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Lottie Noel - 7 weeks!

A lot has happened in 2017.. these are some of the highlights that I am so grateful for. #Myfaithisstrong er than ever, I #marriedmybff ,who leads our Walk, we moved into our #newhouse , my #orchids bloomed again, went to the US twice because yolo, fasted for the first time when I shouldn’t have..but was blessed in return #babymoon. I must remember why I haven’t used Insta in ages. These 8 photos were carefully selected for the purpose of sharing (some call it showing off). FYI, I have 3500 photos on my camera roll. 90% are of my cat, plants and brother - nothing fancy

Custom rings to cover tatts (coz I'm so gangsta) #fingertattoo #coveruptattoo

Give me a home among the gumtrees

It was a nice night! 💙💛💚 ..this lamp. #TomichGallery #Casablabla #tomichwines #beyoungpr #SAWine #AdelaideBar #EatLocal XO

J made a mistake, so I told him to turn it into a face & he draws a face inside it. Then he couldn't draw a V so he had a tantrum. He then wrote the J back to front & I said nothing. #HappyMothersDay! #NTBBrother #brotherlove #reception

A gloomy rainy day means I'd rather stay warm indoors with leftover Easter chocolate. #lindtgoldbunny #darkchocolate #stopmotion

It's school holidays next week. What's there to do with the kids? Here's what we did last school holidays. J made a cape at the #artgallerysa for #FashionIcons. We practically flew through the #FashionIconsExhibition because he wanted to go the museum!

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