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Jamie Beck  Photographer: NY, LA, and France Co-creator of the Cinemagraph with @kevinburg

Today's tango with beauty πŸ’œ Swipe right πŸ‘‰πŸ»

Thinking about how much photography has changed in my lifetime is astonishing. Since I began 20 years ago with a simple manual film camera to now, where I take these self portraits with my Sony A7Rii digital which I preview and trigger from an app on my iPhone (hidden in my left hand in the above portrait today). I think about where photography began with a complicated mix of chemicals, large heavy equipment and exposures that lasted for hours just for one image to now, where I can shoot hundreds of images in mere seconds. Has the value of photography diminished because it is not so hard to capture a photograph or is it more valuable because it is quickly becoming the most common tool of communication? You don't have to tell people how you feel anymore or what the place was like, you simply show them. And if everyone can take a beautiful photograph, where does that leave photographers like me who create them?

Cocooned in Provence...

πŸ’­It was going to be a wild summer she thought πŸ’­ Slides by @loefflerrandall

Love letters & fleurs πŸ’œ

Lilac colored roses πŸ’•

Snapdragons & Lace.
Dress by @fameandpartners

... and since we are on the topic of beauty secrets, here is a secret I'm ashamed of: I don't wear sunscreen. Ever. First, I don't want the chemicals on my face, I hate the way it smells, I don't like how it changes the color of my skin, the way it feels. I feel so naughty but I'd rather wear a hat than chemicals. Since I stopped long ago, perhaps there are new all natural sunscreens for the face I could look into? Any recommendations?

I started using @vintnersdaughter last autumn which is like no serum I've ever known. The botanical scent is quite strong and took me some time to get used to. I ran out about a month ago and finally realized the impact this potent beauty potion made of 22 active botanicals and essential oils was having on my skin. As you guys know, I stopped wearing most makeup products so the health and appearance of my skin is a priority. I found this serum to help balance redness and gave me major glow! For me, the radiance is the best part. I'm so happy to have it back in my life. ✨ #beautysecrets

Paris evening news πŸ—ž

Spring is arriving in Provence and I've got new monogrammed kicks just for it πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘ŸπŸŒΌπŸŒΌ Sneakers by @knotsbycj

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