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Jolly good fellow. #landonphoenix

She's working on a necklace for the first day of preschool and I'm working on something to hang from my rear view mirror 😎

Pre-gym, post-coffee, snuggling with one bub while the other plays by himself. I love you, Saturday.

Long day of work + play with the kids in tow means Mommy is now hiding out in her room with a cocktail in hand while Daddy runs bath time. #introverting

Truly living. #briarandlandon

When I was a child and thought about what it would be like to be a mom someday, this is exactly what I envisioned: two babies, in a stroller, at Disneyland 💛

The cutest little alarm clock that I ever did see. My (coffee) cup runneth over. #landonphoenix

She's been talking about her birthday party for MONTHS and has remained steadfast about her themes: rhinos (??) and rainbows. So when she spotted this rainbow tonight, it officially kicked her birthday month off with a bang! 🌈 #briarsoleil

Would I like to attend an event revolving around wine and cheese? Um, yes way, rosé! I had so much fun at the annual Espinoza wine tasting party and got to share my love of Trader Joe's rosé with everyone 🍷

We just might be beach people after all. #briarsoleil

Crafting for kids (ironically never WITH kids). #blogsecrets

Feeling like I'm in the busiest season of life thus far, but when most days include holding a camera, crafting a DIY project, and snuggling babies (sometimes all in the same moment), there's no reason to complain. 📷: @realbrookewhite

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