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Post 900: Audere est Facere
The new kicks are my show of support for that most beloved football club of mine.

Getting ready to bring the pain...
On myself

This takes me back 20 years.
I remember standing outside Yamaha Music Plaza at Suntec City after the last paper of my O-Levels, watching the G3 Live in Concert LD (laser discs! Remember those?). I was so taken with Joe Satriani's Summer Song, which I in turn proceeded to inflict my own half-rate renditions of on my family and friends.
I've since moved on in my musical tastes and pursuits, and in fact I hardly listen to Satch's music anymore, but I'll never forget how his songs made up the soundtrack to that time of my life. As he took to the stage tonight and his music flowed from his instrument, I could not help but experience those emotions all over again.

Dingwall Combustion in matte black, from their first production run. The pickguard started out pearloid but time and the Singapore sun has aged it to a warm shade of amber.
I've had this one for close to seven years now but always struggled with the multi-scale bass's string tension. It's only been in recent times that my playing style has evolved to a stage where I no longer feel like I have to fight the instrument, and I can finally play out without having to second guess what I'm doing.

The face of satisfaction

We nopet out of there right quick

Japanese concertina wire

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This Valentine's Day and Zhap Gor Mei, may you meat - I mean meet - the one you've been looking for.
(The things I do for a rhyme and a pun)

These arrived today. I was intrigued by the tasting notes and backstory behind this producer, and so figured, "Why not?"
Thanks to Cafebond for bringing these in!

It's perhaps appropriate that given their latest album is called Select Difficulty, Periphery seems to revel in doing things on Hard Mode: touring without a bass player (no Dingwall for you!), landing in the evening of the gig day because of epic screw ups with their flight into Singapore, heading straight to soundcheck and playing the show without dinner; yet they put on an utterly breathtaking spectacle of a show. The band was on top of its game all night long, effortlessly delivering song after crushing song and leaving all present wishing that it could go on just a little bit longer. I left the venue with a huge grin on my face and with an itch to go home and listen to some Meshuggah.
Many thanks @christomlim for turning me on to Periphery way back when.