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Hey-0! It's been a while...

How I test my new light bulbs..
Looks like they pass the selfie test 💡💡💡 #howbloggerslive #bloggerslife

It's Friday and it stopped raining! 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

The bugs may not have much to give but they gave their all. I'm so blessed to be their mama.
I got tons of "coupons", PowerPoint presentation, and actual money from them🤣😂🤣
Look at me now!

This is 9 years old! I still remember the Friday I push through a deployment, over ate over the weekend and Marched through the hospital for a schedule evacuation. I was tired of being pregnant! Feels like I had been pregnant for over 3 years but that Monday after surge of pitocin I got to meet this beautiful little girl who acted like she didn't even need me. Like she could feed herself and take care of herself. She is my independent baby, even now, she pushes through a broken bone like it's nothing... I've never had a broken bones, so I have no idea what that's like, but my brave baby girl didn't not miss a beat. I'm a a wreck but she's not letting a broken bone get in the way of enjoying her birthday. Happy birthday baby girl! And speedy recovery!

Happy Easter! Church selfie with my beautiful boos
@benniecosmetics @i_roshie

It's a crown kinda day.
I don't let Mondays wear me out, I wear it up!

#headwrap #momlife #thegrind #queenlife

This is the hard work I did today. I'm so giddy! I can't wait to start eating the literal fruit of my labor!
#growyourown #gardening #wesowwegrow #urbanfarmer #urbangarden #greenthumb

It's been awhile since I've had a day to myself... Man! I forgot how divine it is.
I make it rain @homedepot I transfer my seedling veggies to soil and now I'm just busy doing absolutely nothing!
That's my #selfcare
Sidenote: my curls and my purple are popping. Carry-on!
#naturalhair #curlyhair #shorthairdontcare🤷🏾‍♀️

The joy of harvesting freshly grown greens.
This is the very first pick of the season, I have some kale, arugula, baby collards, basil and rosemary!
All finely chopped into the greenest green salad ever. It was delicious because even my pickiest eater said it was and actually ate all that was in her plate.
I'm not a fan of eating greens but after I go through all the process of growing them, it's a joy to eat them or maybe they just taste better 😀😁😀😋😋 #urbangarden #growyourown #wesowwegrow #urbanfarmer #backyardfarmer #gardening #momlife

Remember the amazing feeling when your baby take their first step or say their first word or any other cool first... Well my baby detangle her hair and put it in a decent high bun all on her own. #squeal #gangstaTear Let the church of #naturalhair grab their tambourine and dance around the church

It's LOVE Sunday!
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