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Anne Smith  Full of words. Sleep is my love language, followed closely by sweet tea and peanut butter cups. πŸ…πŸΎ

This dumpling went barefoot in church, as all classy babies do. #babyMaeMIS

I'm not a (public) crier, but MB's last preschool program tonight did me in. I kept seeing her as that seven-pound, stitched-up baby whose future was so unsure five fast years ago.
After Brooksie's emergency surgery, I tried hard to picture her as a growing girl whose insides functioned as they should. The best I could conjure was our family high-tailing it home as soon as those tubes and wires came out; beyond that was more than I could muster.
But here she is, y'all - whole, healthy and ours. How dare I cry about that? She's everything we couldn't even find the words to pray for back then.
Tonight she sang her heart (and I'd say "intestines," but that'd be too on the nose) out about Jesus, and I barely held it together. My kindergarten-bound, scrappy little Brooksie, I'm so thankful for you. πŸ’— #takethatintestines #intestinalmalrotation

Family night at preschool! (Photobomb by the rest of my family.) #SmiththreeMMBC

Little boy blue. πŸ’™

Just happened upon this reminder that I had a significant spray tan budget back in 2006. And good taste in wedding dates.

Today was Twin Day at Mac's school; he and his buddy cooked up these coordinating ensembles. Yesterday was Team Day, so they've rocked their orange back-to-back! #bigMacJMS #solidorangeSmiths

If you look closely, you can see the lisp in Chapman's squeal about bank "lollipopth!!!!!!" 🍭 #happyChappyCCS

Hearing sister vs. seeing sister. Man, I wish I could get that face! #BrooksieandMae

Goodbye, girls! Be back in a jiffy.

Sharing (carbs) is caring. πŸ’— #BrooksieandMae #MBmatchesme

"More, more, more!" Can't get enough of this girl. Also, she was signing for more peas. 😳

I hope you'll join my friends at @shop_given for a special night to gather, connect and worship with other Upstate women. Next Monday, May 1 is just around the corner. Let me know if I can look for you then! Link is in my profile.

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