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Annie Rim  Writer & Educator I play with my daughters, hike with my husband, and write about life & faith. Editor: #redcouchbc @shelovesmag

Day 12: Shelfie 📚This shelf is in our dining area and used to be the biggest cause of stress. It was filled with grownup books and nicely styled. The girls were always pulling my art history books down and messing things up. So, I moved things around. The bottom 2 shelves are kid books; the top 4 are grownup books. The top 2 are still kinda styled. Now, I love looking at this mix of interests and levels and styles. This is us. 📚 How do you organize your shelves? #12daysofbookstagram #shelfie #messyshelves #kidlit

Day 11: Bibliophile Life 📚 I’ve been editor of the #redcouchbc for about a year and it’s still a thrill getting books addressed to me at She Loves Magazine. It’s been such an honor guiding this group and has opened up new ways and opportunities of interacting with books & authors! 📚 #12daysofbookstagram #amreading @shelovesmag @patricegopo

Day 9: At the Bookstore/Library 📚 I wondered if we’d find a little bookshop in this small mountain getaway but the town has a small general store, a little cafe, a converted boxcar-turned-ice cream shop, and acres of ranch land. My guess is that we could have found something about an hour away but we decided to explore our yard and identify all the scat we found. (Elk, deer, coyote, and one we’re unsure about.) As much as I love books and raising readers, I equally love putting that curiosity to practice in real-life adventures. 📚 What do you do (besides reading) to refresh? #12daysofbookstagram #hiking #raisinghikers #raisingexplorers #scatologist

Day 8: Book & Beverage 📚 After a day of playing outside, we’re relaxing with a fire in the wood stove, chess, books, and the bliss of spending another full day together as a family. 📚 #12daysofbookstagram #cabinlife #booksandbeverages #taxseason

Day 7: On My Nightstand 📚 Or, On My Windowsill. This is my nightstand for the next five days. Tax season is over, WiFi is limited, and our family is reconnecting after an intense three months. I think St. Francis would approve. 📚 Where do you go to exhale? #12daysofbookstagram #amreading #stfrancis #roomwithaview

Day 6: Flat Lay 📚 I don’t have a very long to-read list. I only use Goodreads for current and finished reads, otherwise it’s too overwhelming. At the beginning of the year, I go through my shelves and list out 10 books I own and haven’t yet read. I still may not get to them but these are my go-tos when I have a gap between books. 📚 What does your TBR list look like? #12daysofbookstagram #flatlay #tbr #toread

Day 5: More Than Books 📚 The last week of tax season is always the hardest. We tend to limp toward the finish line. My parents had dinner with us on a particularly tough night last week and my mom offered a house swap. They’d spend the night with the girls and I’d get a quiet evening & morning to myself. In preparation for this overnight I brought 4 books + 2 kindle books. Because how else would I pack for 15 hours of silence? 📚 Do you overpack your reads? #12daysofbookstagram #quiettime #books

Day 4: Favorite Quote 📚 I have a whole notebook of favorite quotes but this is a recent one from “Astrophysics for People in a Hurry” by Neil DeGrasse Tyson. ☄️ As a typical ESTJ, Maximizer, One, Type A personality, I love making sense of life. I’m remembering that the universe owes me no explanations and that there’s holiness in leaning into the mystery. 📚 What quotes are sticking with you right now? #12daysofbookstagram #mysteryoffaith

Day 3: Reading Spot 📚 This isn’t my usual reading spot. This is my “it’s 8:30 on Saturday morning, we’ve been up for a couple hours, and my girls are playing on their own downstairs” reading/hiding spot. This is also why I read multiple books at a time, making sure there’s always something good within reach. 📚 Where’s your favorite reading spot? #12daysofbookstagram #amreading #readingnook

Day 2: Book Stack 📚 If you were to stop by our house unannounced, this is what nearly every available surface looks like: piles of books. Each member of our family is represented on our coffee table. There’s barely room for a cup of coffee. It feels cluttered and messy. And yet, I love that wherever we land, in whatever room, there’s a book within reach. One day, maybe I’ll have a beautifully styled coffee table. For now, I’m content knowing we’re representing a family of readers. 📚 Where do your books land? #12daysofbookstagram #bookstack #coffeetable

Day 1: Current Read 📚 This one is a bit tricky since I have at least 5 books going at any given time. I’m always on a slow journey with a poetry collection, enjoy essays on my nightstand before bed, have a nonfiction and/or a memoir, and a fiction read. Plus all the other books that just take time to digest. 📚 What are you reading right now? #12daysofbookstagram #amreading

I loved following the last #12daysofbookstagram so thought I’d actually join in this round. Warning: I’m more of a snapshot instagrammer than a beautiful setup one so get ready for clutter, ok lighting, and my favorite bookish things! 📚💞

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