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Annette Tenaya 

Anticipating for the release of my latest song 'ZOE'(greek word meaning eternal life).
Its coming your way in a few days.
This God life is the realest if you walk conscious of it.


Never live this life ignoring the greatest asset God has given you 'The Holy Spirit'.He lives inside you,He directs and guides you.He comforts,strengthens and helps you.I have personally seen His ministry in my life in ways i could never have imagined.Ive seen Him heal pains,i never thought would be healed.Ive seen Him granting me supernatural abilities and working in and through me when my natural abilities could do nothing.I have seen Him leading me in paths that are full of light and saving me from unnecessary drama in my life.I have seen Him bringing joy to my life and bringing me to those better days i only dreamt of.

Walk with the Holy Spirit.


'You are a winner,in every situation because Christ lives in you.'
Kindly listen to full song by clicking link on bio for @ksharpmusic
'I'm soooo proud of you litu bro😛

He's a great God
Can somebody testify with me??!! Listen to full song on my YouTube channel 'Annette Tenaya'

Wonderful and marvelous is Jesus Christ in me,
Sweeter than the honey in the honey comb is He,
Jesus is real,He will never fail,
I will praise Him now and throughout all eternity🎧🎤🎼🎶🎵🎶 #Supernaturalfavor

You are the one that gives meaning to everything around you.
Speak faith-filled words. 📷@lenspherestudios 💄@studio_pretty_faces

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