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DIRECT DEMOCRACY OR GTFO  Blame russian hackers! Fight for true freedom! Direct democracy!🇨🇭 Stand up and rebel outside now ⚠️WARNING⚠️ THIS ACCOUNT COULD WAKE YOU UP

No blacks!
Whitewashing history
Blackwashing history

How where there black soldiers in british history?
I don't recall on zulu attack black people

If you do history, don't make it 'family friendly'
Make it racist, just like it was.
Fucks sake

Open notepad and actually type something.
Send the video please then to me.
Make it hacker look like if possible
(Green light dark background)
With anon mask

My house is shaking😂😂😂😂

Here's some proof

I actually destroyed disgusting Dropbox accounts and minimum killed over 50 groups on kik back then.
My kik was lagging like shit and I got more and more accounts.
Another time, as you might remember I started screenshotting the victims, with the idea to find thr victims (which I think broke my anon_family 1k95 follower account.
I've later after seperating from anonymous and starting 'anon content cop'
Made an operation called #OpKik
And later I stopped, Because my kik accounts where I infiltrated a lot of pedophiles where deleted.
I joined some back and started copying the dropbox links and sending them to the twitter group, so the hosters (dropbox people) would take them down.

Which rank do I deserve?

I should walk in zürich with my mask on in that church

Minor improvements


This could br the rank 3 pedophile hunter medal on kik, when you take down over 1000 pedophiles / groups

The green, light gray, darkgray, blue and lightgreen represent the colors of kik

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