Choose your time to learn something new. Choose to challenge your boundaries. Choose to work hard and even harder. Choose to set your priorities right.
Life is about choices.
So stroked for yet another venture coming soon, all thanks to my wonderful Friend and her amazing ideas. @adelineyap

We see each other Everyday. We have periods of PMSing and being extremely upset with each other. But at the end of the day, we always know that we need each other. Plan the future and work hand in hand.
I never really knew how to teach. Never really knew how to convince. Never really knew how to convey my emotions across. But thanks for sticking by my side. May this be a first company retreat and many more to come!

RESOLUTION - In the beginning of 2017, I told myself that I shall fulfill every single resolution that i planned for myself. I learnt to be an adult. Adulting is tough. There are responsibilities and before you know it, the next bills comes and the never ending cycle continues. Our goals get bigger and friends get lesser. We spend more time chasing our goals and less time enjoying life. We swipe through Instagram admiring other people's fantastic lives and ponder on ours. Another year has passed, what are we doing about it? Stop, reflect and move on. There is no point making so much money. Life is about people, happiness and simplicity.

Always be strong. To be a woman is to have character and stand up for your principles. To be a woman is so that other women can support each other. The rise to power, money or stardom will not define who you are. Always admire you ❤️️ @lindalino_makeup

SALES - All my life I enjoyed taking photos of others but I couldn't get jobs. I didn't know how to convince people to trust me for their special day. Mastering the art of sales is like science. Monitoring your client's behaviour and reacting on it to get a positive response is something I learn from YouTube. Religiously watched a ton of Ted videos online to learn about various methods of sales. Always put yourself in your clients' shoes and know the answers to their questions. Always be current.

FOCUS - A few years back, I was struggling to find myself. My career and love. I was told by a businessman that I respected who advised that photography is not a real career. My friends told me that I won't be able to get a job because my highest education is primary 4. I had less than $20 in my bank account and was stuck at home watching random YouTube videos to kill my time. I wanted to prove everyone wrong. " I can get a job with a degree holder pay and I will find it! " After getting a job, I was very happy. The office rental was free, I could dress up and meet colleagues Everyday and have a fixed salary. However, my passion always brought me back to what I was supposed to do. I like doing marketing and I like doing sales. I like finding out about how things work but when working with someone, you are paid to do something and go home - don't ask questions, don't be kaypoh. There was a nagging feeling inside me that there was more to life than just being normal.

I'm not capable. I'm far from it. I burst into sudden emotional traumas and get very stress out most of the time. I scratch till my skin cries with blood and gorge on ice cream to cool myself down. I'm not capable because I desire so much for myself and settling is never enough. I get highly obsessed with work and slave drive everyone around me to do everything according to my expectations.
I'm not capable, I just have a very strong support who catches me when I fall. They help me clear my backlogs.They listen to my harangues and laugh with me. We are never alone. We always need a team of people to be stronger. Thank you @tommyksh @germainexalps @pezxalps

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