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Canton, Ohio you were beautiful tonight ✨ #thereismoretour

How good is this gal! 😍 @jiheaoh #thereismoretour #imobsessedwjihea

I couldn’t find the right words so I copied someone who did :) Repost @jessie.hastings with @get_repost
I wish you could see the blood, sweat and tears that went into this. Sometimes I think people might think all this is more glamorous than it is; the crowds, the lights, the swelling music, all the beautiful people up there — but behind the sheen and wonder of it all, there’s actually a lot of humanity. A lot of labour, a lot of work and crafting, a lot of late nights in the studio and time away from your family and not sleeping because all these people have other jobs in the morning time, a lot of seeking and listening and heeding and praying, and I think people don’t tend to see the blood, sweat and tears that my friends put into these projects; because the reason they do what they do and make albums like this one is because there was once upon a time a man who hung on a tree, who bled for us, who’s sweat and tears are the only sweat and tears in the history of time that truly matter — and its for him, and his sake and his cause (that you might know there is life and life in abundance) that they they wring themselves out, heart and soul, year after year on the alter of life as an offering that might be worthy of our saviour, who died so that we would know with full assurance, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there is more for us (and you) in this world than we could have ever hoped or dreamed. (I hope you like it. I really love it.) #thereismore

The G’s 💘 Yesterday was the most beautiful display of God’s kindness and faithfulness. Love you two so very much

It’s our 12 yr anniversary today.. and I’m lame and somehow thought it was tomorrow 🙄 (I blame conference brain) Its a big week in a big life and I wouldn’t wanna live it w anyone but you @magoou4 😍 So here’s a random pic of us getting photobombed in the city on a date a year ago when we miraculously had a babysitter ha. Love you forever and ever and someday we’ll go on dates whenever we want xx

I will never forget my first Colour conference 15 yrs ago. I stood at the back of the Hills auditorium as a young college student eyes wide open, just trying to take it all in. I had never seen or experienced anything like it. Women of all generations gathered...different stories, journeys and circumstances but together united by cause, gathering under and for one Name. One taste of this and I was in forever. Colour for me is the place where my soul is refreshed, my heart is encouraged and strengthened.. my mind is re-focused, my purpose reaffirmed. It never gets old. It’s not an ‘event’ we pump people to come to. It’s a deep deep well that each year we get to draw from again. God always meets me and when it finishes I leave knowing I am different and so I’m determined to position myself there every time. You should come to Colour.. even if you think it’s not ‘your thing’ or you’ve been before or you’ve never even thought about coming. Just come and see. I bet you’ll be gad you did. 💘 #experiencetheroom #colourconf

Yep it’s true!!! You can pre-order the new @hillsongworship album now!!! 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮. #THEREISMORE 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

WE ARE BACK!!!! Looking forward to Thursday mornings with the girls again 💃🏼 Sisterhood is the place where I have been encouraged, sharpened, inspired and have gleaned from the lives of so many incredible woman over the years. This year is no different for me! I’m still trying to work this wife-mum-friend-leader- follower of Jesus thing out :) so you’ll find me here with my girls as we all learn and grow together! COME JOIN US! 💘

THERE IS MORE 🦁🔥🦁🔥New @hillsongworship album coming April 6th!! It’s not just a catchy title—We have a deep conviction that that THERE IS MORE in God. Believing that these songs will bring light and hope to the darkest of places... that they will be a blessing to the body of Christ and that they will boldly declare the truth and wonder of our God to those that haven’t heard. Sooooooo excited!!!! #thereismorealbum

Girl gang ✌🏻 #port18

New Years Day traditions! 🏝☀️

Holidays rule ☀️🍍🍦

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