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Annettsia ☆〜(ゝ。∂)vtay  Food, Love and Travel in Random Harmony −☆ 💟 fm SG. Thanks for visiting!

6mpp getting back in shape. After 2 kids consecutively, it's no joke. All the abs muscles have retired.
#iwantmyprepregbodyback #supercoreworkout #tireddieme #itwasgoodthough

Come back!!! Don't run away from me!

Disclaimer: No sweets were fed to her. She was just being entertained by attempting to grab the box.

It's an exciting day all around the island as #ylsg hosts #lypr today. Many classes held all across the island.
Time to put some Es n Os together.
Throwback to snapshot of my pico de gallo preparation for Easter Sunday.

Getting ready for a full day of finance training.
Brain boost with #yleo #commonsense and #nxr.

Happy Easter everyone! Who's going Easter egg hunting?
#easter #yleo #yleos

Welcome to the first sharing of What's In It? (Wii) Saturdays.
Today, we start off with something simple. Two terms that are important to understand in the grand scheme of this whole series.
1. Bioaccumulation: The accumulation of substances in the body caused by the inability to metabolize and/or remove these substances faster than the input/uptake.
A build up of toxins, chemicals or even certain vitamins/minerals can be harmful. So work towards toxic free environment. A little toxic chemical here and there, can lead to a large and harmful accumulated amount.

2. Desensitization: a reduced response to a stimulus due to repeated exposure. Your senses become less sensitive to that item.
So switch it up. If you diffuse lavender in your home daily, remember to change to a different oil once every few days. ☆☆☆
That's all for today. I'll return next week, to cover the first ingredient/chemical in this series.

Have a great weekend!!! #mygiftedoilers #whatsinitsaturdays #knowwhatyouuse

At #beautyandbusiness with #younglivingsg. Official launch of Savvy Minerals makeup.
Makeup without parabens, artificial fragrance and colours. No nano-particles, talc, bismuth or mineral oils. Fantastic for your skin.
Even celebrity makeup artist Clarence Lee approves.
#backtobasics #savvyminerals

Happy White Valentine's!

3000 roses are used to make one bottle of Rose EO.
It brings balance and harmony, allowing one to overcome insecurities.

#rose #yleo

A great day to stay at home and chill.

But then... my mother had other plans... to drag me out of the house. Thanks mum.

Merry Xmas from the little rascals!

#sakura to end the week and usher in the weekends.

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