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StreetLights  UCR Media&CulturalStudies//CreativeWriting StudentManager @ KUCR88.3FM 'Seneca Trail' w/ DJNUP Thursday’s 8-9 PM

I finally took some pictures with my friend, the sun. Enjoy.

I hope this isn’t just another phase.
. .
Shout out to @scratchersink for hooking it up!! Super dope down to earth dude! Go to him for your next piece!! Affordable prices and great scheduling!!

ALRIGHT PEOPLE. My demos just dropped. 32 tracks. Please check them out and share if you like anything and please do not hesitate to share your thoughts!!! BIG SHOUT OUT TIMEEEEEE shout out @lowliiife and @thelionking_arturo for the album art and big shout out to my boys @poserfag and @bastian_boi for helping out with a few tracks!!❤️❤️❤️LINK IN THE MF BIO PEEPS👾

This is how i feel all the time. Retainers and all. I’ve decided to release a bunch of demos off my phone that I’ve kept hidden and to myself. I want to stop hiding pieces of myself and i want to start sharing more of myself with you. I will be releasing close to 40 small little demos of phone recordings spanning from last week to almost 4-5 years ago. I want to let go of the pressure of doing something with all this content and i just want to focus on what’s ahead and not behind me. Please stay tuned. There are QUITE a few bangers in the list AND i may be performing these live either solo or with a full band. Stay tuned friends, more noop is on its way❤️❤️👾

ATTENTION ALLLLLLL one week from today. Come thru!!! Bunch of dope hip hop/jazz/neo-soul shit. AND @kucr883fm finna have a bunch of free stickers and pins AND we bought to be doin free screen printing so bring a shirt/hoodie or whatever. Come out and have fun, say what’s up, let’s talk about music, life, films or idk vegan cookies from back to the grind that will kick ur ass they’re so good. ❤️👾

Ya boi back with the juice. Tune in tonight from 9-10 for my show. I’ll be featuring this film. One of my all time favorites. Please tune in and hang out with me❤️❤️

I’ve been meaning to post this picture. I don’t post enough pictures of me because i don’t take enough pictures of me. I’m workin on it. Enjoy. ❤️👾

AYOOOO Tune into my show, “Seneca Trail” tonight from 8-9pm on KUCR 88.3fm!! (Download free app or u can also stream online @ KUCR.org) Imma be playing a bunch of my influences and bitching guitarists. Some legends. Only a few cause i couldn’t decide but, just tune in cause it’ll be dope.❤️❤️👾

Happy birthday to one of my all time favorite musicians. Thank you for being you and existing with me. I’m blessed to have seen you seven times in my life when i never thought I’d even see you once.❤️

Hello people, I’ve missed u. Guess what?? Ya boi would like to proudly announce that he is now Student Manager here at @kucr883fm !! Thank u friends and family, and thank u to this wonderful radio station that has become like a second home to me❤️❤️❤️ with that being said, i got a new time slot from 8-9pm (still on Thursday nights). Don’t miss my 50th show tonight, I’ll be playing a full hour of songs I’ve never played on air before❤️👾

Slapping bass for @love__cast tonight. Shoot thru n kick it. Hella dope artists bout to be shinin!! Come out and have a dope ass night!!❤️❤️❤️ (art by @duhacidbum )

My dear friend @poserfag just released ANOTHER single on his bandcamp. Listen up cause it be a #Bangerr and this fool shreds so stay tuned for more. Give this man a follow and a listen. Cause perhaps we be in the mix together in the fuuture.❤️❤️👾

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