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Ann One  ✨FEELGHOOD✨ LET ❤️ RULE Artist ▪️ Educator L.A. loyal 💙 Lover of the 🌏

I miss Korea already. This trip has inspired so many new songs. It’ll help with this terrible jet lag. 🇰🇷♥️🇺🇸

Such an amazing journey to be able to write and collaborate with such brilliant creatives out in Korea at this particular time in life. I feel so lucky to be a part of such a beautiful company. 🖤 우리 회사 존경하는 모든 아티스트 분들과 함게 작업할수있다는건 정말 큰 행운이고 모든상황에서도 늘 즐겁게 음악 할수있읍니다. 🖤 Looking forward to sharing with you soon. 🖤

I admit I had a couple sips of Juno’s Henny. Love my @feelghoodmusicofficial fam. 🙏 🙃
📷: @marshallxyz

Saved the best for last. Finally have a pic with my beautiful sis @yoonmirae in it. So many things I can say about her kind heart, how she gives me chills every time I see her on stage, her strength & resilience, etc. But to keep it simple, what would I do without her? She is the type of person that makes you better just by being around her, and I’m truly blessed to have her in my life. I love you always! ♥️💙💜💖

Last day of MV shooting and a BIG thank you to my beautiful @feelghoodmusicofficial family, especially @drunkentigerjk & @yoonmirae for being so amazing and making it all possible. Thank you to for directing the vision. Special thanks to @salviekim for being so supportive and @zoestune for being a human Swiss Army knife. Thank you, @whospurp for the 🌸🌺🌹!! Lastly, thank you to my beautiful husband @grandsonofrush for being my best friend and the spirit behind it all. ♥️
우리 @feelghoodmusicofficial 가족분들 너무 고생 많으셨습니다. 사랑합니다.
Please look forward to “RIDE” produced by @djdemicat featuring the one and only @junoflo in October!! 여러분, “RIDE” 기대해주세요!! 🙆🏻🙆🏻♥️💜💙💖

Such an honor and privilege performing with my @feelghoodmusicofficial family at Joy OlPark Festival!! 너무 반갑고 연광이였읍니다!! Thank you, forever beautiful @marshallxyz for the video!! 💜💙💜

Always my favorite. ♥️💙💜💙💜

Purple Haze. MV shoot day 2. 💜🙌

Channeling my inner Vanity 6 for this M/V. 🙈 Day 1 is a wrap!! 💜🖤💗
📷: @zoestune

Perspective is everything. .
There are parts of your journey you have to take alone. .
Morning prayers and meditation give me clarity on the road ahead. .
What helps you?
Also, I’m shooting a MV today for some new music I can’t wait to share with you. 오늘 뮤비 촬영 시작합니다. 새로운 음악 기대해주세요. 🖤

개인적으로 너무 좋아하는 목소리와 인간적인 @lee_kichan 와 늘 멋있는 우리 사장님 @drunkentigerjk. 너무 반가웠다, 기찬! 💜 I’ve always loved his singing, and his acting skills in sense8 were 🔥🔥🔥🔥. So happy to see you, brother! 💙

I used to think smiling through the pain was a courtesy extended for others and the world, but now I realize.
It’s a necessity of kindness and courtesy for me.❤️📷

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