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Bel  Photographer at @lovebyjuly @annabellawproductions My work : Featured on Her World Brides, The Wedding Scoop, Style Weddings, SG Brides


PUZZLE - Climbing is like solving a puzzle. Figuring a way out to complete the route with a sense of achievement upon completion. So happy to always spend time with @henri.etta enjoying the sport we love most.

MY SISTER - there will never be another Sister that can be similar to mine. The sister who cried with me on my second day of primary school, listened to my crazy ideas, and get constantly conned to do things for me. She wanted very much to travel overseas during her school exchange program but couldn't because my parents splurged all their money on my education. I was always seen to be of a higher importance- being the youngest and the worst in my studies. My Sister always took the role as the caregiver, the confidante and the counsellor. She never failed to care and maybe she cared too much for everyone but herself. Thank you Kajie for everything @eleganza

Giveaway coming soon! Follow us on lovebyjuly to find out our latest news. Giveaway happening next week 😊#lovebyjulybirthday

Hello weekends! Always a work day for me! July is just around the corner and we are planning a huge giveaway with six close vendors that have been working with us since the beginning. The giveaway will announced from 1-7 july. Follow us on @lovebyjuly to stand a chance and win! Just a background story, both my business partner (Nat) and I are childhood Friends and we are born in July on the same year only five days apart. It's time for a celebration!!

HEALTHY – Working hard is always in me and falling sick will dampen my mood and photos. Had a pleasant surprise today when my friend from @healthdomain_sg delivered a bunch of products for me to try. My favourite product - FIBO.CHIA. The main ingredient in the products contains chia seeds. It is a very good way to lose weight and gain energy. Being anaemic, I am unable to take large amounts of Chia seeds because it can result in fainting spells. Very happy that I can have chia seeds in small amounts to keep me healthy! Always wanted to study nutrition, so thankful to have a platform to share my health experiences!

SICK - I'm always easily sick and weak. I used to be stricken with chronic eczema since birth and was prescribed steroids for seven years. I tried every method to wean off steroids as it was not effective for me. Going cold turkey was a Long and painful process. Diet was gluten free with a spoonful of brown rice and salmon for almost two years. During bad days, I couldn't walk properly or hold my camera as the skin near the joints will crack and bleed. Currently, I'm still recovering but with lots of supplements and exercise! Thank you @healthdomain_sg and @haoyikang for supporting me and providing me with good nutrients to build my immune system! 😊😊 PM me if you want to know more and I will be more than happy to share with you my journey to recovery.

CHILDHOOD - people say that you are who you become because of your family upbringing. My family has always been supporting my unconventional ways of learning. I used to put ice on the TOP of my head thinking that I found a new innovation to cure the heat and cool myself down - ended up with a terrible headache. My parents allowed me to paint the whole house with my "unique abstract" art, even the rubbish chute wasn't spared with my
Crazy artwork. In this photo, with my cute Cousin shooting in the woods after our prewedding shoot ❤️ @hzalle

CHOICES - The most common question that people will ask me will be why I chose to be a photographer. As cliche as it sounds, I didn't choose photography, photography chose me. Most people perceive education to be going to school, get a degree and find a good job. Photography chose me to take a leap of faith. Photography helped me realised that I love talking to people and closing deals. Photography taught me to manage people and be a good leader to my team. There are so many things that life can teach you. Let go!

Not Everyday can go your way. Not everything must be perfect. Let go..

FAILING IN LIFE - there was a point in my life that nothing seemed to be working. I couldn't maintain my dreams to be a photographer. My friends told me that I couldn't afford their lifestyle and with my primary dropout education level, I would never be able to have a degree holder's job. The Criticisms stirred me want to be more and prove them wrong! I tried to find a job and eventually found a job that was equivalent to a degree holder. After a few months, I decided that fulfilling my own dreams was better than chasing someone else's. Thank you for the closest friends who actually supported me all the way. Especially to you, @boneybong. At the end of the day, a person's success is define by the real Friends who stand by them.❤️️

POSING- Women are generally very self conscious of how they look. Fret not! Here are some tips to make sure you will get your impeccable pose!
#1 Use your hair to cover your face. You will create an illusion of a smaller frame.
#2 Know your angles. Find out where your better side is and tell your photographer. Your better side is usually the parting from your hair or you can check if your cheeks are slightly smaller than the other.
#3 Create shape. You can create shape by bending the knee. By doing this, your body shape already starts changing and there will
be more negative space.
Comment below if you want to learn more tips and tricks about posing! ❤️️ photo by Ethan Lai @lovebyjuly

Introducing my new business venture! @thelittleweddingthings
This online platform will help my brides provide the best gifts for their ladies. The box is customisable and handmade with perfection. We will also be providing custom made bangles, Jewellery, T shirts, bridal robes, and many more. Stay tuned as I will slowly introduce our products 😊
A big thank you to my wonderful bride and Friend, @_tinghui for supporting me throughout this journey. I love you so much❤️️ and I can't wait for your wedding next month!

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