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Talk about throwback Thursday! Look what I found in the archives ... one of my very early portraits from the late 80’s of little Bailey. Hey, the classics always stand the test of time don’t they? XOAnne #throwbackthursday #annegeddesbaby #protectnurturelove #classicportrait

I like to say that everything in nature is round ... clearly Mother Nature is the greatest artist of them all 😍XOAnne #mothernature #protectnurturelove #annegeddesbaby

Happy Fathers Day to all the loving dads out there and especially the very new ones ... your life has just been transformed in the most wonderful way. And I always joke that there’s a special bonus to having daughters because for the rest of your life you’ll always know what you’re doing wrong😉. True? Mind you I don’t have any boys, so perhaps the same applies! XOAnne #fathersday #daughters #protectnurturelove

2 sweet little ladybugs (ladybirds?) to bring special good luck to your day 😍😍 Their tiny costumes were made exclusively from fine Australian merino wool - swipe to see behind the scenes XOAnne #woolmark #annegeddesbaby #protectnurturelove #merinowool

It’s World Oceans Week and 2 little coral babies Ebony and Zoey are here to remind us all that our oceans and coral reefs are in danger. This image is from my series Under the Sea. Please can we all try our daily best to not use plastics!!! Did you read the story from Thailand over the weekend about a Pilot whale that washed up on the coastline after swallowing 17lbs of plastic waste (including more than 80 plastic bags) causing it to starve to death? We must do better than this! XOAnne #worldoceansweek #protectnurturelove #nomoreplastic #underthesea #annegeddesbaby

… and here’s the 2nd commercial I did for @target in the late 90’s (nostalgia )… so much fun and both won awards XOAnne #protectnurturelove #annegeddesbaby #newborns #giving back

So cute! One of two tv commercials I did in the late 90’s for @target ... sorry about the quality but you get the message 😍 XOAnne #childrengrowlikeweeds #target #annegeddesbaby #protectnurturelove

BABIES, LOOK AT YOU NOW! I photographed tiny twins Elise and Thomas back in 1995, when they were newborns - Elise on a little parachute flower and Thomas as a Monarch Butterfly (remember “Down in the Garden”? Both images were included in the book). Well Elise emailed a few days ago saying “Funny story ... it was recently our birthday, and when Tom was going through an op shop he found a 500 piece puzzle that was me sitting on that flower. I had no idea it ever existed! So he sat down in the op shop and counted out all 500 pieces before buying it for me as a surprise birthday present. He got very excited to send you an updated photo of us, so here it is!” Nice work Tom - what a great brother you are! Tom lives in Brisbane (Australia) with his wife of 2 years (Letitia) and is in his final year of paramedics... and Elise lives in Auckland and will be graduating with her Masters in Corporate Social Responsibility this year. Well done you two and thanks for getting in touch. I love this series and would love to hear from anyone who was in my early images (or even the later ones!). Email me at and include an updated photo and news of what you’ve been up to XOAnne #babylookatyounow #annegeddesbaby #protectnurturelove #downinthegarden

Happy Mothers Day to mothers around the world who are celebrating their special day on Sunday ... particularly those who will be enjoying their very first. I’m celebrating all of the wonderful mothers I’ve had the great privilege of knowing over so many years ... much love to you all XOAnne #motherhood #mothersday #protectnurturelove #annegeddesbaby

Newborn Aiden, wrapped in soft wool and silk ... perfection leading up to Mothers Day XOAnne #protectnurturelove #mothersday #annegeddesbaby #perfect #newborn

We’re so excited to announce that my ‘Protect Nurture Love’ jewelry range is now available on @amazon! I’m so proud of these beautiful pieces that celebrate motherhood and new life. #protectnurturelove #mothersday

A beautiful piece from the 'Protect Nurture Love' jewelry range at @kayjewelers makes the perfect gift for Mother's Day. From now through to the 5/13 all pieces are 30% off. #protectnurturelove #mothersday

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