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Annie Cavalero  I used to wear an eye patch for medical not fashion reasons.

new home office 💯 even when my coworkers pull power moves like pooping in the communal outdoor space

If I’m going to inject poison into my face, I want it to be safe & professional. Medical. You know. Like at a mall in Hollywood where everyone waiting to pay for ArcLight parking can watch. This feels right.

#BLACKkKLANSMAN is EPIC. An extraordinary, powerful work of art and piece of history that we need so much right now. GO SEE.

On Saturday nights we like to go to the vet for anal steroid sprays etc, how do you enjoy your weekends?

If you like dogs &/or @tonycavalero &/or #LoveActually you will LOVE @dogdaysthefilm 🐶💖🐶 in theaters now go see go see!!!

#MONDAYMOTIVATION 💊 if you’re wondering who that girl crying while eating a burger at Soho House last month was, it was me. #youaresocoolandintelligentandstrongandfierce

THIS IS HOW ALL MOVIE PREMIERES SHOULD BE 🐶 go see @dogdaysthefilm it is hilarious family fun that made @tonycavalero weep so hard (because he was so moved by the movie, not because I adopted this puppy. He shut that down.)

this #selfie is my contribution to society today. i went to collage 💪

super avg LA night i don’t miss Charleston at all 🤤🎥 @alannablonde

yesterday, the only green things i ate were the scallions on my loaded tater tots 💪

My favorite days are the ones @tonycavalero sobs with love, especially this one 3 years ago 💙 HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, HUBS 💙 I am the luckiest lady in the world to be the Mrs. of someone as funny, with a heart as big as his arms, as you. Can’t wait to see what adventures our life (and your hair) have in store for us next. LOVE YOU TO THE BLUE MOON & BACK 💙

They call him Frisky T 💥 (by “they,” I mean @tonycavalero gave this nickname to himself)

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