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annierigg  Food writer. Food stylist. Baker. Gardener. Wannabe potter. Summer Berries and Autumn Fruits published by Kyle Books - out now!

I've tried to tell him that they only use Labrador puppies in the Andrex ad but my words are falling on deaf ears

Wham.Bam.Thank you Ma'am.

No end in sight

@gremkoska or these? The glazing's a bit uneven on some - the one on the right is rough, lumpy, gritty clay from Leach Pottery - really lovely clay.

@gremkoska I'm picking out pots for you - this is one of my favourites from my most recent efforts - would you like this one? I'm trying to figure out how to get some dahlias to you too! ❤️

Garden Festival 💫

Three days of gorgeousness that started and ended like this. Happy hounds, the beach to ourselves and working with beautiful friends @katewhitaker01 - good for the soul ❤️

Variations on a theme


And so it begins. The first dahlia to flower this year is a newbie. This year I've planted tubers that I brutally divided from last year's plants, new cuttings from The National Dahlia Collection and some older plants were left to over-winter in the ground. The over-wintered plants are the biggest but the cuttings are flowering first. It's about to get colourful round here.

Made the bowl. Made the spoon. Made lunch.

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