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For those who don’t know, today is #mentalhealthawareness day, so I’d like to wish everyone good health, peace and serenity! I wish for everyone to be aware, mindful and help those who need help, even if they don’t ask for it! #beaware #mentalhealth

Mental health is a very personal concern of mine. I’ve had experience with mental health issues personally and I’ve been around people very close to me who’s had to deal with them. It can be extremely difficult at times for the sufferers and people around them. So I’m dedicating this post to those who suffer and those who don’t. Pay attention to your loved ones, listen to them, support them and support those that do not have any mental issues but are caring for someone who does. #MentalHealthAwareness is very important because it affects all of us.
With that being sad, I’d like everyone to know that I’m here to listen to whomever feels like they’d like to talk to somebody. #ImHereToListen *for the video, all credits go to @clickfortaz thank you for this awesome piece of art!*

it’s been a while🙋🏼‍♀️ #imhere #legallyblonde #glasses #selfiegameweak

Since my mom is slightly obsessed with ice cream I thought I’d take her someplace cool over the weekend and this is what she ordered!!😀❤️ #tbt #sugar #creamandsugarcafe #imdrooling

Since we moved so late last year we didn’t get a chance to plant anything outside but we’re catching up this year...this is our first little flower that started blooming 🌺 #naturelovers #flowerstagram

I’m dedicating this weird post to #hairappreciation. Everyone who knows me and even people that don’t, people that just look through my timeline, may realize that I’ve been rocking my messy/curly/wavy hair for a while. If you asked me 3 years ago if I’d ever wear my hair natural I would’ve laughed at you because I was that girl who woke up 50 minutes (yea that’s how long it takes to do my hair) early every single morning just to straighten my hair. I couldn’t have imagined going out with my natural hair because I thought it was hideous and it made me look ugly. Now...I don’t remember the last time I straightened my hair, it looks different for sure but it’s not ugly, it doesn’t make me ugly. Although it may not always be easy to tame all this hair but I’m rockin it. #keepitnatural #weirdappreciationpost #yourhairisbeautiful #bopo #selfgrowth

I saw this picture a few days ago when @mindsetofgreatness posted it and I have been thinking about it since. For me personally it can be extremely difficult sometimes to think positively and to try to see the good in things, that may be because of my past, it may be because of the environment I’m in or it may just simply be my nature, but the reason doesn’t matter. I started living my life according to this ⬆️principle a while ago, because I choose not to live my life miserably and feel sad because of all the bad/negative things that have happened to me. I choose to find the lesson to learn in everything after my attempts of trying to facilitate the situation have already failed. The things that happen to you shape who you are, how you interact with others, how you carry yourself etc so it is important to accept that negativity is part of all our lives, it’s inevitable but it’s needed for us to grow and learn. ✨ #bepositive #mindsetofgreatness #datpositivelife #learnandgrow

As I already know some people disagree with me, BUT holy moly how cute is this little creature. This is hands down one of my favorite things about our new house. We’re surrounded by nature and all of its beings. A new face appears on our porch every day and I genuinely love that. Hope to see you soon little #possum!

The first angel in human form I’ve ever met! ✨ Boldog szülinapot mama!❤️#happybirthday #grandma

Although I didn’t have the time or the opportunity to watch the sunset tonight, taking a quick look at the window while I’m running around at work and seeing this, made my day so much better🌄 #views #sunset #appreciatethelittlethings #beautiful #breathtaking #absolutelynofilter

Although I debated whether to post this or not I decided to do it because I had quite a few reasons to. One...I used to never wear my hair in a ponytail because there’s too much emphasis on my “ugly” face and without the hair and it just makes my huge forehead more obvious #foreheadfordays ...but I got over that. Two...I used to think that red just looked awful on me so I avoided it at all cost...but I got over that. Three...I used to get anxiety over wearing white because it’s not complimentary to my body type...but I got over that too, and I’m proud of it!! So I encourage everyone to do something they’re scared of or a little uncomfortable with, it’s empowering to get over a fear! #selflove #bopo

They had just left and I miss them already! :( ...but I got to spend 2 awesome weeks with them and I refuse think about anything else but that. Anybody whom ever missed a loved one or lived far away from them knows what it’s like, it’s a little sad. Though it can be hard sometimes, it teaches you to appreciate every single moment you get to see or talk to them. Appreciate your fam, their love, everything they do for you, every minute spent together! ❤️ #foreignpeopleproblems #grandcentral #bepositive #appreciationpost

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