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Expect the best from the world around you🌎Always!

One of my favorite acting coaches said something in class one day that I’ve never forgotten. Probably because it resonated with me so powerfully, in pretty much any aspect of life. “You’re UP WITH people, not against them.”
He was speaking in the context of auditioning and competition, where it often feels like a bunch of us could be going in for the same part🤭and that kind of comparison can be very intimidating. If you chose that as your focus☝🏻
The truth is 👉🏻you are uniquely you.
And so are your impulses, and the knowledge that you bring to all that you do🖖🏻. Even if you have the same script/go up for the same job, what you do with it can’t be replicated by anyone else. Literally. There is NO ONE ELSE like you in this world, shaped by the life experiences that you’ve personally lived.
And even if someone’s effort lands them the job instead of you, the knowledge and skill you put into your work goes with YOU - to the next, and the next, and the next thing ;) Because the things that are for you won’t go by you 🤯✨#hollaaa✨
and there is such an ABUNDANCE of opportunity, all around you, if you can get to a place where competitive mentalities don’t limit your vantage point🙌🏻!
Not only that, but in order for any kind of acting/connection to actually occur, a message must be transmitted from one person to another — so we all actually DO NEED EACH OTHER to do the job😂 properly lol. Producer ➡️Consumer.
And everything in between🔁!!
That goes for all types of relationships we engage in. It’s life!

Last week I introduced my friend @poe_vh , from Belgium :), who is attempting to transmit a beautiful message I think is worth spreading. She’s working on a special project with students from her school, collecting notes just like the one I chicken-scratched above😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️
So let’s help her!! Add your unique stamp and heartfelt sentiments to the text above and SEND ‘em ovah folks — Share & tag her! And mois if you want💋
Because we all need each other❤️and love does travel far ;) #HappyFriday #tgif #PepLife #Reign

“She couldn’t keep her colors inside the lines... so she drew new lines.” 🎨
📷 @stevedolson #simplicity ;)

“Create an atmosphere in which anything is possible”— Thomas Raymond Kelly

Artfully Setting The Scene
I’m still buzz🐝ing a bit from a wonderful #SoulSunday conversation that somehow managed to touch on so many lovely concepts:
Being comfortable with yourself👏🏻
The value of leading with kindness. Openness, sensitivity, the complexities of communication... 🙏🏻
Taking a moment today and feeling beyond grateful that there’s willingness to engage in and share ideas I’ve personally found such value in, throughout my life :)
And how lovely it would be to somehow create an atmosphere where people feel comfortable and safe being who they are, bringing individual perspectives to the table, and taking away ideas they can use in everyday life... a collaborative medium that encourages people to tap into their highest potentials🙌🏻 wherever that individual journey may lead.
TODAY😬 the journey leads to some WONDERFUL NEWS for some WONDERFUL PEOPLE who create magical atmospheres for a living and have our @cw_reign fam celebrating NOMINATIONS for @thecdnacademy ✨✨✨
💃🏻Best Costume &
🎬Best Production Design + Art Direction!!!
CONGRATULATIONS to the MEGA talented @meredith_costumes Aidan Leroux, Joel Richardson, Rob Hepburn, Phillip Barker!!!
Your work inspires ✨✨✨ not just an audience’s experience of the world we’re all creating... but, from my experience😉, nurtures the inner resources of actors & all collaborators involved.

You create atmospheres for all to thrive in, where anything seems possible🌬and that’s the kind of magic worth tapping into💋🙏🏻 And aiming for ;)
#Reign #AwardsSeason #recognition #CanadianScreen #inspiration #mastery #creative #atmosphere #magic #vibe #FrenchCourt #PepLife #SoulSunday #goals

There is an ocean full of whales🐳 ready to come out and play!

I had the most interesting conversation this morning that reminded me of... a deep-seated understanding I’ve somehow always had. A powerful driving force that’s encouraged me to overcome obstacles, both personally and professionally. An idea that’s always managed to serve as solid ground any time I started to wobble off course, or doubt... We are surrounded by unlimited potential✨
All the time😬✨✨🤔💭
I love that thought!!
So we’re talkin’ about cruises this morning, right? Because👉🏻you cooooold today, Toronto-booo😂
And whale sightings. And how rare they can be. And how cool it would be to experience something like that.

Is it of greater benefit to think about something in terms of its rareness, or to think there’s plenty of fish in the sea?🙄Sorry, I couldn’t resist😂
Plenty of OPTIONS!
As in, “Why not? Why couldn’t I bump into a playful whale or two on my vacay? There’s tons of them out there. Anything’s possible, isn’t it?”🌊
There is, in fact, an ocean-full (several oceans, rather) of whales out there.
And dolphins. And all sorts of marvelous aquatic creatures🙌🏻😂
There is no way of predicting whether bumping into one is in the cards for you lol that’s true, BUT... is it possible to increase your likelihood of experiencing it if you think that... that’s at least possible? :)
I’ve always thought of “something” as better than “nothing.” Lol! That potential IS that something.
And that anything is possible, at any time. There is never just one way of going about what you want, especially in our multi-faceted world of today.
And good things happen, every day.

In the spirit of which... thanx for commandeering this random boat with me on Toronto Island those many moons ago @bermudashark 🤸🏻‍♀️
See? #potential ⚡️⚡️😂
So! Why not believe in that ocean-full of playful whales?!
You might actually bump into one ;)
<not literally🙈🐳💖🙏🏻> 💥💥💥
What do YOU THINK?!👇🏻
#FlashbackFriday #FridayFeeling #tgif #editorial #fashion #sharpstyle
#whalewatching #fun #weekend #mood #Reign

Capturing The Scene🎥
No matter where I am, one of my favorite things to do is document, observe - ABSORB😬 joyous atmospheres as they unfold!
Moment by moment.
I’ve always been a journalist at heart, the benefits of which are two-fold💁🏻‍♀️😂😂 Numero UNO — the already joyful momentum of that moment gets further ENHANCED by your documenting🧐let us observe👇🏻👇🏻
Exhibit A: Entering a conversation mid-way, perfect HILARIOUS timing.
*No one paying attention. Weirdness ensues. Nothing makes sense🤸🏻‍♀️✔️
Exhibit B: Ann Camera flip attempt. Fail. Brief awkward fumbling. ✔️
Exhibit C: Sexy dance jam #inspiration ✔️
at its finest @keetinmarchi 💥💥💥
Benefit Numero DOS:
Capturing a snapshot of fun I already remember fondly,
involving some of my favorite people @afterbuzztv , all in one place👌🏻🔥talking about a project I can’t wait to share with all of you this year @aroundrobinthemovie 🙌🏻
and the ability to rewatch that hilarity and LAUGH, even long after the fact✔️
I scrolled through my phone today, rewatched this and thought... how wonderful it is that in our world today we have the ability to capture moments like these, any time.
How, if our eyes are open, there are endless joyous moments and opportunities for joy, all around us, that we can be a part of ;)
And how we can feel and amplify the benefit of joyous momentum right HERE and NOW🙏🏻 which is my intention in sharing this with you ;) Hope you watch this and find the joy in Your Now😚🧞‍♂️🎈
Happy Thursday!! #throwback #laugh #follow #your #inspiration #momentbymoment #fun #now #bts #afterbuzztv #talkshow #Reign #fam #AroundRobinMovie #comingsoon @torrancecoombs @philsvitek @backonthebeach @corwingarber @redgerber @clementine_nicholson

Wardrobe Wednesday💃🏻
“It takes a touch of genius- and a lot of courage- to move in the opposite direction.” — Albert Einstein

I love the positive momentum of transition. The feeling of inspiration to be a part of it. Fueled by an awakening to something greater than yourself🌬🌬
So much of that has been happening around us lately, and it’s been a joy to follow and observe this gradual shift in our consciousness regarding sexual harassment, assault and inequality for women in all kinds of workplaces🙏🏻 #MeToo #TimesUp #OprahForPresident2020 😂 how wonder-full ;) the seeds of inspiration sprout and spread!

What I find particularly important is the necessary tendency to be equally appreciative of those who do participate and those who don’t. Or don’t yet✌🏻
Each of us has a choice, or should ;).
And choices are ever-shifting as our understanding shifts.

The truth is we can’t force others to think like us... that kind of shortage mentality doesn’t have lasting results or worthwhile influence. Freedom of choice is a universal symbol of respect that we all instinctively appreciate ;) that’s what I’ve always been moved by✨

What we CAN do is hope that others feel inspired by our example to participate. That, of their own accord, they feel moved to enhance and amplify our efforts through use of THEIR unique gifts, lens, area of expertise... you name it! FOR THE SAKE OF THE BIGGER PICTURE🙌🏻
So here’s me, in one of my favorite LBDs, inspired to share this little #bts #WardrobeWednesday look🙏🏻 shot a little while back for @sharpmagazine 💋

Because no matter where or how a movement starts, if it’s a good one - if supporting it enhances our collective benefit, now and in the long run - I’m personally ALL for it! ALL IN :)
📷 @stevedolson
💄 @adaleebeauty
💇🏻‍♀️ @mokrytskiy 💥
@fairmontroyalyork in beautiful
👗 @huntingtonldn
Special thanx to the INCREDIBLE @stylistbox Team -- @gail_mcinnes & @christian_dare !!!
And here’s a closer look, at this fabulous look😂if you’re so inclined 💋💋👇🏻

Things unfolding, all in good time📶
We’re always somewhere, on our way to somewhere😂 Ever think about that?
I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of “timing” today... and how being in the right place at the right time can be the difference between experiencing something, or not. Meeting someone that changes your life, doing something that changes your life, or discovering something that COULD change your life😂✨✨ depending on how you look at it since we’re all constantly unfolding, and learning, and growing.

BUT the truth is we have no control over that🙃
Hold on, hold onnnn lol and consider something fun...
The right place at the right time happens to us. Often. In fact, more often than we realize.
And what I’ve started to connect the dots on🤓 is that everything that I need, at any given time, makes its way to me somehow.
In time :)
*It all starts with my awareness that it does come. That it is making its way to me even if that’s not immediately obvious.
*Coupled with relaxing the need to control the parameters of the “how” it’s coming.
*WHILE — piece-da-resistance... finding a way to acknowledge that where I am RIGHT NOW is just fine for now :)) and be grateful for now.
***AND THEN the timing just happens!

Or it’s probably just magic🌬🌬😂
What do you guys think? 💖✨👇🏻 Send me some pearls of wisdom below to expand on for an upcoming @pepmag article 💋🙌🏻✨ 📸 @scottramsay genius timing 🙏🏻
💄+💇🏻‍♀️ @adaleebeauty
#timingiseverything #magic #howto #unfolding #lifelessons #fashion #passion #style #creative #editorial #Reign #PepLife

I was on an airplane last night and didn’t get the chance to see Oprah‘s incredible @goldenglobes speech Live.... BUT catching up on it today (love you technology🙂!) I’m overwhelmed with an incredible feeling of gratitude - that I exist in this day and age🙏🏻and have the great fortune to witness and be a part of our progression as human beings (openness, evolution, inclusion) -truth- one she masterfully unfolded for us with key examples.
A gratitude amplified from what I
👉🏻coincidentally👈🏻expressed yesterday in our #SoulSunday Insta Live discussion (fun synchronicity)🙌🏻 Thank you so much to the many wonderful peeps, from all over the world, that contribute to meaningful discourse and the sharing of ideas, or simply popped in to say hello💋
<I love you all! We’ll do that more!>
Such beautiful evidence of how our progressive, positive energy is indeed the connective fabric of our humanity, wherever we physically find ourselves.
We live in an incredible day and age :)
And sharing our stories, speaking our truth, now in more possible ways than ever, is indeed “the most powerful tool we have.” Thank you for articulating that so meaningfully, Oprah.

I too was a little girl watching TV, in Romania, mesmerized by the beauty and power of the visual medium. It taught me English, it anchored me in my life’s purpose; it opened the door to endless, unimaginable possibilities for connection and growth.

As an adult, today, watching Oprah use the power of storytelling to represent a movement, an incredible shift in our society... makes me beyond proud to get to walk in our world: of how far we’ve come as people, and the unimaginable wanders we’ll accomplish as we continue down this path🙏🏻✨✨

#speak #truth #power #soul #mondaymotivation #connect #PepLife #Reign 📷 @gayosoalex xo

Leaning into the weekend vibe☀️✨✨💋
📸 @altovenue 💄💇🏻‍♀️ @andrewelek
#creative #ease & #flow to all ;) xo

Behind The Scenes🎬
There are so many moving parts behind what often meets the eye, components without which the whole could not exist.
Or not exist on such a marvelous scale, rather👌🏻
My thoughts today are largely inspired by a beautiful note from @reigningmxry the other day (you know how awesome you are ;) Sprinkled with hues of teamwork, co-creation, appreciation — sustainability of a community and the importance of the deeper meaning motivating those types of collaborative efforts.
Efforts stemming from inspired actions of those inclined towards a common passion ;) There are various reasons for which people are drawn to a common goal, but it’s this coming together of creative components that generate a far greater final product than the individuals could ever achieve on their own.
Feeling deep appreciation for my own team today🙏🏻 personal and professional.
And for every community (#Reign fam included ;) that I’m a part of... for which I’ve unearthed a little #tbt lost relic to celebrate — a never before seen snapshot from the French Court backlot, with some wonderful peeps I’ll always appreciate❤️
IRONICALLY☝🏻this pic depicts a massive royal feud as I talk of teamwork😂😂😬
But the truth is together we have a far greater impact than alone, and I’m happy to ride the momentum of that beautiful thought into the new year🌬✨✨
Can’t wait to see what magic we come up with 2018!

#thursdaythoughts #teamwork #FrenchCourt #BTS #throwback #creative #newyear #Reign #Fam #best #fans

New year | Old Soul 👋🏻2018, can’t wait to get creative with you ❤️
📸 @lyndal_m
@cabaretvintage ^*
#happynewyear #fun #news #comingsoon ;) #art #life #fashion #creative #soul 💋 #Reign

“And the afterglow...
of your gaze...is the only
sweater that I need.” —
Happened over the lovely words of Sanober Khan 💕 and this @hm gem today!
IF ONLY that were true, Edmonton🙄-35C, you COLD boo😂
I remember summoning those inner warmth flames while shooting this @altovenue 👀☃️🔥that tremendous radiance of inner resources available for all of us to tap into... whatever the circumstances calling for it ;)
It’s existence alone has always brought me confidence that I could weather any storm. Anchored in this inner-strength.
Here’s hoping we all share in this sense of empowerment, and connection, as we brace ourselves for 2018 ;) 🙌🏻💋💋 #FashionFriday #tgif #newyear #weekend #PepLife #Reign #editorial
📸 @altovenue
💄💇🏻‍♀️ @andrewelek

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