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Anne Geddes  For professional enquiries, special projects and private portraiture ... Represented by Kari Anderson, GlasshouseAssignment - 9174992155 /2124624538

A big thank you to everyone who helped make my Florida exhibition such a success - it was a wonderful evening and I’m proud to be associated with @nicklaus4kids. Proceeds from print sales go to helping families and children and it doesn’t get much better than that. Beautifully curated by Luky Cancio in the wonderful space in the @moorebuilding in the @miamidesigndistrict XOAnne #annegeddesbaby #protectnurturelove #nicklauschildrenshospital

Hmmm - that pacifier is not really what 4 day old Jonathan obviously has in mind :) Jonathan and I met during my visit yesterday to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Florida. Dad Javier told me that Jonathan will be having heart surgery in a few days time and everyone is looking forward to his recovery. Big (?) brother Nathan (just 11 months old!) is waiting for him at home. What a tribute to the wonderful medical care available at @nicklaus4kids to tiny babies like Jonathan and we wish him a full recovery. Oh and he’s super cute of course 😍. I just needed to say that! XOAnne #nicklauschildrenshospital #protectnurturelove #annegeddesbaby

Could I think of a better reason to love being an Ambassador for @nicklaus4kids and my visits there? I think not 😍. In the Cardiac Ward today meet Carlota - 4 months and 14 days old (but who’s counting 🧐). Her family is from Honduras - parents Valerie and Fernando and big brother Fernando II (6 years old) are TAKING CARLOTA HOME TODAY FOR THE FIRST TIME! 👏👏👏Dr. Guleserian (who did Carlota’s heart surgeries) told me that she was such a joyous baby to care for, and that’s pretty obvious right? Much love to you and your family sweet Carlota - I sense a big celebration coming up tonight XOAnne #nicklauschildrenshospital #protectnurturelove #miracledoctors #annegeddesbaby #tinypatient

Poppy’s Feet - Poppy (3 weeks), 1999 ... my Florida exhibition is coming up this week and yikes a big storm is brewing. Everyone in Florence’s path please heed the warnings and stay safe XOAnne #nicklauschildrenshospital #miamidesigndistrict #protectnurturelove

The original Anne Geddes baby - 1957 - with my mother and 2 sisters Susan and Kaye. This is one of the very few images I have of myself as a baby 😍XOAnne #annegeddesbaby #throwbackthursday #protectnurturelove

I just came across this image I shot of lotus buds back when I was shooting for my book “Beginnings” ... lighting inspired by Vermeer (the greatest lighting expert of them all in my humble opinion). And if you’re thinking where’s the baby? Baby lotus buds 😎 XOAnne #lotusflower #buds #babybuds #protectnurturelove #annegeddesbaby

Tungaroa (9days old) New Zealand, 1999 ... one of 25 limited edition prints in my upcoming Florida exhibition. I have no images of myself as a newborn. This image of Tungaroa reminds me of how amazing it must be for the babies I’ve photographed, to look back on their images when they’re grown; to see in such incredible detail the delicacy of their newborn skin; the detail in their lips and eyelashes; how perfect they were XOAnne #nicklauschildrenshospital #miamidesigndistrict #protectnurturelove #annegeddesbaby

“Julia Snail” - Julia (3 weeks), New Zealand, 1994 ... This image became a classic from my first book “Down in the Garden” ... sometimes titles for images become more obvious once they’ve been created 😉. Julia will be part of my Florida exhibition of 25 limited edition prints - coming up September 14th XOAnne #nicklauschildrenshospital #miamidesigndistrict #protectnurturelove #downinthegarden #annegeddesbaby

When you pass through your living room and the late afternoon sun gifts a fleeting piece of magic XOAnne #protectnurturelove #laliquecrystal #angel #annegeddesbaby #magiclight

Joshua (4months), New Zealand, 1990 ... An image from my very first calendar in 1992 and included in my upcoming Florida exhibition 😍 The Plunket Society in NZ (who provide a range of free health services to children under five) used to weigh newborn babies suspended from scales, which is where the idea for this image came from. I recall that on the day it was very hot, and I was cradling Joshua to sleep (already in position in his sling). Every time he felt his own body weight as I gently released him he would wake, and we’d have to start the process all over again. He was just fine but everyone else was exhausted. Finally he went in to a deep sleep and dozed away there, slowly rotating in his sling! Patience is a virtue no? XOAnne #nicklauschildrenshospital #limitededition #floridaexhibition #annegeddesbaby #protectnurturelove

Jonti (2 weeks), New Zealand, 1996 ... in my upcoming Florida exhibition 14th Sept @ the @moorebuilding in the @miamidesigndistrict ... a portion of proceeds from the sale of these limited edition prints will benefit sick children at @nicklaus4kids XOAnne #nicklauschildrenshospital #protectnurturelove #annegeddesbaby

Brooke (3 weeks), New Zealand, 1999 ... from my Sept 14th Florida exhibition of limited edition prints XOAnne #nicklauschildrenshospital #miamidesigndistrict #womb #protectnurturelove #annegeddesbaby

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