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Ann  Hi, I’m Ann, an Australian young adult author and engineering student. My stories were born on Wattpad 🧡

🧩 the next piece in the puzzle 🧩
have you worked it out?
bc i’m pre-emptively overwhelmed by dropping this news and i need a HUG

I’ve been keeping this a secret for almost a year! So much hard work has gone into what is to come. It is such an emotional time to be finally sharing it . This is not click bait, I promise 😉

Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported me and continues to support me as a writer and the community that has allowed me to express my passion. I’m SO lucky, and I want to make you proud. Watch this space 💋

in a very on-brand post, here’s my bed and some flowers. it’s getting super cold here and all i want to spend my days doing is sitting on my electric blanket writing (or bingeing The Society on netflix 👀)

lil snippet of my easter adventures with an old film camera and loads of scenery to photograph 🌲 i’ve been trying to write a bit every day, but i always feel like other projects with a stricter deadline get in the way. i guess it’s about prioritising my personal goals against contracts and uni assignments and right now it feels like i’m drowning in all of it 😂

current reading/writing nook aesthetics ✨
i know there’s so many arguments about never working from your bed (and i have a perfectly good desk) buuuut it’s not the same for writing. i need my feet up, a blanket over my toes and a pillow beneath my neck, somewhere cosy and relaxing and quiet where my imagination is the only thing surrounding me

did many miles the last few days in a quick lil speed trip across south eastern aus for a magical wedding and some much needed best friend time. my fav part was the taylor swift interlude mid-road trip, drinking wine in a melbourn-ian park, a spontaneous great ocean road detour and vegan crème brûlée

feeling bittersweet about transferring scribbled book notes for structural design standards, but i’ve achieved so much this summer. sometimes it’s hard to quantify your progress when each day feels like struggling just to meet a deadline or feeling guilty for not doing enough, but now, i’m starting to accomplished. looking back at your start point can make all your hard work seem worth it 😌 i don’t say this often, especially when half the time i’m talking my work down to other people (what a toxic habit) but... i’m proud of myself

do you ever just like... struggle to love your characters? i feel like i’ve spent so much time in one character’s head and re-lived their story over an over again to the point where i don’t understand them anymore, and it’s hard to feel enthralled by their world every time i re-visit and things change. i guess i’ve only recently experienced the revising process, and i think the only way i’ve been able to cope is by taking myself back to the time i first wrote their narrative, whether it be by songs i listened to, reading first drafts or finding reasons why you guys loved them. but the struggle is real. any advice appreciated 🙏
ps. pic is from my hometown 🥰 so lucky to grow up somewhere so beautiful

♥️ posting these bad gals again for aesthetic purposes ♥️ uni is about to start again and so it’s back to strength analysis and reading papers about natural hazard risk management. anyone else feel like they lead a double life? 💭

it’s festival season in my city right now and i won tickets to see a cool show tonight ✨ feeling very magical at the moment

mid-stripping my bed to wash my sheets oh hey from this angle i can take a selfie kinda pic

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