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Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone makes bad decisions. Everyone has regrets. We all wish we could have changed our lives sooner. We all wish we could just skip to the good parts. Our struggles shape who we become in the end. I've never met anyone worthwhile who had an easy and perfect life. Not everyone wears their mistakes. Not everyone carries them around so visible for others to see. And if you do carry around the extra baggage for everyone to see it doesn't mean you are a worthless person. All you can do is start making better decisions. I weighed nearly 300 lbs in the first photo (I never stepped on the scale at that size). Around 180 lbs on the right. This was my nursing school graduation. I felt ashamed of the pics. I never shared them. A major accomplishment for me and I couldn't share it. The point is, we are all damaged or flawed in some way. We all have a lot to learn and a lot we can improve in ourselves. And we should never stop learning, growing, & improving. Because then what's the point in that? What is life if we are holding still? Static? All I want in life is to keep growing into the healthiest, happiest, and best version of myself that I can. That's all I can hope for. And I have more mistakes and have more life lessons to learn along the way. Here's to the good, the bad, and everything in between. πŸ₯‚ Thank you to the people who support this journey.

Outfit of the day. Romper is @forever21 & shoes are @lolashoetique. Sunglasses are @quayaustralia. Ratchet snatchet is @hm.

But whhhhhhhyyyyyyyyy!?? 😫😫😭😭

Outfit of the day. Shoulders brought to you by lifting and a pop of highlighter. Top is @fashionnova #tiedye #offtheshoulder #shoulders #weightlifting #shoulderpress #firsttry

Throw back Thursday. Bringing it waayyyyy back to June 2015. "Had so much fun getting dressed up for Rockabilly Riot this weekend." πŸ’„πŸ’„πŸ’„ #rockabilly #rockabillyriot #pinup #vintage #polkadots #red #ririwoo #icantdohair #motivationmonday #latergram #reno #ttsl #throwbackthursday #thickthighs #thickthighthursday

I feel cute in this pic. I'm definitely not deleting it later.

Selfie Sunday. And I'm even smiling. πŸ˜„ #selfiesunday #selfie #smiling #blessed #happy #imonmy4thcupofcoffee β˜•οΈ #nofilter

My woman crush Wednesday goes out to my friend & trainer Alisha @_fitbaby. Not only has she transformed her own body she has dedicated herself to helping others do the same. People often tell me I should be a trainer. I do not have the education, certifications, time, or patience to do so. But Alisha has been so supportive of me and incredibly patient in helping me identify weaknesses in my diet and training. I'm incredibly grateful for our friendship and continually inspired by her dedication to her own journey. Love you babe and thank you for always being there for me! 😘😘😘#womancrush #womancrushwednesday #wcw #wce #weightlossjourney #fatloss #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitsister #queen #fitqueen

Transformation Tuesday: 4th of July Edition. The pic on the left I am wearing a bathing suit. I have no pics of me in that suit because I wore a dress over it. And then I still hated these pics. Never saw the light of day until I started sharing my story here. I wanna talk about denial today because it's so impactful on how obese we get and how long we stay that way. Was I "unhealthy"? I didn't think so. Because I had yet to be diagnosed with any disease. But was I "healthy"? I thought so. I saw myself as "active". I had a physically demanding job. I did enjoy outdoor activities. But I was in denial! I had a major risk factor for many diseases. My diet poor! I ate too much of the wrong foods and not enough of the right ones! I tried 100 calorie packs of cookies. I ate lean cuisines at work. Then I binged. I justified those binges because I "barely ate today". The fast food driveway was part of my REGULAR diet. And I can honestly say that I haven't been to McDonalds since 2013. I now chose a diet full of nutrient dense foods. Foods that promote healthy gut bacteria. Foods that decrease inflammation. Foods that leave me feeling satiated and energized. I do enjoy a "cheat" sometimes. I struggle to find balance. But I am no longer in denial. Diet is often ignored and people focus on which workout routines are the most important. I've had patients that didn't even know they were diabetic until they were admitted to the hospital with gangrene! I'm not making this up. Denial and lack of knowledge can kill you. Be inquisitive. Seek out knowledge. Read scientifically sound evidence. You have to be open. I once BELIEVED "I can't live without bread". If you believe you can't do something you definitely can't succeed. Some people say it's "unnatural" to give up "an entire food group". But many millions of people lived before cheetos were invented. Many millions of people survived without ever tasting a soda. You can live without having a bowl of ice cream every. single. night. It sounds silly when you put it in those terms but my mentality was there! I know how real that feels!

Was hoping to be wearing my American Flag bikini on the beach today. But the weather is not cooperating with my "get tan as fuck this summer" goals. Here's my unfortunate outfit of the day. πŸ’πŸ»

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