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Another.Voyage  Another Voyage is a story of travel by Kurt and Lesley. Currently in Ghana serving as Peace Corps Volunteers All content is ours unless noted.


The Moringa tree is a common plant in many parts of the world. It's leaves, bark, and seeds are used for various purposes from nutrition supplements, to deworming thus it's basically a miracle tree... We stumbled on some moringa powder in our market today and a huge bag cost around U.S. .50 cents. #winning

Every few days we wander into our market square, have a seat while we wait for our kosie to be made, and take in the sights. We hold ourselves back from going everyday because the little fried pieces of soybean dough are probably not the healthiest but damn they're delicious.

Our new old bikes are serving us well!

When a tire blows out on your tro and you have to unpack the whole thing to the spare it looks like this...

Today we visited a farm belonging to one of our friends in the village. It's a 8 mile walk to go there and back so during the rainy season many of the farmers will just live on their farms to save time and energy. This hut is where our friend stays and while it's very simple it keeps him dry and protected.

This bore hole is where we get our water that is used for cooking, drinking, bathing, and flushing the toilet. When you have to walk 5 minutes, wait in line, and then carry the water back it changes your relationship to every precious drop. Fetching water is a process that we have to do almost every day and thank goodness that we get some help from our neighbors in the village.

Of all the handmade toys we've seen thus far these oil bottle cars take the prize.

The view out our back door along with our morning greeting committee who come every morning for a little snack.

All in a days work...

This didn't start out as an IG post, but more of a necessary reference to show the man at the hardware store what we needed VS trying to explain it in broken Dagaare. When we were looking back at our photos for the day we realized a few things we hadn't noticed when we snapped it. 1. The texture is beautiful, 2. It's missing a piece and clearly theft isnt the main concern for people, 3. Even though we know this already we realized how important pictures can be. Showing this picture got us what we needed in about 3 seconds and had we not not had it something as simple as buying a latch could have been an all day endeavor.

Many of the homes in our village are made of mud brick walls with a tin roof. This is one of the homes of a girl in our village who has been helping us around. There are two things in this picture that are unique and we'll talk more about in a later post but the giant clay pot is for water and the reeds are for making baskets.

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