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Jamie Beck  I left Manhattan for a year in Provence, fell in love and decided to stay. These are my pictures. Co-creator of the Cinemagraph with @kevinburg

Innocent like the wings of a white butterfly and a hopefulness that can only come with the first flutterings of spring...

Sometimes I wonder what she is thinking when she looks deep in thought and if she dreams at night while the world around her sleeps... and if she does, what of these dreams can I make come true?

Falling in love with @chateaumoissacbellevue 💛 See more in stories but I warn you... may cause serious daydreams!

I never knew if I could be this person — a mom. But now I couldn’t imagine being anyone else. ❤️ #provenceselfportraitserieswithbebe

Self portrait with Eloise at 2 months... ❤️ #provenceselfportraitserieswithbebe

Vignette of summer in Provence... 🦋
{from @coreyamaro’s French antique collection}

Things have finally made a turn, maybe it was the change in the weather or we both finally grew enough to leave the dark days behind us but now we roll forward on the new path and into the sun... {@myangelcab stroller}

Discovering all the quiet nooks of a 25 year artisan in Provence. Standing in her atelier I asked @reves.dargile if she loved working alone in her studio and without hesitation she said like a child whose mind is filled with day dreams, "Oui! I am here but I am gone... I travel away in my mind” ❤️ Meet @reves.dargile and see into her studio saved in highlights under "Ceramist"

Our first family trip to see the magical world of @coreyamaro’s home of french antique curiosities in Provence! At dinner this evening, @coreyamaro placed a different antique object at each person’s place setting and we had to go around to guess what each was and how it was used before @coreyamaro revealed each object’s story. I loved it not only as a beautiful place setting but as a way to learn about french history and hear stories of how @coreyamaro found each piece treasure hunting the brocantes of Provence.

Still life with tulips.... 🌷

Despite the overwhelming love I feel for my little Starling, the first month has been hard, the hardest thing I have ever done. I don’t even know how to respond when people ask me how I am... I can’t even process how I am. All I am... is surviving. Sometimes I feel like nobody told me how hard it is, well they did but they didn’t REALLY tell me. I count the weeks to when people say it gets easier... “ok six weeks, just make it to six weeks" is my daily mantra. I’ve questioned my sanity, I’ve hated my reflection, I’ve cried missing my old life, my confidence in how I identify myself has shuttered and at times I feel as if I know absolutely zero. I’ve googled everything from "how to make a bottle" to “what do you do with a newborn?" 🤭😬😂 It is exhausting not knowing what the hell you are doing. (Thank you to my friends & neighbors who have helped me so much)
The thing I struggle with the most through these days is having to readjust what I consider productive or valuable within myself. I need to learn that just doing this, this one thing of helping a baby into the world, is enough. #provenceselfportraitserieswithbebe

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