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Bel  Photographer at @lovebyjuly & @annabellawproductions Work with me :

EXPECTATIONS - True friendships have no expectations or each other. Just acceptance. I admit that i sometimes expect too much from others. Expect too much from myself. I insists on perfection at all times - at all costs. It's a constant struggle to remind myself to be grateful.

TAKING PHOTOS - Its so much fun to wake up Everyday and know that work is so fun.

CHALLENGES - I have always been a person that love challenges. Relationships, career or sports are always a challenge to me. " The biggest challenge in my life is myself. There is no one that you should challenge with as it will result in jealousy. Challenge yourself to be better than today. Convince yourself that everyone is important.
In the photo, you will notice that there is no rope on the top. Lead climbing is when the climber is confident for his/her climbing skills to bring the rope up to the next clip while depended on the belayer to catch you if he/she falls.

HEALTH - as the saying goes, no health, no wealth. Have been struggling since I was a child with chronic eczema. Never understood why some girls needed a better nose or to fix their face. Always wish there was a cure for my skin. There are ups and downs and sometimes even holding a camera is very painful. However, I always believe that everything happens for a reason. We appreciate the trials because it will always make us better people.

Chillax swim and waiting for @henri.etta to stayover.

SHARING IDEAS- perhaps it's the singapore culture to not be willing to share ideas and learn from one another. Let's come together to learn from each other. Are you willing to do that? Might be starting a YouTube channel soon under @lovebyjuly to educate aspiring Photographers how to get into the wedding industry and help couples to plan their dream wedding. Would you want to see it?

NETWORKING - it's always good to meet New people, discuss ideas and share our thoughts. Spent my night with a group of fellow entrepreneurs working from various different industries. From SEO consulting @seogeeksg to IT services @group6, T-shirt printing @printinfinito @globalasiaprintings, pastry shop @pastryden and even ecommerce platforms @thesilksecrets and @motoristsg. Come join us the next time at Circle of Punks if you are like us and want to make more Friends to build your network.

Before the day ends, blessed God-Mother's day to my dearest godma. Thanks for always being so thoughtful and providing me with insightful conversations in my growth to be a better person. Love you! @sanode2

Spent my afternoon with mum and dad. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there! I never appreciate you so much until I went out to stay on my own. Realised that the constant harangues have been effective after all these years. Thank you.

Need a break to go back to KL and climb for the whole day. #sotired

LOVE MY JOB - I'm privileged to say that I really love my job. I love taking pictures, love meeting people, love helping them with their wedding planning, love chatting up with the brides about the nitty gritty of what to wear, the Color of their lipstick and all the all girly stuff. I love my colleagues at @lovebyjuly who work hard alongside with me and produce the best quality work. We strive to grow together and play hard as well to be outstanding Photographers in Singapore.
Photo by #ethanxlovebyjuly

Gave a talk for @clarinsofficial to a group of influencers about how to pose for photos and the basic use of using your camera. Always show the camera the best angles of your body and you will always look good! If you want tips about posing, comment down below 😊

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