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A N N I E  My Jesus is Helping Me build My Empire ⌛ #fierce

Some days,
accustomed, ordinary.

Some days,
disheartening, bludgeoning.

Some days,
invigorating, exhilarating.

Some days,
not monumental,
not abysmal,
Just alright.

Some day, indeed


lost in a garden of fuschia flowers,
breathtaking ethereal beauty,
its splendor, nought,
exquisiteness, dwindled,
until we can see it in ourself.
blind in faith,
abstinence, supplication and gaudy worship,
confusing salvation for liberation,
when its comprehension,
that the Almighty is within you, me and we.

#fierce #loveyourself

You learnt something new, dear?
An antidote that lifts an old fear,
Or another choice for your list of possible careers,
Maybe, a recipe to spread Christmas cheer.

You learnt something new, dear, this past yesteryear?
To tell apart fake from real cashmere,
Or possibly a few lines of a play from Shakespeare,
Another a martial art to become a musketeer?

Learnt something new dear?

Happy new year /*

Can I be an intellectual,
Storm and lightening,
With brilliant bulbs,
Of enthusiasm, vigor,
And catchy innuendos.

Can I be a pacifier,
Sweet, honey suckling,
With a crystal gleaming crown,
Preaching world peace on a runway.

Can I be a Persian emperor,
Mighty and tiny,
Leading the great Munchkins,
Ruling a kingdom of giants.

Can I be a golden goose,
Lounging in a castle,
Among paper clouds atop a green stalk,
Ferocious yet haphazard minting loot.

Can I be everything and more all at the same time?

- Annie Jaimy

Lets begin again,
Let not resentment,
Nor disappointment,
Deviate you,
From the path ahead.

Lets wash our toes
In clear waters,
Collecting seashells,
To remind us,
Of clashing waves,
And blinding sun.

Let fear not stop you,
From the potential,
Lying within, dormant.

Lets brave the storm,
Of the cutting edge winter,
To lay flat on the mountains peak,
And simmer,
in the air, acute in oxygen.

Let the higher power,
Guide you,
To your own apocalypse,
Where your inhibitions,
Are rid,
You are freed to,
Fail and derail,
But never to quit,
Or care a whit.

Lets begin again.

-Annie Jaimy
PC: again the lovely @dannc83


Come and goes,
A little hastily,

To hell with change,
With the over rated maturity,
That apparently,
Makes up for,
The chaos that,
Messes with the head,
The heart,
And needless to say,
Every other vital organ in between.

The cringing,
The ranting,
The torment,
The accepting,
Its rabid.

Everyone has a story,
Of being tempted,
A past,
Of ugly secrets,
Telling lies,
Rampant scandals,
Experiences that they would rather not,
Let the world know.

Is the journey,
Where everyone learns,
That no matter what disaster,
Comes our way,
It is too small to fret.

Its the destination,
That enlightens,
You with the mystery,
That putting yourself on top,
Of that priority list,
Is not a crime,
That, simultaneously,
We have a duty to,
To share our joy,
With those who were unfortunate,
To not be born,
Under a roof,
Alike your own.

Its an understanding,
That this process,
Will never end,
Until you reach your promised paradise.


That's what this confusion is called, presumably.

-Annie Jaimy
(Complete version in Wattpad account #PlugPlugPlug)

All those nights,
Edging of a cliff,
Trying to find solace,
In solitude.

In constant consternation,
For figuring out,
A map,
To find a light,
In the dark city,
Illumine by traffic lights.

The dust,
The smoke,
Are, but, old friends now.

He can destroy,

Not just the green,
But the peach.

Do not question God,
The reason for his creation,
That I fixed,
A long time ago,
In the Sunday morning,
catechism classes.

But he undermines,
The power he was granted.

The power,
To not just,

So let's.

#fierce -Annie Jaimy

That's just how we are. 🐽 @_nubivagant._

Yes, Metaphorical-ish with excessive punctuation is my jam.

Or actually nutella.

#fierce #unrelatedCaptions #Originals

Wattpad IG: TheMiahJohn

I have an abnormal fetish for rhyming words. And graphology, which is the study of handwriting.

PC: The lovely @dannc83

I often forget,
To find words.

But I realize late.
I won't find any.


Because words are,
But, inefficient.

To explain,
My Gratitude.

To God,
For blessing,

With your Presence.

Big Sister.

For all the roles you have thus portrayed and yet to, I adore you more and more. May you be prosperous in every endeavor you undertake, indirectly inspiring to start my own.

Happy Birthday Tara. (Well, its no secret who my favorite senior is.)

I love you, Eldo.
But you already know that.
There isn't much to say apart from that.

Happy Birthday

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