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Annie  I have a black belt in friendship πŸ‡¬πŸ‡Ί

Visited the UN. I knew right away that artwork was by Chagall. One of my favorites. Was able to go into the big assembly room and take some pictures as well. But I don't know why, I was surprised to see so much art. It was also so very interesting to see so many different ethnicities in one place. If you are looking to be a do-gooder but don't have time please consider donating to UNICEF and pay for a School-in-a-box. It's less than $200 I think. The purpose of the kit is to ensure children's education when their area is in a state of emergency. It's designed for 1 teacher and up to 40 students.

Snapped this for fun waiting around, but looked closer and never realized the ceiling! #oblivious #grandcentralstation #iphoneography #newyork #newyorkcity

Citi Field #dugout seats! Thank you very much! The #Mets had a difficult first half of the season but with the strength of Mr. Bunny's rally cap they were able to pull off an impressive win on Friday. Good job MB! #newyork #rallycap #themets #citifield #baseball #love #newyorkcity #iphoneography #traveling #travelography

Sunrise or sunset?
SUNRISE!!!!! Always sunrise.
What will happen today? Need to get it together though. Accidentally wore my running shoes on the trail πŸ™„ arrrrggh. Didn't even realize until I got to the top.

#Hiking around the #Pali this weekend. Did the two #notches. Super proud of myself. I know people get scared on #ridge #hikes but I feel comfortable. Just be cautious and know your limits! Climbing the rocks looked scary but when you actually do it, it's not that bad. The hard part is climbing down though. It's amazing standing on top of the mountain looking down. God made this! Going to buy some spikes and longer hiking pants fort next hike. #luckywelivehawaii #ridgehike #love #hawaii #honolulu #oahu

Missing Ireland...needed more time to hike around Giant's Causeway. I would totally move there. Just the friendliest people on earth, in my opinion. 2016 wasn't one of the best years but as we approach it's end, I'm grateful this Thanksgiving week to have been to Ireland, have seen Hamilton, and have had the ability to host out of town guests at my very own place. #love #ireland

Oklahoma City National Memorial. An amazingly beautiful memorial to commemorate the 1995 bombing. Luckily caught the reflection of the moon. Hats off to those who designed and put together the museum and grounds. Truly well done to honor those lives lost and to serve as a reminder that terrorism is senseless. I hope for a day to live in a world without such violence.

Oklahoma State Capitol! Knocking off another Capitol on the list! Came to see the awesome Billy Joel. Stayed a little longer to explore Route 66 and OKC.

I was looking for a church and thought this was it. I was wrong. Doubling back I found the church but this structure was just out of nowhere. In America we would have torn it down. But here there's remnants of history everywhere. Lesson: if you go to Ireland, get out of Dublin and get lost with your rental car.

Walking around the Cliffs of Moher... The cliffs aren't the only things to see in the area but so many people just go to the edge and then take off. I could spend the whole day hiking around the area. I can't wait to return and explore more.

Ahhh the Cliffs of Moher...just getting there was beautiful enough. You can see the cows on the left just hanging out. It seems pretty dangerous without any safety railings. But im guessing different precautions per country. Also just driving around Ireland I'm struck by how many ruined structures there are throughout the countryside. In the US they would've torn down all the old castles and churches. In Ireland it's part of the landscape and a beautiful glimpse into the past. πŸ„πŸ„

This is up in Northern Ireland. Supposedly around here they filmed scenes for Game of Thrones... They filmed some of the iron island scenes at the beach in this area but I thought this ruined castle on the edge of the cliff would be much more interesting to post. They told me the name of the castle but I can't recall...πŸ€” Still it was exciting to be in the vicinity of GoT spots! Like, guys, I might have stepped on the same exact ground as Jon Snow! πŸ˜πŸ˜±πŸ‘£

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