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️️👑anni👑 & 🌀lila🌀️  Hey!! 🔥lit🔥Main accs: Lila: @__lila__12 Anni: @__annig5__ Follow us and we'll follow back! 👌🏼👑 our acc: annika_and_lila_show.

hi guys!!! Sorry fortbringt so inactive for this account it's been a hard process trying to get together but I don't get home til 4 and I might or might not have homework but I do have chores so I have some news to share with y'all. LILA WILL BE COMING OVER TODAY IDK WHAT TIME BUT IM EXCITED

Hey guys😎 It's Anni!! I just got up at 6:20 for middle school ughh. Going to the 6th,7th& 8th grade dance and a possible sleepover at @zilamadir

Awesome picture of Anni that @kirstenritt took!!🌅 #sunset #awesome #pretty

CrAzY dogs and horses, and cats? At Anni's barn💩💩👑🐴 #barn #horses #dogs #cats?

Dogs barking and Pokémon Going! #dogs #cute

Car rides🚙

Anni's homework😭😭 Why should I have homework on Friday ughh😭😭😭


Hello Friends👑 it's anni🔥 Lila will be coming over tomorrow!! Make sure that you follow us on in our Bio!! @annika_and_lila_show

Story of my life😭😭

So artsy👑 so Anni starts Monday so does Lila and Anni gets out later and Lila gets out earlier and Anni won't be home til 4:30 or sooner so idk what Lila will do!

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