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Anne the Nurse (RN) ICU  Dinosaur Girl. I eat my steak rare.

Outfit of the day.

For those who are asking what I do- I lift weights. I primarily do free weights and cable exercises. I stick to the basic body building type of exercises. Those are what I enjoy doing. I try to chose a weight that is difficult to do 10 reps of. When that feels too hard I do drop sets until the lightest weight feels as difficult as the weight I started with. I also try to incorporate super sets when they gym isn't too crowded (I hate when people hog too much equipment when it's busy). I started out not knowing what the fuck I was doing, and 2 years later I'm still learning and perfecting my form. I always try to perform full range of motion of each exercise while trying to have the most control over the movement. I'm aiming to be strong, and also to be injury free. I am mostly self taught but used videos on BodySpace and YouTube to learn the exercises. Practice, practice, practice. I started out with the absolute most extreme gym anxiety and I learned to just get over it. I don't really talk to anyone while I'm working out and I don't film myself because I find it too distracting. I try to take the shortest breaks between sets that I can to keep my heart rate and the intensity of the workout up. A lot of my followers I know are new to working out and weight training and all I can say is it's OKAY not to know what you're doing. Just be open to learning! I remember when I started a girl told me not to lock my knees in the leg press and I was so embarrassed but at the same time she was giving me really good advice and helping me prevent injury. Nothing wrong with being a blank slate. You will actually earn a lot more respect by just taking those first steps and trying to learn than the people who walk in and act all cocky and do everything with poor form and quarter squat 6 plates. #girlswholift #weallstartsomewhere #weightlossjourney #weightlifting #weighttraining #training #practice #behumble #triceps #quads #quadzilla

My legs are jello right now. 🏋🏻‍♀️ #legday #hipthrusts #splitsquats #girlswholift #girlswholiftheavy #sosweaty #sotired #straightouttanightshift

I couldn't help but post one more from the other night. It feels good when all the hard work and sacrifices start to pay off again.

Fuck yo salad. @thegainz

True story.

Focus on your goals, baby girl. ❤️

Outfit of the night. Excited because I bought this dress a while ago and never had the confidence to wear it. My body was not really doing the dress any favors. #nonscalevictory #ootn #datenight #wifey

Exactly 1200 days between these 2 photos. And I just wanna thank my former self. Thank you for taking that first step. And thank you for never giving up on us. ❤️❤️❤️#workinprogress #imnotdone #nevergivingup #neverquit #persistence #fatloss #weightloss #weightlossjourney #committed #beyourowninspiration #icandothis #thankyou #yougotthis #idontcarehowcheesyitsounds #imeanit

I'm focused on my goals. At the same time I'm also focused on my overall health & well-being. In it for the long haul so I'm okay with the slow and steady progress I'm making. Stop overwhelming yourself with how far your have to go and focus on each and every day. Focus on now. So many people write me terrified of the what ifs that they aren't even taking steps in the right direction right NOW. I'm not worried about summer 2018. I'm worried about getting through today. I'm worried about my meal prep for the week. And that's about it!

It all started quite simple. Back in 2013- I quit fast food & soda. I started losing weight but my diet still wasn't good. In April 2014 I committed to working out just 25 minutes a day. I got one of those fit watches and realized my intense workouts only burned maybe 300 calories. I started looking more closely at my food intake. I cut out more and more processed foods, especially SUGAR. I increased my PROTEIN intake and consumed more produce. Then I slowly increased my physical activity, adding on hiking and mountain biking regularly. I lost 90+ lbs in a year and then I started weight lifting to shape my body. I continue to fine tune my diet and workouts. Being open to learning more and constantly improving. Never counted calories or macros but instead focused on micronutrients and satiation. I say I follow a more PALEO- inspired diet, intuitive eating, paired with intermittent fasting. I enjoy one cheat meal per week. I lift weights. Free weights, as heavy as I can with proper form. Also try to enjoy outdoor activities. Drink tons or water & try to improve sleep hygiene. Most importantly I try to stay committed to a healthy LIFESTYLE and positive MINDSET. If I can do it- anyone can! ❤️❤️❤️ I'm not here to sell meal plans and I do not offer online training. I do not have the qualifications to do so. I have no desire to do so! Really- keep trying to learn and improve your MIND. Knowledge is power. Keep working hard and improving as you go. You don't need all the answers out the gate. It's a learning process and I continue to learn as I go!

Life is a gift. It's a miracle I can even complain about my body right now. Seeing devastating & life threatening injuries on a regular basis is a reminder of how truly lucky I am. I feel like I have no place complaining about my "imperfections" when life can be taken away from us at any moment. I want to be healthy and strong and live a life of quality. And I don't want to take anything for granted. I am making an effort to spend my energy on what truly makes me happy in life.

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