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Bel  Photographer at @annabellawproductions My work : Featured on Her World Brides, The Wedding Scoop, Style Weddings, SG Brides


There is always time for work. There is always time for exercise. There is always time for love. It's just to plan it all out and manage expectations that's hard.

Always believe in yourself. I was told not to do @thelittleweddingthings because I will
Not make it, like every other businesses that I tried and failed. Everyone is selling gifts. Everyone has an online store. Everyone only thinks that the only way of marketing is paying $5 a day on Facebook. If you have an idea, do it. If you have a dream, live it. Stop being jealous of a person you know who earns 100 million dollars and yet you want to be comfortable. If there are risks involved, take it.

When I was younger, I was in a toxic relationship. During good times, he showered me with luxury goods. Once receiving those items, every time we had a small argument, he used the luxury items as a threat to take it back. He hurled unimaginable remarks and vulgarities at me that was not respectful to a woman. For four years, I tolerated everything as I truly believe that it was love. Soon, depression sunk in and negative thoughts ran through my mind. He blocked all attempts to change the nature of the relationship. When I initiated leaving, every single present was placed in his room. From that day on, i never looked back. Money cannot buy happiness. Having expensive items doesn't define you. To every woman : be independent, earn your own keep and never let anyone put you down. No man should tell a woman that she is stupid, worthless or brainless. If he does, he is not yet a man.

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PASSION - Ended a wedding late last night and attended another today. My heart bursts with joy and happiness for all my couples as I walk down the aisle with them. When I first started out, I was told not to make my passion a job. 7 years later, I'm still in love with my job more than ever. Now, packing my suitcase for NEW ZEALAND! Off to create more memories for yet another couple ✈️✈️
@annabellawproductions (swipe to see previews of the weddings that was shot over the weekend)

FRIENDSHIP - (PART 2) friendship is a two way traffic. I conclude that many friends have an idea of being selfless. To care for someone with all their heart and putting themselves last. However, most humans are generally selfish - me included. We tend to take people for granted and not appreciate their existence. When a friendship loses its value, they will argue about who did more and blame shift. It's not about losing a Friend or gaining another. It's about appreciation for everything in life. To accept each other for their personality and not be selfish. Treasure your real friends..

FRIENDSHIP - ( PART 1 )This year I learnt many things. One of the important lessons was about friendship. Friendship is a two way traffic - To care and not take for granted. I fell out with many friends in business due to money and stress. I used to have a mentor that I highly respected. Because of my lack of accounting skills, i trusted her to take care of my finances. Eventually, everything went downhill because I didn't think her accounting was worth the high fees and she was leeching off me. I started paying for her work trips, lodging, even had to cut my own salary to pay her more..she insisted that I still had money. Almost six months after I told her to stop managing my finances, I received an email for outstanding accounting bills. Shocked and stunned, we started debating if the work was done to optimal standard. The monthly accounting fee was higher than market rate and everything was done on excel. Needless to say, the accounts was very messy.
I confessed to her that I had only $10 to my name and said I couldn't pay. She replied by telling me to pay her back by installment. From that day onwards, I knew that this wasn't a mentor or a Friend. Friends care for you, not money. Choose your good friends and don't waste time. $10k was a price to pay to see the true Colours of this "Friend". #schooloflife

Having work life balance is something I constantly struggle with. To some, I might have a boring life, to others my life is Super colourful. Always have time for yourself to rest while you can because money is deem useless when you don't have happiness. #failedtheroute

Do people talk more about their achievements than about their failures? I failed. I failed in looking at the right partners to work with. I failed in trying to find a diplomatic solution to solve problems sometimes. I failed in helping a Friend. With all the failures, I become stronger. To learn to move on and not make the same mistakes. To know the people who stand by me and support all the way. With failures, we become aware. With failures, we become stronger. Failing doesn't destine your future.

YOUTH - when you have youth, you have time. When you have time, you can plan and create your dreams. When you can plan, you will succeed. Never say you are underachieving when you have youth. Never wallow in self pity and expect someone to sympathise with you. Your youth has a deadline - make full use of it.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? - This is my favourite phrase to friends or people around me. I will always ask what do people think about my ideas, my photography, my goals and get their opinions. I do not need to conform or agree to their opinions but listening to what they think can teach me something.

Never say no to learning something new. Never stop learning. Never think you are smart or more privilege than others. Never think you are enough. Push yourself and execute the dreams that you have been dreaming. I failed many times but I'm not stopping. Are you? Support us and shop now at @thelittleweddingthings

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